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The ground trembled as Zong Teng's figure suddenly burst out like a sharp arrow and charged towards Mu Chen, who was standing silently in front of the stone tablet. Majestic spiritual force surged, and murderous intent permeated the atmosphere.

Zong Teng's sudden movement immediately drew numerous cries of surprise from outside the Body-refining Tower. Nine Nether and Ink Ring's expressions changed instantly. Even though they were not at the scene, they could still see that Mu Chen was nearly exhausted and at his weakest state.

If Zong Teng wanted to land a fatal blow at this time, it would be a great threat to Mu Chen.

"Zong Teng!" Nine Nether gnashed her teeth, and the chilling glint in her eyes surged.

Although she was furious, Nine Nether did not panic, because Mu Chen was not alone on the fourth floor. Although Ink Blade's temperament was cold, he absolutely would not sit and watch while Zong Teng intended to hurt Mu Chen.

Like Nine Nether had expected, when Zong Teng made his move, a solemn glint flashed in Ink Blade's eyes. In a flash, he appeared like a specter in front of Zong Teng. Fierce spiritual energy surged as he stared at Zong Teng with a cold and sharp glare.

"Get back! Take one more step forward and don't blame me for striking!" Ink Blade's voice was chilling, and his gaze was as sharp as a blade as he glared at Zong Teng.

Zong Teng's expression was dark as he said threateningly, "Ink Blade, this Mu Chen is not a member of the Nine Netherbird Clan and is just a mere human. Are you sure you want to make enemies with my Heavenly Roc Clan over him?"

Upon hearing this, Ink Blade's expression twisted sarcastically. His disdain was apparent, as he simply did not bother to answer. However, his glare towards Zong Teng grew increasingly fierce, making the latter understand that if he dared to take a step forward, then he would directly attack.

Murderous intent surged in Zong Teng's eyes, and he suddenly looked at Han Shan, who had been watching with cold eyes. He said, "Brother Han, you should have been the worthy victor of the Body-refining Tower's test. Can you put up with this Mu Chen, a mere human, snatching the opportunity from the Divine Beasts Clans?"

Upon hearing Zong Teng's provocative words, Ink Blade's face immediately fell. If it had been just Zong Teng, he could intercept him, but with the addition of Han Shan, he could not protect Mu Chen.

When Han Shan heard Zong Teng's words, he froze. His eyes immediately narrowed as he replied nonchalantly, "This is a grudge between the two of you. Why should I also be involved?"

Zong Teng replied, "Isn't Brother Han interested in the essence of the Heaven-Devouring Divine Beast? If you can absorb it, I'm afraid you will find no more adversaries among the Seventh Grade Sovereigns. Even if you meet the top supreme talents of the Dragon and Phoenix Clans, you will not need to be afraid of them anymore."

Han Shan's gaze flickered. He glanced at the bright red essence that Mu Chen was absorbing, and a covetous glint flashed in his eyes. He naturally knew how precious the essence Mu Chen had received was.

It was far beyond what they had gained before.

If he could really absorb it, Zong Teng's words would not be false.

At this point, Han Shan's face was also cloudy and uncertain, but he was obviously convinced. Ink Blade's heart could not help but sink upon seeing his reaction.

Outside the Body-refining Tower, Nine Nether's beautiful eyes narrowed at the scene on the light screen. Although she could not hear them, from Zong Teng's movements and Han Shan's reaction, she naturally guessed what Zong Teng wanted to do. At once, her expression became colder, and a chilling aura emanated from her body. She was clearly enraged.

If Han Shan chose to intervene at this time, then it was absolutely a great threat to Mu Chen.

"D*mn it, Zong Teng!" Nine Nether gnashed her teeth and had a murderous expression on her face.

At the same time, worry surfaced on Ink Ring's face. Mu Chen had no combat power in his current state. Her elder brother would not be able to protect Mu Chen from Zong Teng and Han Shan's alliance.

At this time, the strong men of the other clans were also aware of the changes in the fourth level, and immediately they all hummed with speculation. Some people even lamented Mu Chen's fate. Was the black horse who stood out about to be wiped out just before he reached his peak?

Not far away, Lu Sui, who had recovered from his injuries while being guarded by several powerful people of the Lightning Crow Clan, also opened his eyes. He looked at the scene on the light screen and immediately coldly scoffed. Mu Chen, let's see how you are going to remain arrogant! I'm afraid the reward you've worked hard for will have to be given to someone else!

Outside the Body-refining Tower, countless lamenting and gloating glances were cast upon the light screen.

Under the countless lamenting and gloating glances, Han Shan's gaze flickered, and he seemed unable to make up his mind.

"Brother Han, there is no time to waste, or there will be nothing left of the Heaven-Devouring Divine Beast's essence for you." Seeing that Han Shan was slightly swayed but still showed no sign of action, Zong Teng could not help but urge him on.

If they let Mu Chen restore his strength and ally with Ink Blade, even if Han Shan wanted to strike, it would be futile.

Hearing Zong Teng's urging, Han Shan frowned. His eyes turned to Mu Chen, but the latter was still standing quietly before the stone tablet. Bright red spirit surrounded his body, and a mysterious aura emanated from him.

Han Shan, who had endured countless years of wars and battles, was intuitively sensitive, and this time he was aware of something different from the young man at hand.

It was a deeply restrained sense of danger.

That feeling made him understand that if he really chose to strike today, he could not show mercy, because if he let Mu Chen escape alive, then he would have a hard time in the future.

Was it worth it to devour the essence of the Heaven-Devouring Divine Beast and offend such a dangerous enemy?

Han Shan's gaze flickered rapidly, and the atmosphere become particularly silent in the square. Zong Teng and Ink Blade were both tense, for they knew that Han Shan's decision would suddenly change the situation.

After a few moments, the repressed silence was finally broken by the sound of Han Shan inhaling a long, deep breath. He slowly raised his head, smiled at Zong Teng and Ink Blade, who were watching him, and shook his head. "This Heaven-Devouring Spirit is rare indeed, but it seems that I do not have the good fortune to enjoy it, so I can only accept your kindness."

Although greed made Han Shan want to devour the essence of the Heaven-Devouring Divine Beast, the sensitivity of his intuition eventually prevailed, so he chose not to act.

Zong Teng's expression twisted with rage.

Upon hearing his words, Ink Blade heaved a quiet sigh of relief. His always calm, handsome face became a lot more relaxed as he nodded at Han Shan as a sign of gratitude.

"Since Brother Han is not interested in this, I can only stop. Brother Ink, sorry for the offense." Zong Teng's face was steely with rage for a while, but he eventually recovered and stepped back.

Feeling the retreat of Zong Teng's momentum, Ink Blade's tense heart was relieved.


However, just as Ink Blade relaxed, murderous intent suddenly erupted in Zong Teng's gaze. His figure suddenly shot out, transforming into silhouettes of afterimages.

"Zong Teng, how dare you!"

A touch of rage flashed in Ink Blade's eyes as he stepped out, appearing in front of the silhouettes of afterimages. With a blow, the cry of a phoenix resounded, and scarlet flames swept out, carrying a magnificent spiritual energy as a fist shattered the remnants of the afterimages.

In the shattered afterimages, one figure was forced to reveal himself. Zong Teng dealt a backhanded blow as a golden light surged, incomparably sharp, like a thousand swords rushing to tear the world apart.


The fist and palm clashed brutally, and immediately the spiritual energy waves rolled and spread. The space fluctuated as the two silhouettes trembled, and a fist immediately caused Zong Teng's figure to directly exploded and transform into a golden light.

At this moment, however, Ink Blade's eyes narrowed as he saw that the golden light had suddenly penetrated the space before him in an extremely strange way before appearing behind him.

"The Golden-winged Roc's Super Power, Spatial Teleportation?!"

Ink Blade's expression was dark. He delivered a backhand blow without hesitation, and a terrible wind caused spatial cracks to emerge, directly charging towards the golden light behind him.


However, the golden light did not acknowledge his attack as a sharp light suddenly burst out and then pierced through the air, heading straight towards Mu Chen. The sharp light was a dark golden feather. It was a few feet long, and looked like a supreme divine sword. An air of unparalleled power emanated from it.

It was a divine feather that had fallen off of the Sovereign Divine Beast, the Golden-winged Roc. After being strengthened by the Heavenly Roc Clan, its sharpness was comparable to that of a Magnificent Grade Divine Artifact. If a Seventh Grade Sovereign was stabbed by it, he would be pierced through entirely.

Zong Teng's intention had been extremely clear. Even though he risked being wounded by Ink Blade, he was hell-bent on killing Mu Chen.

The feather pierced through the air, and Ink Blade's expression became extremely ugly. He could tangle with Zong Teng, but he could not stop the fierce sword feather heading towards Mu Chen.

In Mu Chen's current state, he would be pierced by the feather.

This kind of mistake frustrated Ink Blade as murderous rage surged in his heart. It seemed that today, no matter what, he could not let Zong Teng off.


However, no matter how vexed he was, he could not change the direction of the sword feather. As Nine Nether and the others watched with pale faces, the golden light appeared like lightning behind Mu Chen, pointed straight to the back of his head, and tried to penetrate.

Looking at this scene, countless strong people lamented. Was this black horse about to fall here?

A sardonic smile surfaced on Zong Teng's face. No matter how talented you may be, you will perish here today!

However, the smirk on his face suddenly froze!

Mu Chen had been silent, but the moment the sword feather was about to penetrate through his head, he suddenly reached out his palm. In it he held the sword feather, and a purplish gold light shined on it.

The sword feather that was strong enough to pierce through the defenses of a Seventh Grade Sovereign could not budge at all in the grasp of that pale and slender palm!

Zong Teng's expression gradually stiffened.

The palm's owner opened his eyes, which were flickering with golden light, and turned slowly, his expression nonchalant.

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