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Chapter 1027 - God Annihilation Array

The current that was formed of deathly aura shuttled through the forest along with innumerable silhouettes and whistled towards the distance. They did not have any intellectual ability to understand why the target that they had locked on would suddenly disappear…

Behind the mess, Han Shan and the rest were looking at the huge amount of leaving Beast Spirits, before their tensed bodies relaxed. Shortly after, the few experts of the Demonic Rhino Clan immediately sat down on the ground with pale expressions.

When the current charged over, they initially thought that they would be killed on the spot.

“Brother Mu… thanks for this.” Han Shan gulped down a mouthful of saliva and his face showed joy after the calamity as he looked at Mu Chen and spoke with gratitude.

If it wasn’t for Mu Chen, then they might have perished to the point that they would like strays.

Mu Chen shook his head with a smile. “I was just trying out and I did not think that it would be effective.”

Han Shan wasn’t concerned with Mu Chen’s words. He had some understanding of Mu Chen’s character and if he wasn’t confident, he would definitely not risk his life to try something out.

But no matter what, they had finally resolved the matter of them facing death.

“With this, doesn’t that mean that we will be able to walk freely in the Myriad Beast Graveyard?” Mo Feng said with some astonishment.

Mu Chen shook his head. “The Beast Spirits that we have encountered weren’t strong. Therefore, we had evaded their perception, but if we had encountered any stronger Beast Spirits, then I’m afraid that this method would’ve been ineffective.”

He had already realised this factor earlier. When the crowd of Beast Spirits ran past them, he had clearly felt the Seventh Grade Sovereign Beast Spirits hesitate for a brief moment. Evidently, they felt something but due to the rush from their rears, they swiftly left along with the mass and did not pay further attention to them.

Thus, Mu Chen could infer that those Beast Spirits with stronger strength would have much keener perception as well. So if they wanted to avoid them with the use of a Spiritual Array, they would be dreaming too much.

When the mass of Beast Spirits left, Mu Chen flicked his finger and the Spiritual Array that had enveloped them swiftly dissolved. They then raised their gazes and looked above the trees.

In their line-of-sight, Jin Lie, Huo Yang and the rest all had dark expressions with eyes filled with killing intent.

“Looks like you guys have been disappointed…” Mu Chen looked at Jin Lie’s group, whose faces were dark, with a brilliant smile on his face.

“Hoho. I did not expect that you guys would have a Spiritual Array Master… that was quite unexpected.” Jin Lie darkly looked at Mu Chen and coldly smiled.

Han Shan’s gaze was cold as well as he stared at Jin Lie’s party and sinisterly smiled, “I’m afraid that it’s not the only thing that will let you be unexpected… Jin Lie, it looks like you will not be able to touch any of the treasures of the Treasure Beast.”


Jin Lie raised his eyelids, before the corner of his lips curved into a ridiculing smile. “Han Shan, did you think that you can challenge me after escaping that tribulation? So what if there isn’t the help of Beast Spirits? Just you people can turn the tables around from us?”

Together with the Sky Wolf Clan, they had ten-odd Seventh Grade Sovereigns, whereas Mu Chen and the rest only had, at most, five. If they joined together, they clearly wouldn’t be able to obtain an absolute advantage.

“Then why don’t you come and try?” Han Shan challenged. They might not have the advantage in numbers, but their victory lied in their quality. Nine Nether and Mo Feng could rival the other experts and could be considered outstanding even amongst other Seventh Grade Sovereigns, far from what ordinary Seventh Grade Sovereigns could deal with.

Furthermore, they still had Mu Chen, whose fighting strength couldn’t be estimated. Facing the person that had once defeated Lu Sui with a single fist, even Han Shan felt fearful in his heart.

According to his estimations, even four or five Seventh Grade Sovereigns would not be able to gain any advantage from him.

Jin Lie coldly looked at Han Shan and coldly smiled. “I have long heard of Han Shan of the Demonic Rhino Clan’s fame. Looks like I will finally get to experience it today.”

He had pointed out a challenge directed at Han Shan. He clearly intended to deal with the latter.

“Leave Nine Nether of the Nine Netherbird Clan to me.” Huo Yang of the Sky Wolf Clan ferociously looked at Nine Nether. In their view, only Han Shan, Nine Nether and Mo Feng were worthy to place with importance. As for the rest, they weren’t much to worry about.

As for the brat that had set up the Spiritual Array earlier, a Sixth Grade Sovereign could be easily killed with a flip of their hands.

“Jin Gang, you’ll bring one to deal with the other one.” Jin Lie turned to look at a golden-haired man and faintly said. The person he was speaking of was naturally Mo Feng.

The person standing behind Jin Lie was extremely robust, as if he was made of metal. His skin was golden in colour. Although that person couldn’t be comparable to the Golden Dual Heros, he also had some fame. In addition to another Seventh Grade Sovereign, even if they couldn’t defeat Mo Feng, holding him back wouldn’t be difficult.


The golden man grinned, revealing his white teeth with a blade-like gaze and fixed onto Mo Feng.

However, facing those wolf-like gazes, Mo Feng maintained an indifferent expression without any ripples.

“Send another four to clear them up.” Jin Lie said indifferently. Aside from Han Shan, Nine Nether and Mo Feng, the other party still had a total of three ordinary Seventh Grade Sovereigns. Sending four should be able to swiftly deal with them.

As Jin Lie spoke, he had already distributed his subordinates to their tasks. Looking on the surface, this distribution had truly suppressed Han Shan’s group completely.

Clearly, Jin Lie already had confidence in winning.

Jin Lie stood with his hands behind his back and mockingly looked at Han Shan, Nine Nether and the rest. “If I were you guys, I would have escaped earlier. So what if you can avoid the Beast Spirits? You’re still sending yourself to death.”

Standing beside Jin Lie, Huo Yang mockingly smiled as he looked at Han Shan’s group with pity. Did that fellow really think he was joking when he said that he prefers to work with those that had higher odds of success?

The Golden Lion Clan came well-prepared, which wasn’t something that Han Shan could shake.

After distributing their opponents, Jin Lie no longer hesitated and his figure flashed, turning into golden light, before he appeared not too far away from Han Shan. Boundless Spiritual Energy surged akin to the ferocious gaze of a lion and a dense stench of blood was targeting Han Shan.

“I hope that you don’t disappoint me too much.” Jin Lie faintly said.

Han Shan’s expression was ferocious as he smiled. He did not answer, but boundless Spiritual Energy suddenly erupted from his body like a volcano, vaguely forming into the shape of a Primordial Demonic Rhino with a torrential ominous aura.

When Jin Lie faced Han Shan, Huo Yang had appeared before Nine Nether.

Nine Nether coldly swept a gaze at him, but she did not speak. Purple flames gradually rose on her arm.


Jin Gang had led another Seventh Grade Sovereign and appeared on both sides of Mo Feng while grinning. Although he looked straightforwardly, his gaze was extremely ferocious, “Behave well and stay here like a good boy.”

At the same time, four Seventh Grade Sovereigns had formed into the formation of a fan, before they burst forth and arrived before Mu Chen, Mo Ling and the experts of the Demonic Rhino Clan. They had cast their gazes over, filled with mockery.

In their view, the three Seventh Grade Sovereigns could only be seen as opponents to them. As for Mu Chen and Mo Ling, the strength of Sixth Grade Sovereigns was insignificant.

“Brother Mu, we will deal with three Seventh Grade Sovereigns and entrust the rest to you.” An expert of the Demonic Rhino Clan looked at Mu Chen and courteously said.

After witnessing Mu Chen’s fighting prowess, he knew that ordinary Seventh Grade Sovereigns would be simply seeking humiliation if they came forth.

Mu Chen did not answer, but his gaze did not stop on the four Seventh Grade Sovereigns. His gaze was directed into the distance. Aside from Jin Lie, Huo Yang and the several others, the Golden Lion Clan and Sky Wolf Clan still had 3 people sitting on the sidelines.

But the Spiritual Energy fluctuation around those three weren’t as powerful, since they were only at the level of Sixth Grade Sovereigns. Perhaps this was also the reason why Jin Lie did not ask them to make a move.

Mu Chen’s sharp gaze swept through the three before retracting with a sigh and his gaze lightly flickered. Shortly after, he waved his hand towards the three experts of the Demonic Rhino Clan, “You guys stay here, leave them to me.”


When he spoke, not only were the four Seventh Grade Sovereigns stunned, even the three experts of the Demonic Rhino Clan and Mo Ling were stunned as well, looking stupefied at Mu Chen.

He wants to deal with four Seventh Grade Sovereigns all by himself?

This might be tough even for a pinnacle Seventh Grade Sovereign, right?

“Pfft… What a reckless fool.”

In another corner, Jin Lie burst out in laughter before waving his hand without any emotion. “Kill him.”

In his view, Mu Chen’s action was just pleasing the crowds and extremely foolish.

The four Seventh Grade Sovereigns cast a peculiar glance at Mu Chen with pity on their faces. Did this fellow go insane from being forced into a desperate strait? If that’s the case, he’s truly pitiful.

Han Shan, Nine Nether and Mo Feng exchanged a look. Although they knew that Mu Chen’s fighting prowess was extraordinary, wouldn’t it be a little too tough for him to deal with four Seventh Grade Sovereigns?

Although they were doubtful in their hearts, Han Shan still nodded towards the three experts of the Demonic Rhino Clan due to his trust.

Thus, the experts stepped back with weird expressions. Anyway, if their situation didn’t look too good, they could make a move to help. And with Mu Chen’s strength, he shouldn’t have been able to suffer a loss.

The four Seventh Grade Sovereigns folded their arms and looked at Mu Chen akin to looking at a monkey without hurry with mocking gazes.

However, Mu Chen had only stood quietly on the ground with his eyes shut facing their gazes.

In another corner, when Jin Lie saw Mu Chen’s actions, he furrowed his brows and could vaguely feel that something was amiss. Just as that feeling surged in his heart, he suddenly recalled something and his face changed. “Kill him, he’s setting up a Spiritual Array!”

The four Seventh Grade Sovereigns who had smiles on their faces suddenly changed their expressions and Spiritual Energy gushed from their bodies.

But it was at this moment that Mu Chen slowly opened his eyes and he looked at the four Seventh Grade Sovereigns who were pouncing forth, before revealing a mocking arc on the corner of his lips.

“Truly a bunch of fools…”

After he spoke, hundreds and thousands of spiritual seals flew out from his fingers and had swiftly integrated into the heavens and earth.


The entire region instantly trembled and the Spiritual Energy suddenly exploded like a tornado.

Mu Chen flicked his ten fingers and a light voice slowly resounded from his mouth.

“Heaven Grade Spiritual Array - God Annihilation Array!”

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