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"Do you want me to spit out your Sovereign Spiritual Liquid?"

When the light dispersed, a slender youth appeared and looked coldly at Zong Teng. He was none other than Mu Chen.

His sudden appearance caused the top powers to turn pale. They could not believe their eyes and looked as though they had seen a ghost. They had never expected that Mu Chen would walk out of the Body-refining Tower alive!

When Ink Blade and Han Shan saw Mu Chen, they were also shocked. They were surprised that he was able to take the powerful punch from Lord Gladiator and still be alive.

"You…you are still alive!" Although Zong Teng was composed, his eyes widened and he looked at Mu Chen in disbelief. He was so shocked, he stuttered.

"Thanks to you, everything is fine with me," Mu Chen smiled and replied. However, there was no warmth in his smile. He had never expected Zong Teng to start creating trouble all of a sudden.

Zong Teng's expression kept changing. The top powers from the Lightning Crow Clan, who were about to strike, were also shocked. Lu Sui, who had wanted to use the opportunity to take revenge, turned pale. No one had expected Mu Chen to appear out of the blue, like a spirit.

Mu Chen looked sharply at Lu Sui and said flatly, "I was lenient with you earlier, but you don't seem to value your life."

When Lu Sui heard this, he turned pale. He looked fiercely at Mu Chen, as though he wanted to eat him up.

"Hohoho, you sure talk big!" Zong Teng came to himself and sneered.

He looked gravely at Mu Chen, no longer afraid of him. Although he knew that Mu Chen had gained much from the Body-refining Tower, he also believed that Mu Chen was still far behind him in skill and strength. He might take Mu Chen more seriously now, but not to the extent that he would be afraid of him.

"Do you want to see the Nine Netherbird Clan fight with us and the Lightning Crow Clan? Can a human being like you bear those consequences?"

When Lu Sui heard Zong Teng sneering at Mu Chen, he remembered that the Heavenly Roc Clan and the Lightning Crow Clan were two big clans. If they were to join forces, they would be more powerful than Mu Chen and the Nine Netherbird Clan! Thus, he did not have to be afraid of Mu Chen.

Moreover, he felt that he had lost to Mu Chen earlier, not because he was inferior to him, but rather because he had simply taken him too lightly, thus giving Mu Chen the opportunity to strike and force him out off of the lightning platform.

He was eliminated for only this reason. If he had put in his best from the beginning, Mu Chen would not have been able to defeat him, as he was a Grade Seven Sovereign.

As he thought of this, Lu Sui looked more fiercely at Mu Chen. He then said in a petrifying voice, "Ha, Brother Zong is right. I shall see what you can do to me, if I join in."

Having said that, he stepped out and a majestic spiritual energy swirled around him. When the top powers around the Body-refining Tower saw the pair facing off, they were curious. If the Lightning Crow Clan and the Heavenly Roc Clan joined forces to take on the Nine Netherbird Clan, the Nine Netherbird Clan would definitely be at a disadvantage.

"Mu Chen is too young and rash. He leaves no leeway for himself and has forced Lu Sui and Zong Teng to come together…"

"That's right. These two people are the geniuses who entered the Body-refining Tower. If they join forces, they will outnumber the Nine Netherbird Clan. This will not do Nine the Netherbird Clan any good!"

"Mu Chen might disgrace the Nine Netherbird Clan, and Lu Sui and Zong Teng will not simply let such a matter rest…"

The people started whispering among themselves, as the top powers shook their heads. It was apparent that they all felt that Mu Chen was being too harsh and had put the Nine Netherbird Clan in a dire situation.

If he had not been so harsh, he might have been able to persuade the Lightning Crow Clan to deal with the Heavenly Roc Clan first. This would be the best strategy.

Zong Teng looked at Lu Sui and curled his lips. He was afraid that Lu Sui would retreat when Mu Chen appeared. However, it looked like he had been overly worried, and he had Mu Chen to thank for it…

"What can I do to you?"

Mu Chen ignored the looks of the people and stared at Lu Sui with a cold smile. He then lifted up his legs and stepped out.


A bright golden light burst out from Mu Chen's body, as he disappeared from the spot. Just as Mu Chen disappeared, Zong Teng, who was nearest to Mu Chen, realized it, darting out to stop him.


As he was about to move, a shadow shot past him at a speed that made him break out in a cold sweat.

How can he travel at such a fast speed?!

Speed was Zong Teng's forte. However, before he could see the direction of the shadow, it had already darted past him.

This speed is extremely fast!

Lu Sui, who was nearby, turned ghostly pale. He only saw the golden light fly past his eyes and, as a Grade Seven Sovereign, his automatic response was to move back. At the same time, he threw out a punch. As he did so, a majestic spiritual energy, along with a bolt of lightning, whizzed out and pierced through the void.


The golden light came on strong, hitting the lightning spiritual energy. The lightning burst, then turned into light spots before dispersing.


Golden light shimmered, and Lu Sui was shocked to see Mu Chen standing in front of him, a mocking look on his face.

"What shall I do to you?" Mu Chen asked again, then threw out a punch.

The wind blast of his fist surged with golden light, but it was without any spiritual energy fluctuation. The cries of a dragon resounded indistinctly, and Lu Sui saw dark cracks at the space where Mu Chen had punched. He was shocked that the power was so strong!

"How is it possible!?"

Lu Sui was scared out of his wits by the punch. He noticed that Mu Chen had not activated his spiritual energy, but had only used his physical strength. Even so, Lu Sui felt threatened by the power, although he was a Grade Seven Sovereign.

Mu Chen's wind blast of fist was quick. Lu Sui garnered all of his energy to gather his spiritual energy and form a lightning shield in front of him. Lightning circled around the shield, like a lightning crow spreading its wings, in order to form a strong defense.


The golden fist traveled at full speed, hitting the lightning shield. The lightning shield immediately rumbled and burst.

Lightning flew around crazily and the golden fist shot past them, landing on Lu Sui's chest. A horrifying power gushed out, as Lu Sui was sent flying backwards by the hard punch.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Along the way, the deserted buildings exploded, and a long deep crack, about a few hundred feet long, spread out on the ground. There was a dead silence around the entire Body-refining Tower.

No one spoke, as everyone was stunned by the scene. They could not believe that Lu Sui, who was a Grade Seven Sovereign, could not even take one blow from Mu Chen!

As they looked out, Lu Sui was covered with blood and his chest had collapsed. Half of his body was covered by the ruins, and it was not known if he was even still alive…

"How can this be?" someone muttered.

Although Mu Chen had defeated Lu Sui in the Body-refining Tower, it was because Mu Chen had struck first. Now that Lu Sui knew of his strength, he would have been on his guard. However, with so many layers of protection, he was still beaten by Mu Chen with a single blow.

The people were dumbfounded. Now they knew why Mu Chen had no intention of dealing separately with Lu Sui and Zong Teng. He could easily crush the two of them at once!

The top powers from the Lightning Crow Clan were stunned and had no intentions of helping. The punch that Mu Chen had thrown out had finally made them realize the gap that existed between Mu Chen and them.

As the people looked at him in shock, Mu Chen casually looked away. He then withdrew the golden light with a smile.

"What can I do to you? Is this enough?"

He received no reply, as no one knew if Lu Sui was still alive…

Mu Chen ignored Lu Sui and gently patted his hands together. He then turned around and looked at Zong Teng, who looked ghostly pale.

"It is your turn."

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