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Chapter 1019 - Protection

“Get lost!”

When the roar that sounded like rumbling thunder resounded, the smile on Bai Bin’s face had frozen bit by bit, replaced with an endless chill.

The terrifying chill seemed to spread out around his body, which had immediately caused layers of ice to appear on the ground.

Bai Bin coldly looked at Mu Chen and slowly said, “Cut your own tongue, then I’ll let you get lost.”

Mu Chen smiled with unconcealable ridicule. “Who are you?”

He could sense the danger that Bai Bin was giving off and could also sense that the latter should be from the Phoenix Clan. However, he wasn’t afraid. He had offended too many people, so he had nothing to worry about, thus he didn’t have any mental burden.

“You think that you can protect them? You’re courting death!”

The corner of Bai Bin’s eyes twitched with traces of blood climbing the corneas. His gentle-looking face became distorted. After all, in all these years, this was the first time that someone had disregarded him.

Furthermore, that person’s cultivation was merely at the Sixth Grade Sovereign Realm!


When Bai Bin finished his last words, a chill suddenly exploded between the heavens and earth as the temperature instantly dropped. Bai Bin suddenly opened his mouth and a blue chill swept out, forming into a savage-looking ice dragon that carried a chill, then it swiftly pounced towards Mu Chen.

Under the envelopment of the chill, even ordinary Seventh Grade Sovereigns would be frozen. If it was a Sixth Grade Sovereign, they would probably be frozen into ice statues.

Furthermore, facing Bai Bin’s attacks, Mu Chen did not retreat. A golden light had surged on the surface of his body, along with an indescribable feeling. He threw a punch forth with veins wriggling on his arm, emitting astonishing energy.


When the two clashed, Mu Chen’s body did not move, but he could sense that in that instant of contact, a venomous chill had poured into his body, attempting to freeze his Spiritual Energy.

But facing that chill, Mu Chen paid no attention because, in that instant, the True Dragon and Phoenix Tattoos on his arms both wriggled and the chill was completely devoured.

The chill in his body had disappeared in an instant.

Mu Chen did not have any expression on his face as the golden light exploded, the power in his physical body had completely gushed out and cracks appeared on the ice dragon. In the end, a crackling sound resounded before it was instantly turned into snowflakes in the sky.

“How is that possible?!”

When the ice dragon shattered, Bai Bin’s pupils contracted. The terrifying part of the ice dragon wasn’t due to the power that it possessed. But the chill that invaded one’s body. Earlier, he had clearly sensed the chill entering Mu Chen’s body. So how did that fellow completely disperse that power?

Could it be that Mu Chen was immune to his ice?

Just thinking about it, Bai Bin felt ridiculous. He was from the Ice Phoenix Clan, with an inborn chill in his body. The experts of similar rank would all be fearful of his chill, since they wouldn’t be immune to it.


Mu Chen did not give Bai Bin any time. He stomped his feet and cracks spread out beneath the ground. His figure had turned into a golden light and in a whistle, he had already mysteriously appeared before Bai Bin. The speed even made Bai Bin startled in his heart.

He couldn’t imagine that Mu Chen, who was merely at the Sixth Grade Sovereign Realm, could possess such terrifying speed.

When the golden light appeared, another golden light shot out from Mu Chen’s eyes, then he thrust his palm. That palm not only contained the energy from his body, but even the Spiritual Energy in his body had also exploded.

A gentle palm thrust forth, creating black cracks in space that made others feel fearful. What terrifying strength was needed to create this unusual scene?

Many experts in the surroundings all knew their stuff. When they saw Mu Chen’s palm, their faces immediately changed as they felt disbelief. That palm was something that not even ordinary Seventh Grade Sovereign could endure.

As the palm blew over, Bai Bin’s face drastically changed and his gaze suddenly turned grave. He no longer dared to carry contempt in his eyes, since he understood, at this moment, how terrifying the person who looked to be in the Sixth Grade Sovereign before him was.

At this moment, there was no longer a path of retreat. Therefore, Bai Bin did not have any regrets in his heart.

A cold light flickered in Bai Bin’s eyes and he formed seals at lightning speed. Meanwhile, a large ice phoenix formed behind him. It unfolded its wings and made an ice shield that protected Bai Bin.


The golden palm of light did not cower as it slammed against the wings of the ice phoenix. Instantly, visible shock waves undulated and the sturdy ground shattered.

The wings of the ice phoenix trembled and Bai Bin could even sense from behind the protection that if he had suffered that attack head-on, even he would be heavily injured.

Being forced to this step by a mere Sixth Grade Sovereign, Bai Bin’s face had turned abnormally dark and killing intent flashed in the depths of his eyes.

Today, he must definitely put that person to shame!

Thinking about it, Bai Bin gnashed his teeth and the blood in his body started to boil. Everyone could sense a pressure sweeping out from Bai Bin’s body like a storm.

That pressure originated from the might in his bloodline.

Bai Bin was from the Ice Phoenix Clan, possessing a noble bloodline that could suppress ordinary Divine Beasts. But right now, Bai Bin had ignited his bloodline, thus bringing that pressure to the limits.

Under the pressure, ordinary Divine Beasts would immediately prostrate themselves before Bai Bin.

After everyone in the surroundings retreated, they could see that Bai Bin was clearly intending to suppress Mu Chen to the ground, humiliating him. Therefore, they had immediately retreated in fear that they would be dragged along and humiliate themselves instead.

Not too far away, Chi Hongwu remained unmoving, but when she saw Bai Bin’s actions, her brows knitted together. Although she was arrogant and fond of battles, she liked to win in head-on battles. She was disdainful of people like Bai Bin that relied on his bloodline to gain an advantage.

“Looks like that fellow is going to be doomed.”

Chi Hongwu said in her heart. Although Mu Chen’s physical body was powerful, Bai Bin was also smart, since he chose to suppress his opponent through the bloodline. This way, even those with powerful physiques would not be able to resist the weakness in the bloodline.

Everyone in the surroundings looked over. Mu Chen had also felt the pressure that was enveloping him. But the odd thing was that everyone did not see any horror on Mu Chen’s face. On the contrary, they saw a smile-yet-not-smile ridiculing expression.

“Bloodline suppression…”

Mu Chen murmured. Then he clenched his fist and the True Dragon and Phoenix Tattoos on his arms… correction, after Mu Chen had successfully reached the second level of the Dragon-Phoenix Sutra, the two True Dragon and Phoenix Tattoos on his body had spirituality in them. Therefore, they could be considered as the True Dragon and Phoenix Spirits.

Since Bai Bin wants to play with bloodline suppression, then let me show you what the meaning of true suppression is!

The True Phoenix Spirit exploded with intense purple-golden light and the tightly shut eyes of the Phoenix suddenly opened. In that instant, there seemed to be an indescribable pressure exploding forth.

The True Phoenix pressure only appeared for an instant but it did not spread out. It was focused on Bai Bin, so others could not sense it.

In that instant, the ice phoenix behind Bai Bin immediately cowered, like a subject that had seen the king. The ice phoenix issued a fearful cry and the chilling aura retracted as it trembled.

At the same time, Bai Bin’s face was abnormally pale with disbelief filling in his eyes. That’s because the pressure that had suddenly exploded from Mu Chen’s body had caused his bloodline to frantically tremble.


Fear rose in Bai Bin’s heart as his legs started to uncontrollably bend. But just when he was about to kneel down, Bai Bin finally awakened and he immediately tried to pull himself up. However, one of his knees had already touched the ground.

Those in the surroundings that initially wanted to see Mu Chen in a pathetic state by the pressure of the Ice Phoenix Bloodline were dumbfounded at the sudden appearance of Bai Bin kneeling with one knee on the ground.

Chi Hongwu had widened her eyes at this moment with disbelief filling her face.


Mu Chen still did not have any expression on his face as his fist that was on the wings of the ice phoenix trembled, containing a strand of aura from the True Phoenix and had instantly shattered the extremely sturdy wings of the ice phoenix.

Bai Bin had flown out in a pathetic manner and made a mark a few hundred feet long on the ground before he stabilised his body.

Poof! Poof!

After stabilising his body, Bai Bin spat a mouthful of blood and the powerful Spiritual Energy around him had swiftly diminished. Evidently, he had suffered quite an injury.

However, he still did not recover from the loss. He dumbfoundedly looked at the silhouette before him with a pale expression.

The surroundings were quiet with all the experts dumbfoundedly looking at Mu Chen. That youthful figure had retracted the golden light around him and looked extremely ordinary.

But after witnessing that battle, they were clear about the terrifying strength that youthful silhouette possessed.

Just where did that fellow come from…?

Bai Bin was an expert of the Ice Phoenix Clan!

But right now, Bai Bin had landed in such a pathetic state, just which clan did that person come from?!

Under countless shocked gazes, Mu Chen gradually calmed his eyes and looked at Bai Bin. A calm voice then resounded, containing a trace of overbearing that no one could refute.

“The two of them are under the protection of I, Mu Chen!”

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