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The bloody fist-shadows struck down from the heavens, forming cracks on the battlefield. Deep cracks spread out crazily, and the area looked as though it was about to collapse.

Golden light shone around Mu Chen, who was below the fist-shadows. The cries of a dragon and phoenix resounded from his arms and as the golden light burst out, and the real dragon and real phoenix symbols left Mu Chen's body. They expanded with the wind and turned into the shadows of the real dragon and real phoenix, and lingered outside his body. Golden light covered Mu Chen up and formed a sturdy barrier to protect him.

Suddenly, the real dragon and real phoenix opened their mouths and spewed out golden light like waterfalls, covering Mu Chen within. The golden waterfalls entered Mu Chen's body and scoured his flesh. His body and blood gradually turned into a golden color and made him look awe-inspiring.

That was the essence of the real dragon and real phoenix. Such a scouring was better than swallowing the essence of the Divine Beasts.

Mu Chen's physical body started to possess the aura of the real dragon and real phoenix, and even his blood had more vitality in it. Within split seconds, Mu Chen noticed that his body had gone through a total transformation. Even he was shocked by the bountiful strong force in his body.

Mu Chen slowly clenched his fists. The power that was surging in him almost made him cry out. He had prepared for so long just for this day. Golden light surged in his eyes, and they looked oppressive. He felt that he could even contend with a Grade Seven Sovereign with his physical body!

When complemented with his spiritual energy, Mu Chen was confident that he could take on anyone below Grade Eight Sovereign. Not many people would pose a threat to him now.

He was pleased with the trip to the Body-refining Tower.

The real dragon and real phoenix lingered around him. As Mu Chen lifted up his head to look at the destructive bloody fist-shadows, light flashed in his eyes, and he said with a smile, "I understand it now…"

As he muttered, he withdrew the real dragon and real phoenix shadows that were lingering around him as well as the spiritual energy. He had removed all the defenses and allowed the destructive fist-shadows to land on him.

He looked as though he was courting his own death.

However, when Mu Chen had had a breakthrough earlier, he suddenly realized what test he had to go through at the fifth level…

The test was not to take the destructive blow of the Lord Gladiator, as it was simply impossible to do so. Although Mu Chen had broken through to the second stage of the Dragon-Phoenix Scripture, he knew that he would turn into ashes if he was hit by the blow.

No matter how difficult a test was, there would be a chance to succeed, and Mu Chen could not find a reason not to pass the test that was before him.

Unless it was not a test.

There were some other tests at this level.

"Self-Sacrificing Demonic Fist… self-sacrificing, self-sacrificing… If you wish to get the inheritance, you must have the courage to sacrifice your life. If you do not have the courage, you will not be able to cultivate the Self-Sacrificing Demonic Fist."

As the fist-shadows came down on Mu Chen, he lifted up his head and looked calmly at the destructive fist-shadows.


The bloody fist-shadows landed on Mu Chen's body and the ground cracked. Horrifying shockwaves raged out and destroyed the entire area…

This was the last scene that everyone outside the Body-refining Tower saw on the screen before it smashed. All the images were gone.

There was dead silence outside the Body-refining Tower.

Nine Nether looked blankly at the screen that had disappeared and turned pale. Although they were outside the Body-refining Tower, they could feel the terror of the destructive fist. Mu Chen did not escape and must have met with a mishap.

Some of the top powers shook their heads and found it a pity, while others gloated over the misfortune. People looked at Nine Nether with different expressions.

Liu Qing was stunned as well. After she came to herself, she looked happily at Nine Nether. No matter how outstanding Mu Chen was, all his previous efforts had been wasted due to his foolishness.

Once a person died, no matter how outstanding he was, it would come to naught.

Zong Teng, Ink Blade, and Han Shan, who had chosen to give up, were nearest to the Body-refining Tower. They were shocked as they looked at the screen that had been smashed. They seemed to have seen Mu Chen's body being turned into ashes.

Ink Blade looked ghastly pale, and he regretted not pulling Mu Chen along with him when he retreated. However, he was appalled at the same time, as he knew that Mu Chen was a sensible person. He would not have insisted on staying if he knew that he would die. Han Shan looked at the Body-refining Tower with mixed feelings and shook his head in pity.

Zong Teng found it unbelievable that the guy who had beaten him many times had suddenly died. After a while, he broke out into a petrifying smile and said, "Presumptuous, silly fellow!"

Mu Chen had thought that he would still be able to obtain the great opportunity, thus he was unwilling to give up due to his greed. However, the blow thrown out by the Lord Gladiator was so powerful, that they were like ants and unable to resist.

Instead of giving up, Mu Chen had persisted. Does he think that as long as he persists, he will be able to go through the barrier? Silly!

As Zong Teng finished talking, a pair of cold eyes looked at him like a sharp blade. He lifted up his eyes and saw Nine Nether's cold look.

Zong Teng smiled and said, "Am I not right?" He was not bothered by her.

Mu Chen had died, thus he was not afraid of Nine Nether and Ink Blade. Although they were not easy to deal with, they would not be able to defeat him. He might even want Nine Nether to return the 1,000,000 drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid that Mu Chen had taken from him.

"It looks like you have not been punished enough in the Body-refining Tower. We saw how pathetic you were," Nine Nether said coldly. Having said that, some people turned to Zong Teng with strange looks. They seemed to recall how pathetic he was in the Body-refining Tower.

Zong Teng suddenly turned grave. As the genius of the Heavenly Roc Clan, he had been pushed into a corner by a human being. This had brought shame to him, and Nine Nether had opened up his wounds by mentioning it.

Zong Teng looked fiercely at Nine Nether, and spiritual energy gathered around him. Nine Nether did not step back but looked coldly at him and went head-on with him. Spiritual energy surged between them, and they looked as though they were about to fight.

When the people of the Heavenly Roc Clan saw it, they immediately gathered behind Zong Teng and looked at Nine Nether with animosity.

As Nine Nether confronted the Heavenly Roc Clan, someone sneered. "Ha, looks like Nine Netherbird has offended a lot of people… In this case, we shall settle our scores with you as well." Lu Sui of the Lightning Crow Clan, who was recuperating nearby, stood up and stared gravely at Nine Nether.

He had felt embarrassed when Mu Chen had forcefully thrown him out of the Body-refining Tower. Since Mu Chen had died, he vented his anger on Nine Nether.

When Nine Nether saw that the Lightning Crow Clan had stepped in as well, her face darkened, and her eyes turned cold. Ink Blade and Ink Ring stood beside Nine Nether, and spiritual energy surged around them. It was apparent that they were ready to fight.

Nine Nether looked coldly at Lu Sui and Zong Teng and mocked them. "All these clowns start to create trouble the moment Mu Chen is not around!"

Zong Teng shook his head and said with a smile, "If they had not joined forces to attack me, Mu Chen would not have been able to defeat me. I really hope that he will be safe and sound so that I can make him spit out all the Sovereign Spiritual Liquid that he has swallowed!"

When Nine Nether heard it, her eyes flashed and she sneered. "Oh?"

When Zong Teng saw her smiling, he suddenly felt uneasy. He snorted and said, "Do you think that he is still alive? Stop dreaming!"

Nine Nether, who had looked pale, now looked calm. She smiled faintly and said to Zong Teng, "I believe you know that Mu Chen and I are bonded by the bloodline, don't you?"

Zong Teng laughed and said, "Do you still dare to mention this…"

At this point, he suddenly realized something and turned pale. Since Nine Nether and Mu Chen were bonded by the bloodline, the moment Mu Chen died, Nine Nether would be affected. However, Nine Nether was not hurt at all.

That would mean that… Mu Chen was still alive!

As Zong Teng's face turned ghastly pale, light swirled out from the Body-refining Tower. After the light dissipated, a slender youth stood quietly on the stone platform outside the Body-refining Tower.

The youth fixed his eyes on Zong Teng and curled up his lips. "Do you intend to make me spit out your Sovereign Spiritual Liquid?"

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