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Chapter 1026 - Failed


The ground trembled and the entire forest seemed to be shaking at this moment. Torrential deathly aura swept out in every direction, as if it wanted to devour this region.

As the deathly aura swept about, numerous pale-grey shadows shot forth, vaguely flickering with light. Those were Beast Spirits that were comparable to Seventh Grade Sovereigns.

When Mu Chen, Han Shan and Nine Nether saw this scene, their countenances unsightly changed. At this moment, how could they not tell that they had fallen for a trap?

The two directions should be the regions where the Golden Lion Clan and the Sky Wolf Clan were. But right now, the Beast Spirits in those two directions were coming at their direction, so those two clans must have done something.

Han Shan’s face was pale and the chill in his eyes practically wanted to turn substantial. He must have already hated the Sky Wolf Clan to his bones.

The few experts of the Demonic Rhino Clan also had pale faces and were somewhat at a loss. If such a huge amount of Beast Spirits surged forth, then not a single one of them would be able to escape today.

“Get rid of the Beast Spirits before us!” When the faces of Han Shan and the rest were pale, Mu Chen suddenly barked. Regardless of anything, they had to get rid of the Beast Spirits first. Otherwise, they would be swarmed by the Beast Spirits even if they wanted to retreat.

When Han Shan, Nine Nether and the rest heard his words, they instantly recovered and a violent Spiritual Energy burst from their bodies. They no longer held back and their violent attacks enveloped the Beast Spirits before them.


Mu Chen’s eyes were also cold, allowing the Seventh Grade Sovereign Beast Spirit before him to attack his chest. His body slightly trembled as his hand flew out like a bolt of lightning and pressed on the centre of its head, then a violent energy surged.


The head of the Seventh Grade Sovereign exploded, before its body instantly turned stiff and collapsed.

After dealing with the two Seventh Grade Sovereign Beast Spirits that he was responsible for, he did not rest and immediately helped Nine Nether and the rest deal with the six other Seventh Grade Sovereign Beast Spirits.

Once they dealt with all the Seventh Grade Sovereigns around them, the current of deathly aura was approaching even closer to the point that they could already see the ferocious faces of those Beast Spirits.

Han Shan’s clothes had been quite tattered from dealing with the Seventh Grade Sovereign Beast Spirits. However, he couldn’t be bothered at this moment and looked at the Beast Spirits that were coming their way with a dark expression.

“What should we do?” Nine Nether solemnly asked. There were too many Beast Spirits, and it’s impossible for them to deal with them all based on their formation. Therefore, if it really didn’t work, then they would have to retreat while they still could.

Han Shan gritted his teeth. If they retreated, then they would be giving up the treasures of the Treasure Beast, which he wasn’t resigned to. After all, they had been preparing for a long time.

“Haha. Han Shan, looks like even at this point in time, you still don’t want to give up?” As Han Shan’s gaze flickered and was pondering in his heart, a burst of mocking laughter resounded from the distance.

Hearing the laughter, the faces of Mu Chen’s group slightly changed. When they raised their heads and looked over with their sharp gazes, they saw several silhouettes on a huge tree. It was the party of Jin Lie of the Golden Lion Clan and Huo Yang of the Sky Wolf Clan.

“Huo Yang!”

When Han Shan saw Huo Yang, his eyes turned red with killing intent surging on his face, making him look even more ferocious.

When Huo Yang saw Han Shan, he lightly smiled, “Brother Han, why bother? Cooperation is between the willingness of two parties. If you trust others so easily while travelling outside, I’m afraid that you will be the one to suffer. Therefore, treat this as a lesson and I hope that you can remember it by heart.”

Han Shan took in a deep breath and his gaze gradually calmed down. Looking at Huo Yang, his gaze grew even more vicious, before he solemnly said, “The terms that I have offered you were pretty good, why did you trick me?”

Huo Yang smiled. “Indeed, you have promised me many benefits. But it was a pity as I prefer to cooperate with those that have a higher chance of success. If that’s the case, then it would be safer for us.”

Hearing his words, he clearly did not think that Han Shan’s party could confront the party of the Golden Lion Clan. So under somewhat similar terms, he had chosen to help the Golden Lion Clan to trick Han Shan’s party.

Ferocity flashed in Han Shan’s eyes and he eerily smiled, “Good. I will remember this and hope that you do not fall into my hands.”

Looking at Han Shan, Huo Yang felt a chill in his heart as he sneered, “You still have to leave here with your life before anything else.”

As they spoke, Jin Lie of the Golden Lion Clan looked at this scene with a smile and his eyes squinted, appearing to have victory in his grasp as he looked at Han Shan like he was looking at all the failures that he had encountered in the past.

“Why aren’t the Beast Spirits attacking them?” Beside Han Shan, Nine Nether furrowed her brows and suddenly pointed something out.

When everyone heard her words, they suddenly realised that those fellows were above the Beast Spirits. But why were the Beast Spirits ignoring them while launching frantic attacks towards them?

Mu Chen’s gaze was staring at Jin Lie and the rest, before he suddenly contracted his eyes. That’s because Mu Chen could feel that Jin Lie’s group seemed to have been enveloped by a faint grey light barrier that seemed to be emitting a peculiar fluctuation, that seemed to have the scent of the deathly aura…

“They should have prepared some special method to cover themselves with the deathly aura… Those Beast Spirits do not have any eyes, but they can sense the existence of vitality inside the deathly aura. Therefore, when Jin Lie’s party covered themselves with the deathly aura, they could freely come and go amongst the Beast Spirits.” Mu Chen said slowly.

It was no wonder why Huo Yang felt that the Han Shan did not have higher odds. It turned out that the Golden Lion Clan was more prepared, and even set a trap here for Han Shan’s party.

“That bastard.”

Han Shan could also naturally think about this and his face grew even more unsightly.

“Big Brother Han Shan.” The few experts of the Demonic Rhino Clan looked at Han Shan. At this moment, the Beast Spirits were approaching and if they didn’t retreat now, then they wouldn’t be able to retreat even if they wanted to.

Han Shan’s face was pale as he gnashed his teeth and was about to wave his hand to signal a retreat.

Although the treasures of the Treasure Beast were good, he had to be alive to enjoy them. With the current situation, he felt guilty towards Mu Chen’s party. After all, they did not have an easy time on their way here. In the end, they did not even find the area where the Treasure Beast had died and had to retreat like stray dogs.


However, just when Han Shan was intending to retreat, Mu Chen suddenly spoke out.

The surrounding experts had all directed their eyes over. If they didn’t leave now, then they would fall into desperate straits. Could it be that Mu Chen couldn’t let go of the treasures of the Treasure Beast?

Facing those gazes, Mu Chen lightly smiled. “I think I can also give it a try to make those Beast Spirits unable to see us.”


Everyone was so stunned that even Nine Nether was doubtful.

Mu Chen looked at everyone and smiled. “The method that those fellows have used to escape the perception of the Beast Spirits has given me some enlightenment. Since those Beast Spirits can only sense based on vitality and the surrounding deathly aura, then their perception should be quite weak. Since that’s the case, as long as we cover up our vitality, then they should not be able to detect us.”

Han Shan was stunned, before he replied, “Although the perception of those Beast Spirits is extremely weak, their senses regarding vitality are extremely keen… Only a tiny bit is needed and they will pounce on us like starving wolves.”

He clearly did not truly believe that Mu Chen could cover their vitality.

Mu Chen did not speak, but flicked his ten fingers. One spiritual seal after another swiftly formed around him, before they integrated into the atmosphere, causing space to fluctuate.

“Spiritual Array?”

When Nine Nether saw this scene, her eyes lit up.


While Mu Chen was swiftly creating the spiritual seals and integrating them into the heavens and earth, the ground around them trembled even more violently as the Beast Spirits roared with torrential deathly aura sweeping out.

The heads of the Demonic Rhino Clan experts were covered in cold beads of sweat. Their faces were a little pale from the torrential momentum. They couldn’t help looking towards Han Shan. As long as the latter showed any signs of retreating, then they would immediately pull back.

However, Han Shan was looking at Mu Chen, before he gnashed his teeth in the end. “Then, I’ll have to depend on Brother Mu!”

He was also unwilling to leave this way. Furthermore, he hated the Sky Wolf Clan down to his bones and if it was possible, he naturally did not want to lose akin to a stray dog.

Based on his understanding of Mu Chen, he knew that the latter wasn’t a reckless person. Since he could remain so calm and confident, then that meant that he should be somewhat confident. Since that’s the case, then he decided to give it a gamble!

Mu Chen slightly closed his eyes and did not speak. The spiritual seals appeared even quicker from his fingers.

“Looks like Han Shan is courting death.”

On a tree far away, Jin Lie looked at Han Shan, who had refused to retreat, and couldn’t help mocking him, believing that Han Shan was still unwilling to give up the treasures of the Treasure Beast.

“Since that’s the case, then get buried here…”

Jin Lie grinned, his face becoming even more ferocious.


The current that was formed of Beast Spirits and deathly aura charged over, pouncing towards them. Nine Nether and the rest had their gazes fixed at that approaching current of deathly aura…

A thousand feet… five hundred feet… two hundred feet…

When they were only a hundred feet away, the stench of death poured over. But just when the experts of the Demonic Rhino Clan had despair in their eyes, Mu Chen suddenly widened his eyes as light flickered in his black pupils.

Buzz! Buzz!

The surrounding space violently fluctuated. Han Shan and the rest could see numerous Spiritual Energy runes swiftly spreading out in the atmosphere before they enveloped them.

Furthermore, the form that the runes had taken was a grey coffin that had enveloped their bodies.

This Spiritual Array didn’t seem to have any powerful offensive capabilities. But the moment it was formed, they could clearly sense a deathly aura spreading out, which made their bodies feel cold.


When the coffin was formed, the current of Beast Spirits finally arrived. But when that current passed through the location of Mu Chen’s group, they had split up.

The torrential deathly aura brushed past them and everyone felt their legs turning soft. However, they did not have the time to bother about their legs. Their eyes widened as they looked at the current of Beast Spirits that had split up.

The Beast Spirits that were emitting the torrential deathly aura really brushed past them, completely ignoring their existence!


At this moment, even with Han Shan’s composure, he couldn’t help rejoicing.

As they were rejoicing, the three that were far away suddenly had dark expressions.

Furthermore, their ferocious gaze had directly shot past Han Shan and the rest and fixed on Mu Chen.

Evidently, they could sense that the unremarkable looking Sixth Grade Sovereign was the reason why their plan failed.

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