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Chapter 1029 - Jin Qingtian

The overbearing golden lights swept out, causing the entire area to be in complete disorder. But Han Shan, Nine Nether and the rest had their faces instantly changed as they turned around, looking at the distance with solemn gazes.

In that direction, amongst the three that no one paid any attention to, an ordinary-looking figure slowly walked out. He had a skinny body but when he walked out, there was an indescribable pressure spreading out.

“I never thought that I would be forced to show myself… I initially wanted to try clashing with the geniuses of those top Divine Beast Clans.

When that figure raised his head, it revealed an extremely ordinary-looking face. But when he smiled, there was a fearsome sharpness that gathered in his eyes.

“You’re… Jin Qingtian?!”l

When Han Shan saw that person, his pupils instantly contracted and he couldn’t help exclaiming, “Didn’t the rumours say that you’re trying to break through to the Eighth Grade Sovereign Realm at the moment?”

“Jin Qingtian?” Mu Chen squinted his eyes as well. So this person was the boss of the so-called “Golden Dual Heros”, Jin Qingtian. But his name didn’t really fit together with his ordinary-looking appearance.

“How could it be easy to make a breakthrough, so I came out to see if I can encounter any opportunities…” The man smiled as he raised his palm. Spiritual runes swiftly dispersed behind him and as the spiritual runes disappeared, everyone could feel an abnormally powerful Spiritual Energy fluctuation waking up in his body.

“You should have sensed me, right?” Jin Qingtian looked at Mu Chen.

Mu Chen’s gaze flickered. Earlier, he had truly felt that something was amiss, so he had held his guard in his heart. Previously, when he slaughtered the Seventh Grade Sovereigns, he was also trying to force him to show his identity.

However, the tolerance of that person had exceeded Mu Chen’s expectations. Initially, he wanted to use the power of the God Annihilation Array to kill the person when he showed himself. But who could have expected that fellow to endure for so long? Not only did he wait till the power of the God Annihilation Array was exhausted to about half, he even paid attention to where the crucial spiritual seals were. Thus, when he made his move, he had destroyed the spiritual seals and forcefully broke the God Annihilation Array.

Be it his strength or his mind, they were deep and unfathomable.

“You’re pretty ruthless.” Mu Chen said faintly. If that person had shown himself earlier, he was definitely capable enough to save his companions.

Jin Qingtian smiled, “I will bury you along with them, so they will not die for nought.”

“Really?” Mu Chen squinted his eyes.

“Mu Chen, be cautious, that person is a rare genius in the Golden Lion Clan, comparable to geniuses of the top Divine Beast Clans. Even amongst the Seventh Grade Sovereigns, he can be considered amongst the top.” Han Shan’s grave voice carried over, filled with fear.

Mu Chen lightly nodded his head. He could naturally sense the dangerous aura that was being emitted from Jin Qingtian. It was much stronger than Han Shan. That person might probably be the strongest Seventh Grade Sovereign that he has encountered so far.

That’s a genuine pinnacle level Seventh Grade Sovereign, even Han Shan, Nine Nether and the rest were weaker than him.

“Heh heh. Since he’s forced to show himself, then you guys will not be able to escape today.” Huo Yang grinned. He wasn’t surprised by the appearance of Jin Qingtian. It was as though he had known of this beforehand. It was no wonder why he wouldn’t hesitate to backstab Han Shan. Furthermore, he had determined that the Golden Lion Clan would be the final winner.

“Although that brat’s Spiritual Array is somewhat capable, it’s already broken and he will not be able to bring another one out without sufficient time!”

Through the previous event, Mu Chen had revealed his means in Spiritual Array. So with Jin Qingtian’s mind, he would definitely not allow Mu Chen to set up another Spiritual Array. The latter also knew of this matter. Since the appearance of Qin Jingtian, he hadn’t shown any intentions to set up a Spiritual Array to confront him.

“I’m afraid it’s still a little too early to be happy.” Nine Nether coldly sneered. Jin Qingtian was an extraordinary person. But if he thought that Mu Chen’s trump card was the Spiritual Array, then he would be greatly disappointed.

When Huo Yang heard her words, he sneered. Do these people really rely on that brat, Mu Chen? Facing the true genius of the Golden Lion Clan, not to mention the unknown Mu Chen, even the top geniuses of the Divine Beast Clans will have to take Jin Qingtian seriously.

“Brother Mu, do you need us to help?” The three Seventh Grade Sovereigns of the Demonic Rhino Clan approached with caution as they took a fearful glance at Jin Qingtian, before they softly asked.

Mu Chen lightly shook his head. Jin Qingtian was powerful and ordinary Seventh Grade Sovereigns wouldn’t be able to confront him. If they were added to the fray, then he would still have to split up his attention in protecting them, thus causing the loss in his fighting strength.

When the three experts of the Demonic Rhino Clan saw this, they no longer spoke and had decisively retreated. Although it was somewhat humiliating, they knew that they would only suffer if they wanted to interfere in this battle.

“Looks like you’re pretty confident in yourself?” Jin Qingtian slowly walked over and stopped a hundred steps away from Mu Chen, then looked at Mu Chen with a curious gaze.

“Why not?” Mu Chen smiled without any fear in his expression.

Jin Qingtian lightly nodded his head, “That fellow Jin Lie is clumsy, so he couldn’t tell that you’re the most troublesome one within this group. But… this might still be insufficient.”

He looked extremely ordinary without anything remarkable about him. But when he spoke, there was a sense of overbearing that swept out from him. At this moment, he went well with his reputation as the strongest genius of the Golden Lion Clan.

“Then, please enlighten me.”

A golden light started to gather in Mu Chen’s eyes. Since entering the Divine Beast Origin, he had encountered too many geniuses and the majority of them weren’t weak. Their quality was even higher than the geniuses of the Northern Region. Especially this Jin Qingtian that stood before him, he was the most dangerous person amongst the younger generations that he had encountered so far.

But facing such a dangerous opponent, Mu Chen wasn’t afraid. He felt the blood in his body boiling. Ever since he broke through to the second level of the Dragon-Phoenix Physique, he had not experienced a battle to content his heart.

Previously, when he fought Zong Teng, even the latter couldn’t force him to use all of his strength.

Therefore, Mu Chen also wished to find out how he would fare when facing a pinnacle level Seventh Grade Sovereign after pushing his Dragon-Phoenix Physique to the limits.

Jin Qingtian looked at Mu Chen, who was gradually blossoming with light, and contracted his eyes. “What a powerful physical body…”

Even before they fought, he could already sense the powerful threat coming from Mu Chen’s physique. According to his estimations, Mu Chen’s physical body was probably not something that ordinary Seventh Grade Sovereigns could confront.

“I need to challenge many experts in this breakthrough. Right now, you’re qualified to be my whetstone. But it’s a pity that after this battle, you will be buried here.”

Jin Qingtian took a deep breath with bloodlust surging in his eyes as he looked at Mu Chen and grinned. His gaze was gradually covered with killing intent, which made him seem somewhat ferocious.

He had already considered Mu Chen as his whetstone for his breakthrough!

“I’m just afraid that your blade is too inferior, be careful that you don’t break it.”

Mu Chen gently smiled with a calm counter held in his tone. Even when facing Jin Qingtian’s gaze, which was gradually turning savage, Mu Chen did not have the slightest intention of retreating.

“Haha, good! You’re courageous enough!”

When Jin Qingtian heard Mu Chen’s words, he wasn’t angered; instead, he laughed towards the sky. Thereafter, his laughter grew louder and in the end, it even turned into an astonishing Golden Lion’s roar that resounded through the horizon, causing even the ground to tremble.

An overbearing and boundless golden light exploded from his body, with Jin Qingtian’s hair and eyes turning gold. Looking from afar, he looked like a Primordial Golden Lion with astonishing might.

Waves of violent Spiritual Energy swept out like tidal waves that resonated in space. The power of it had even caused the faces of Han Shan and Nine Nether to slightly change.

“Haha. How long has it been since someone dared to speak to me in this manner?”

Jin Qingtian’s golden eyes shot towards Mu Chen as he grinned and laughed, “But if you let me know that you’re not qualified to speak these words, then I will break your bones section by section!”


When he finished speaking, Jin Qingtian stomped his feet and the ground beneath his feet crumbled. He had shot forth, turning into a golden light, and instantly disappeared.

When Jin Qingtian disappeared, a golden light surged in Mu Chen’s eyes as he circulated the Dragon-Phoenix Physique. Tapping his feet, he had turned into a beam of light and retreated.


A golden fist penetrated through space and appeared in the location that Mu Chen previously stood. As space fluctuated, cracks appeared and had immediately caused a layer of the ground to crumble.

Missing his mark, Jin Qingtian’s expression did not change and he threw two fists forth this time. He was like a god of thunder waving his hammer around, producing rumbling noises and violent power.

Mu Chen’s silhouette retreated once more as he dodged the attack.

“Why? You’ve been speaking so greatly just a moment ago, so why are you running?” Jin Qingtian constantly launched attacks as his laughter roared.

Mu Chen’s retreating silhouette suddenly stopped and a golden light surged to the limits in the depths of his black pupils, before he slowly clenched his fists.

On his arm, the True Dragon and Phoenix Spirits appeared as they entrench on his arms. Vaguely, draconic roars and phoenix cries resonated within Mu Chen’s body, trembling his blood and aura, which caused his Spiritual Energy to be even more rampant.


A golden light exploded before him as Jin Qingtian’s silhouette appeared once again with a flash. His golden fist was like a lion devouring the sky as it enveloped out, it seemed like it could destroy the land.

Facing Jin Qingtian’s startling attacks, Mu Chen did not retreat. He could sense that his Dragon-Phoenix Physique had been brewed to the limits.

He already couldn’t hold back the explosive power, it wanted to erupt.

Since I can’t hold back anymore, then let’s explode!

Let me see how powerful a pinnacle level Seventh Grade Sovereign is like?!

A golden light flashed in his black pupils, but Mu Chen’s expression did not change. His fists, which were emitting a golden lustre, flew out.

Thus, the two powerful golden fists clashed together under the numerous frozen gazes.

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