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Chapter 1028 - Trash


Boundless and violent Spiritual Energy swept out in a gale in this region, causing the ground to tremble. Countless light runes spread out like a web that started with Mu Chen. In just a few moments, it had already enveloped a thousand feet in radius.

The Spiritual Energy light patterns intertwined and formed into an extremely profound rune with strands of lustre that made others fearful coming from the Spiritual Array.

Mu Chen stood in the Spiritual Array with the light runes reflecting in his black pupils, making him look more mysterious. The Heaven Grade Spiritual Array that he had set up was the most powerful amongst the ones that Mandala had given him. At the same time, it was also the hardest to set up.

Therefore, when he saw Jin Lie, Huo Yang and the rest appear, he had been secretly preparing. Especially when the four Seventh Grade Sovereigns were foolish enough to give him the time to do so. Thus, the strongest Spiritual Array in his hands, the God Annihilation Array had been successfully set up.

With the Spiritual Array enveloping this region, he was practically invincible.


However, the four Seventh Grade Sovereigns clearly couldn’t confirm this matter. Thus, their faces were filled with a ferocious light as they shot forth, the ferocious lights in their eyes looked like they wanted to tear Mu Chen apart.

The four Seventh Grade Sovereigns made their moves at the same time and the momentum that they caused had shaken the heavens and earth with boundless Spiritual Energy soaring into the sky, before four palms pressed towards Mu Chen.

Mu Chen raised his eyelids, then he gently flicked his finger.


Within the God Annihilation Array, a buzzing noise resounded before a strand of crimson light suddenly descended from the sky. It then shot towards a Seventh Grade Sovereign.

As the lustre descended, that Seventh Grade Sovereign had also immediately sensed it. Immediately, he did not dare to be slow and Spiritual Energy violently surged within his body before the boundless Spiritual Energy formed into a massive Golden Lion. Evidently, he had shifted to his Divine Beast state.


The Golden Lion roared towards the sky, trembling the heavens. A beam of light that looked to be made of gold shot forth and flew towards the beam of crimson light.


When the crimson beam of light quietly streaked across, the powerful golden beam of light was instantly torn apart. The golden light couldn’t even obstruct the crimson beam of light a little bit.

The golden beam of light was torn apart and the face of the Seventh Grade Sovereign drastically changed with fear rising, before he suddenly burst in retreat.


But in that instant when the silhouette retreated, the strand of crimson lustre penetrated through space and descended from its head…


An ear-piercing noise resounded and the body of the Seventh Grade Sovereign suddenly turned stiffed, the expression on his face frozen. A brief moment later, another strand of blood appeared on his forehead, before it suddenly spread out…

The body of the Seventh Grade Sovereign was split into two and fell from the sky. Instantly, the boundless Spiritual Energy around him had disappeared.

In just a few moments, a Seventh Grade Sovereign had been instantly killed.

The sudden changes not only scared the three other Seventh Grade Sovereigns that were pouncing towards Mu Chen to the point of having their souls flying out of their bodies, even the experts of the Demonic Rhino Clan and Mo Ling were dumbfounded with faces of disbelief.

No one could expect that a Seventh Grade Sovereign would be instantly slaughtered…

In the distance, the pupils of Jin Lie and Huo Yang abruptly contracted. At this moment, even with their composure, their hearts couldn’t help being lifted in billows.

Although the one killed was only an ordinary Seventh Grade Sovereign, if he wanted to make a move, even Jin Lie and Huo Yang were confident in killing that expert. But if they wanted to accomplish it so easily like how Mu Chen did, then it would be impossible.

“A Heaven Grade Spiritual Array?!”

Jin Lie’s face turned grave, before he took a deep look at Mu Chen’s face. Only now did he understand why experts like Han Shan would be so courteous to Mu Chen. That fellow turned out to be a Spiritual Array Grandmaster that could set up a Heaven Grade Spiritual Array.

“Looks like you have misjudged this time.” When Han Shan, who was facing Jin Lie, saw this scene, he smiled with ridicule.

Jin Lie coldly snorted, but no longer spoke. His gaze lightly flickered. He had to admit that he had misjudged this time. Mu Chen might be a variable.

But regardless of anything, the treasures of the Treasure Beast would belong to their Golden Lion Clan. He would absolutely not allow someone like Mu Chen to spoil that.

As thoughts circulated in Jin Lie’s mind, Mu Chen indifferently glanced at the Seventh Grade Sovereign who was killed, before shifting towards the other three.

When the three Seventh Grade Sovereigns saw Mu Chen’s gaze directed over, they instantly felt their scalps going numb and they couldn’t help taking several steps back before looking in the sky with fear. From the intertwining spiritual runes, there seemed to be a crimson lustre gathering together.

Witnessing the lethality of the lustre, they clearly did not dare to underestimate it any further.


But Mu Chen clearly did not bother about the shock in their hearts. He flicked his finger and another strand of crimson lustre gathered and revolved. Although it looked indistinct, there was an extremely terrifying fluctuation spreading out.

The light was known as the God Annihilation Light, the greatest weapon in this God Annihilation Array. The Spiritual Array had used a profound means to convert and compress the Spiritual Energy into strands of God Annihilation Light. The light couldn’t be blocked and could even tear space apart.

The only flaw was that the difficulty to refine the God Annihilation Light was too high. Even if Mu Chen had already prepared tons of spiritual seals to maximize the might of the Spiritual Energy, the array could only refine strands of God Annihilation Light.

But it was more than enough to deal with these people

There weren’t any ripples in Mu Chen’s eyes and, shortly after, his finger tapped and a strand of crimson God Annihilation Light descended once again.

The faces of the three remaining Seventh Grade Sovereigns drastically changed. This time, they did not even have the thoughts of blocking it and had immediately retreated without any hesitation.


But their retreat was clearly meaningless. The God Annihilation Light had pierced through space once again, easily piercing through the centre of a Seventh Grade Sovereign’s brows. At the same time, shattering his Sovereign Sea and annihilating all vitality in him.

Find beads of blood fell from the forehead of the Seventh Grade Sovereign. His expression was frozen and fell down.

Another instant kill!

The two other Seventh Grade Sovereigns’ faces turned pale and their bodies felt cold. Looking at Mu Chen, their gazes were like they had seen a ghost and were filled with fear.

Mu Chen maintained indifference on his face as he tapped out again. Another crimson strand flew out from the God Annihilation Array and as it revolved, the lustre grew deeper. It was like a viper that could pounce forth at any time.

“Leave the range of the Spiritual Array!’ just as the two remaining Seventh Grade Sovereigns felt their bodies turning cold, a roar resounded that belonged to Jin Lie.

Hearing that roar, the two Seventh Grade Sovereigns recovered and they tried to flee from the Spiritual Array’s range without turning back.

Mu Chen squinted his eyes and a lustre flowed on his fingertips.

Just when Mu Chen wanted to make his move again, Jin Lie’s enraged voice resounded once more, “Brat, you dare to kill someone from my Golden Lion Clan?!”

Mu Chen smiled but he did not respond and had already answered with his actions. Flickering his finger out once again, a crimson lustre flew and the head of another Seventh Grade Sovereign of the Golden Lion Clan flew into the sky as blood splattered. The defences around him couldn’t even pose the slightest effect.

Since the Golden Lion Clan wanted to be ruthless to them, then he naturally had nothing to worry about. Not taking revenge when he could wasn’t Mu Chen’s character.

When Jin Lie saw this scene, his eyes turned red. His gaze was like he wanted to tear Mu Chen apart.

Behind Mu Chen, the three experts of the Demonic Rhino Clan gulped down mouthfuls of saliva. In the Body Refining Pagoda, they already knew that Mu Chen’s fighting prowess was extraordinary. After all, how could someone like him be ordinary when he could heavily injure Lu Sui with a single fist?

But even at that time, Mu Chen did not seem as fearsome as he was right now. In his hands, experts at the level of Seventh Grade Sovereign were like trash that he could slaughter as he wished.

In the beginning, they weren’t too satisfied in Han Shan inviting Mu Chen’s group to have a share in the Treasure Beast. But right now, they were all rejoicing. If they didn’t have Mu Chen with them, then they might not even be able to walk out of the Myriad Beast Graveyard alive.

After dealing with the three Seventh Grade Sovereigns, Mu Chen looked indifferently at the last. That person’s face had already turned pale and his body was trembling with fear.

Light gathered on Mu Chen’s fingertips.


In the distance, Jin Lie finally couldn’t endure it any further and he unleashed an enraged roar.

“Kill him!”

When Jin Lie roared, Mu Chen flicked his finger and the crimson lustre shot out, preparing to slaughter the last Seventh Grade Sovereign.


The beam of light was extremely swift and had appeared before the Seventh Grade Sovereign in the blink of an eye. However, when the beam of light flew across, the ground trembled and several overbearing golden lights swept out from the horizon, before accurately slamming into several regions.

Mu Chen’s eyes instantly contracted.

That’s because those regions were the fatal points of the Spiritual Array.


As space fluctuated, the hidden spiritual seals had instantly shattered, causing the massive Spiritual Array to turn into ruins. As the Spiritual Array shook, the might of the crimson beam of light greatly decreased and had only pierced through the chest of the Seventh Grade Sovereign. It did not manage to kill him.

The sudden changes caused the faces of Han Shan and the rest to change a little. That’s because the sudden might of that attack was even stronger than Jin Lie.

Who is it?

Mu Chen looked at the Spiritual Array that was gradually dissipating and lightly pulled the corner of his lips. Shortly after, he looked into the distance and saw three ordinary silhouettes in that direction.

Mu Chen’s pupils were fixed onto the last silhouette with a light flashing in his eyes.

Finally couldn’t hold yourself back any longer?

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