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"It is your turn…"

When Mu Chen looked at Zong Teng, Zong Teng turned pale and started to move back a little. He had seen how Lu Sui had been badly injured when Mu Chen had punched him.

However, Zong Teng was not any ordinary person. After he had calmed himself down, he looked at Mu Chen and became wary of him. Though he had taken Mu Chen seriously before, now he saw how dangerous Mu Chen really was.

"I have underestimated you," Zong Teng said in a low voice that was filled with regret. If he had known that Mu Chen would become so powerful in the Body-refining Tower, he would have killed him in the first place.

Mu Chen now posed a greater threat than Ink Blade and Nine Nether.

Zong Teng looked at Mu Chen and said decisively, "I admit defeat. I will give you 1,000,000 drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid to settle the matter. What do you think?"

When the top powers heard it, they were shocked. They had not expected Zong Teng, who had been so haughty earlier, to suggest making peace with Mu Chen. However, they found it understandable after seeing Mu Chen's amazing combat force. Zong Teng would not want to fight with him.

Since Lu Sui had been badly injured by Mu Chen, Zong Teng would not expect the Lightning Crow Clan to join forces with him. The Heavenly Roc Clan would be at a disadvantage if they were to fight with the Nine Netherbird Clan.

In this case, it would be best for him to admit defeat and conserve his energy. However, Mu Chen did not accept it and simply looked nonchalantly at him. It was apparent that Mu Chen did not want to let him off so easily. He knew that Zong Teng would soon forget about this if he was not taught a lesson.

When Zong Teng saw Mu Chen's expression, he knew that Mu Chen was enraged and would not let him off for 1,000,000 drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid. He frowned at this thought and then looked coldly at Mu Chen, prepared to take him on. He said flatly, "In this case, I shall see if you can defeat me with a punch just like how you have defeated Lu Sui. If you can do that, you can kill me if you want to!"

Zong Teng was indeed decisive. When he saw that it was useless for him to admit defeat, he prepared himself to take Mu Chen on. Since Mu Chen wanted to show his power, Zong Teng would show him his power as well, so that he would not take him lightly.

"Not bad, you do have guts." When Mu Chen saw Zong Teng's response, he nodded. Zong Teng was better than Lu Sui. No wonder he was the most outstanding genius among the younger generation in the Heavenly Roc Clan and was well-known outside the clan as well.


Since he had made up his mind, Zong Teng immediately released his spiritual energy. The cries of a roc indistinctly resounded from his body.

Many top powers turned grave at the oppression that exuded from Zong Teng's body. He was a Grade Seven Sovereign, and he was much stronger than Lu Sui. No wonder he was so well-known.

Mu Chen was calm. Although he would have to use all his trump cards, including the spiritual arrays, to deal with Zong Teng before he broke through to the second stage of the Dragon-Phoenix Body, he did not have to go through all the hassle right now.


Spiritual energy swirled out, and Zong Teng turned into a golden light and shot out. He threw out a punch with golden light, and a Golden Roc seemed to be spreading its wings within it. The punch was so sharp that it cracked the ground.

Roc's Shadow Divine Punch!

The top powers around them moved back hurriedly as Zong Teng threw out the powerful punch. Even a Grade Seven Sovereign like Lu Sui would have tried to avoid the blow.

The air exploded under the golden punch, and golden light shot straight toward Mu Chen. As the golden light drew nearer to Mu Chen, he threw out a punch as well. Golden light surged without any spiritual energy fluctuation, as Mu Chen had used only his physical strength.


As the two golden punches hit each other, horrifying shockwaves burst out. The ground below their feet cracked, and the ruins around them turned into ashes. As the shockwaves raged out, Mu Chen's body shook, but he was still able to bear it.

On the other hand, Zong Teng was thrown back by a step. He left his footprint on the ground, which was proof that he indeed had great strength. When Mu Chen threw out the same blow at Zong Teng, he had only caused Zong Teng to move back by one step. Although Lu Sui and Zong Teng were both Grade Seven Sovereigns, there was a big gap between them.

Although he had moved back only one step, this had caused Zong Teng's face to darken. Through this, he finally knew how powerful Mu Chen's physical strength was. When Zong Teng had thrown out the punch earlier, he had used his spiritual energy and physical strength, but Mu Chen had used only his physical strength.

How did his physical strength become so powerful within such a short period of time?

"This is great!" While Zong Teng was feeling puzzled, Mu Chen smiled and immediately stepped out. Golden light shot out, and a horrifying wind blast of fist came down on Zong Teng, giving him no time to react.

Mu Chen's physical strength had enhanced greatly, and although he could not control it perfectly, he would not want to miss the opportunity to test his punches with such a good target.

Mu Chen turned into a golden light and shot out. The golden fist shadow left afterimages behind and swirled toward Zong Teng. In the face of such an aggressive attack from Mu Chen, Zong Teng could only activate his spiritual energy to take him head-on.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

As the punches hit each other, bashing sounds continued to resound and blast the sky. The sounds were like thunder, accompanied by a powerful force. The top powers were amazed by the two golden shadows. As they continued to hit each other, the ground below them cracked.

The top powers found it unbelievable to see that Zong Teng, who was covered by majestic spiritual energy, had been beaten by Mu Chen, who was without any spiritual energy fluctuation.

Almost every time Mu Chen hit him, Zong Teng would retreat, and even the majestic spiritual energy around him dispersed. It was at this moment that the people knew how powerful Mu Chen's physical body was. His physical body was more powerful than the Divine Beasts'.

How can Mu Chen cultivate such a powerful physical body? They knew how difficult it was to do that.

When the top powers from the Heavenly Roc Clan saw that Zong Teng kept retreating, they turned pale, especially Liu Qing. Before that, she had looked down on Mu Chen, as he was a human being and had the strength of only a Grade Six Sovereign. When she saw that Zong Teng, whom she respected, had become so pathetic because of the human being, she almost fainted.

"Brother Mu Chen is so powerful!" Ink Ring widened her eyes and looked at Mu Chen with admiration.

Ink Blade looked grave. His strength was on par with Zong Teng's, and since Zong Teng was so badly beaten by Mu Chen, that would mean that Mu Chen's combat force had surpassed his.

"It looks like Mu Chen had a breakthrough in his physical body in the Body-refining Tower." Nine Nether looked shocked. Although she knew that Mu Chen's physical body was tough, she didn't know it was to this extent.

The expression on Ink Blade's face changed, and he sighed and said, "He has done it in the correct manner."

He recalled what Mu Chen had gone through way back from the first level in the Body-refining Tower, whereas they had used various means to quicken their speed in order to obtain the opportunity. Mu Chen had used the conventional method to train up his body in the Body-refining Tower…

It was this training that had helped him gain such an amazing improvement.

Nine Nether nodded. While the rest of them had been blinded by the illusory Super Power, Mu Chen had faithfully gone through the tough training in the Body-refining Tower. It was apparent that Mu Chen was the only one who had obtained the most precious opportunity in the Body-refining Tower.

Nine Nether turned to look at the aggressive fight and said with a smile, "Mu Chen is using Zong Teng to test his punches."

She had noticed that in about ten minutes, Mu Chen had thrown out up to 100 punches. The power of each punch was getting smoother, unlike the earlier punches that were violent and uncontrollable.

"Zong Teng has lost his fighting spirit."

Ink Blade nodded and said, "The fight is about to end."

Zong Teng realized that Mu Chen was able to control his strength better now. He knew that unless he gave it his best shot, the odds would be against him.

After Ink Blade had spoken, he saw golden light bursting out from Zong Teng's body. Afterimages appeared behind him and turned into a huge Golden Roc. The huge Golden Roc grabbed the people of the Heavenly Roc Clan with its claws. Golden runes appeared on its wings and as it flapped, there was a gale. The huge Golden Roc turned into a golden light and escaped toward the horizon.

The top powers were taken aback when they saw that Zong Teng had escaped.

Golden light flickered and Mu Chen appeared. As he watched Zong Teng, who was trying to escape, he smiled faintly. He clenched his fist, and a Golden-Winged Sword appeared in his hand. He waved the sword and filled it with his spiritual energy and physical strength.


A large golden sword radiance shot out and pierced through the void before it disappeared into thin air. The moment the golden sword radiance disappeared, a scream was heard far away. Blood indistinctly burst out in the sky.

It was apparent that Zong Teng could not escape the blow and was seriously injured by Mu Chen.

Mu Chen held onto the Golden-Winged Sword and stood among the ruins. Blood filled the sky, and as the red rays of the light shone on his body, it made him look invincible.

Many top powers were shocked by the scene, and they were afraid of him. They knew that after this fight, Mu Chen would be well-known in the Land of the Divine Beasts.

This dark horse was indeed outstanding.

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