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Chapter 1020 - Three More

When Mu Chen’s calm voice resounded in this region, Bai Bin’s face suddenly distorted into a ferocious expression as if he wanted to devour Mu Chen.

Although Bai Bin couldn’t be considered a pinnacle amongst the younger generations of the Ice Phoenix Clan, he had the Phoenix Bloodline flowing in his blood. So normally, he would be high up and the other Divine Beast Clans would be courteous when seeing him. Since when had there been someone like Mu Chen that treated him in this manner?

“Kill him!”

Blood rushed up Bai Bin’s eyes as he roared.

Behind him, several silhouettes slowly walked out and looked at Mu Chen with unkind gazes. Boundless Spiritual Energy exploded from their bodies, causing a powerful pressure to spread out.

Those people were clearly from the Ice Phoenix Clan. Even if their strengths were weaker than Bai Bin’s, they were all Seventh Grade Sovereigns. Thus, they had a rather powerful formation.

The experts of the Ice Phoenix Clan were all looking with ferocious gazes. Behind Mu Chen, Nine Nether, Mo Feng and Mo Ling issued cold snorts, then they stood beside Mu Chen and stared back at those people.

“A mere Nine Netherbird Clan dares to be so impudent before my Ice Phoenix Clan?!” Bai Bin said with a dark face.

When Nine Nether heard his words, she ridiculed, “What a huge tone. You’re only an ordinary clansman of the Ice Phoenix Clan. Did you really think that you can represent the entire Ice Phoenix Clan?”

“Furthermore, those who entered the Divine Beast Origin all relied on their own strength. This matter today is on you for seeking humiliation yourself. If you want to go back to the Ice Phoenix Clan, not only will there not be anyone that will stand up for you, you will even be ridiculed as garbage.”

Nine Nether paid no attention to Bai Bin’s threat. The Ice Phoenix Clan was only a branch of the Phoenix Clan. Based on the strength of that branch alone, it was insufficient to make the Nine Netherbird Clan be fearful.

When Bai Bin heard her words, his face constantly changed. If the news of him being defeated by a mere Sixth Grade Sovereign was to spread back to the clan, who knew how much ridicule he would have to suffer. At that time, the Elders might even deem him as weak and no longer pay so much attention to nurture him, which would undoubtedly be a destructive blow to him.

“Haha. You guys truly are troublemakers. We’ve just been separated for a while and another problem rose up…”

Between Bai Bin and Mu Chen’s party, a burst of laughter resounded and the group separated. Several silhouettes stepped forth, revealing ominous auras. It was naturally Han Shan and the experts of the Demonic Rhino Clan.

Han Shan swept a glance and understood what was happening. Immediately, he brought his party towards Mu Chen and helplessly said, “You guys truly know how to make trouble…”

Although he had spoken this way, he showed no signs of retreating. On the contrary, he stood beside Mu Chen, presenting his position.

“That’s the Demonic Rhino Clan… that must be Han Shan, right? I have heard rumours about him, the genius of the Demonic Rhino Clan that can even be considered as outstanding even amongst the Seventh Grade Sovereigns.”

“I never expected for the Demonic Rhino Clan and the Nine Netherbird Clan to walk so closely together.”


Hearing those discussions, Mu Chen helplessly smiled. He wasn’t the one finding trouble, but it was the other party that came up to them…

However, a favourable opinion had risen within his heart when Han Shan stood beside him. Just the point that Han Shan did not choose to retreat after seeing the other party from the Ice Phoenix Clan alone made him worthy for Mu Chen to make friends with him.

When Bai Bin saw Han Shan stating his stance, his face immediately turned darker. The few experts of the Ice Phoenix Clan had also furrowed their brows. If the Demonic Rhino Clan was added to the formation for the opposing party, then the formation of the opposing party wouldn’t be weaker than them.

Bai Bin’s face was dark as he took a deep breath in and suppressed the exploding rage in his heart, before he eerily said, “This matter will not rest so easily. I hope that you guys will still have the courage to stand out.”

After he spoke, he no longer stayed and became covered in a chill, before he turned around and left. Everyone knew that the rage in Bai Bin’s heart was close to erupting.

The experts of the Ice Phoenix Clan were also a little unwilling to walk off. After all, they were from the Phoenix Clan, since when had they suffered like today? But in the Phoenix Clan, they could only be considered as ordinary. Furthermore, they had been separated into groups when they entered the Divine Beast Origin with only a few of them here. But if it was those few geniuses from the Ice Phoenix Clan, then neither Mu Chen nor Han Shan would be able to walk free so easily.

Thinking about this, they could only gnash their teeth with unwillingness. They glared at Mu Chen’s party, then turned around and follow Bai Bin.

When those in the surroundings saw how this matter ended, they shook their heads with a little regret. Initially, they were hoping for the two parties to clash with blood drawn. This way, both parties would also suffer great injuries.

Chi Hongwu, who had not participated in the fight, looked towards Mu Chen and her eyes flickered with what seemed to be fighting intent. But in the end, she still suppressed it and said, “Don’t be so proud. Bai Bin is not even amongst the Top 5 of the Ice Phoenix Clan’s younger generations. If you think that they’re all so weak, then you will be the one to suffer, sooner or later.”

Her tone clearly contained the intention of reminding Mu Chen. This way, she could make up for her previous rude actions.

However, Mu Chen was still lacking a favourable opinion about her. He only lightly nodded his head like someone acknowledging her words.

When Chi Hongwu saw how indifferent Mu Chen replied, she gnashed her teeth and stomped her feet. She couldn’t be bothered to speak any further. She turned around and left. At the same time, she gritted her teeth and muttered to herself, “I’ll let you continue to fool yourself! When you encounter them, I’ll see if you still can escape with your life!”

Mu Chen looked at Chi Hongwu’s leaving silhouette and contracted his eyes. Bai Bin was actually not even amongst the Top 5 in the Ice Phoenix Clan. If what she said was the truth, then that meant that the strength of the Ice Phoenix Clan truly couldn’t be underestimated. They were truly worthy of being part of the Phoenix Clan.

“She spoke the truth. The few formidable figures in the Ice Phoenix Clan are not here today. Otherwise, the situation would be a little tough to resolve.” Han Shan nodded his head and spoke with a grave expression.

Mu Chen lightly nodded his head and smiled instead. “The path of cultivation is filled with powerful enemies, to begin with. If we only want to avoid them, then our path would be a little too dry.”

Han Shan was stunned and looked at Mu Chen with a peculiar gaze for a long time, before he replied, “I, Han Shan admire Brother Mu for the state of your heart.”

Never avoiding in the path, not feeling fear, this state of mind was the true path that true powerhouse cultivates

It was no wonder why Mu Chen wasn’t even afraid of the geniuses of the other clans with his mere cultivation at Sixth Grade Sovereign. At this moment, Han Shan finally understood and he had somewhat sighed. Vaguely, he felt that the future of this person beside him was unfathomable. At that time, not to mention a mere Ice Phoenix Clan, even the entire Phoenix Clan might not be able to shake him.

When Mo Feng saw that Bai Bin had left, his expression gradually recovered and he took a deep look at Mu Chen. He hesitated before saying, “Thanks. But you did not need to interfere, I could have dealt with him alone.”

Mu Chen casually smiled. “I don’t like others humiliating my friends…”

Mo Feng’s expression froze, before he slowly nodded his head then lowered his gaze with complicated eyes. But Mo Ling, who was extremely familiar with her brother’s character, knew that the heart of her brother might not be calm.

After all, with their identity and experience, there was an extreme few they could call friends in the Nine Netherbird Clan. Thus, making Mo Feng have a cold character.

Mu Chen did not expect that his casual words would cause such billows in the heart of Mo Feng. When he finished speaking, he turned around and looked back at the stone tree before the skinny man.

Earlier, 500,000 drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid had gotten him a Phoenix Fire Essence, which basically had him earn big, also making a rise of interest in Mu Chen. But vaguely, he could sense that the things that the skinny man had gotten from god-knows where were truly extraordinary.

However, he didn’t know if that fellow had finished using his luck when he found those treasures. Thus causing a situation where he could only protect those treasures and couldn’t open them.

When the skinny man saw Mu Chen’s gaze directed over, his heart jolted. His heart was dripping with blood earlier when he witnessed Mu Chen obtaining a Phoenix Fire Essence. If that item was in his hands, he could have sold it for the high price of nearly 1,000,000 drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid.

“What’s wrong? Does this brother still want to test your luck? Earlier, I saw that this brother’s unsealing methods seemed to be somewhat profound.” The skinny man dryly laughed as he probed a question. He had witnessed the process of Mu Chen opening the seal and the chances of success were truly higher than forcefully breaking it.

When Mu Chen heard his words, he avoided answering the question. “It’s just pure luck.”

He then looked at those crystal balls on the trees, before taking another glance at Mo Ling. The latter knew what he meant and swept her gaze over, then stretched her hand out and pointed to three crystal balls.

When Mu Chen saw this, a suction force came from his palm and the three crystal balls that had been identified by Mo Ling fell into his hand. Thereafter, he took out a jade bottle without any hesitation and smiled. “A total of 1,500,000 drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid. Thanks for this.”

When the skinny man saw how decisive Mu Chen was, his eyelids twitched and his eyes were fixed on the three crystal balls that Mu Chen had taken. He had a feeling that the highest priced treasures were about to be taken by Mu Chen.

Despite the unwillingness in his heart, he could only force a smile under Mu Chen’s gaze and received the jade bottle with an unsightly smile on his face.

After witnessing Mu Chen’s means, he already knew that Mu Chen wasn’t an ordinary person and it was best if he could avoid offending such a person.

As he thought about it, the skinny man could only bear the pain in his heart and cut off the Spiritual Energy strings attached to the crystal balls.

The three crystal balls fell in Mu Chen’s hand and he gently tossed the bottle. He was also nervous in his heart, since he had practically spent all his Sovereign Spiritual Liquid this time. But right now, he could only choose to believe in Mo Ling’s special ability and hope that the items in the three crystal balls exceeded the price of 1,500,00 drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid…

Otherwise, he would be making a loss this time.

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