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When Mu Chen's hoarse voice emitted from his throat, a bright golden light burst out on top of the black stone tablet in front of him. It did not bloom from the surface of the stone tablet, but rather exploded from the depths of it.

Any object, no matter how sturdy it was, would be relatively fragile inside, and so it was with the black stone tablet that was before them. So, when the golden light exploded, the stone tablet also trembled violently. The arc in which it vibrated was far beyond any other time before.

Not far away, Han Shan looked at the black stone tablet. His mind was blank, as he was also aware of the sudden explosion of power from inside the tablet. With his experience, he naturally understood that the force would be the one that had bombarded and been absorbed by the stone tablet.

However, Han Shan did not understand why the force that had already been absorbed by the stone tablet could have been detonated by Mu Chen. Under normal circumstances, any force that was bombarded on this stone tablet would be absorbed and digested directly, because the tablet was built by the Heaven-Devouring Divine Beast's flesh, which gave it the terrifying ability to digest anything. As long as it did not exceed its upper limit of power, it would be swallowed up in a moment.

So why was Mu Chen's power not engulfed, but instead controlled and detonated this time?


In the blankness of Han Shan's mind, above the stone tablet, the last bronze lamp, which was still dark, seemed to quiver suddenly. In the next moment, Han Shan and the others' eyes focused their gazes on the ninth bronze lamp. There, in the darkness, a few tiny sparks appeared.

Although the sparks were tiny, they were real. That is to say, Mu Chen was trying to ignite the ninth bronze lamp! And, looking at this momentum, he actually had some chances of success!

But… how is this possible?!

Zong Teng's face was twisted, as he poured all of the strength of his flesh into causing an effect. Yet, he only was able to light six bronze lamps. Even the powerful Han Shan could only light seven.

However, Mu Chen had directly lit eight, and he now showed signs of lighting the ninth!

Nine lamps ignited!

At the thought of this, Zong Teng's heart was filled with a chill. Over the years, many of the supreme talents of the clans had entered the Land of the Divine Beasts. However, he knew that those people, who were able to achieve the level of nine lights burning together on the fourth floor of the Body-refining tower, were extremely rare, and that the characters on this level were all extremely formidable.

Now, a human, who is a mere Sixth Grade Sovereign, is about to accomplish this step?


Zong Teng gnashed his teeth, as envy arose in his heart. He could grudgingly acknowledge that Han Shan was a little better than him, but it was absolutely intolerable that a human being, who was only a Sixth Grade Sovereign, would have surpassed him. Otherwise, what would he, the supreme talent and pride of the Heavenly Roc Clan, be? A joke?

Zong Teng stared at the ninth bronze lamp, a chilling glint in his eyes, as if he was wanting to blow out the scattered flames. Oddly enough, the ninth bronze lantern grew dimmer under Zong Teng's intense stare. It was as if the sparks were about to be squelched entirely.

Upon seeing this scene, Ink Blade's gaze grew solemn.

It seems that Mu Chen's power will be depleted soon. If this goes on, I'm afraid the ninth bronze lamp will not be lit entirely.

As such a thought skimmed past Ink Blade's mind, Mu Chen's fist, which was touching the black stone tablet, suddenly shook, causing the flesh and blood on it to be broken into pieces. Blood flowed across his fist, revealing white bone.

Instantly, Mu Chen's face became ferocious, and he bellowed out, "Ignite!"

Boom! Rumble!

The roar fell, and all of the forces that he had previously burst into the stone tablet erupted wildly, the resulting rumbling reverberating in everyone's ears. As the deafening sounds rang out, Ink Blade and the others were appalled to see that the sparks, which had been dimming in the ninth bronze lamp, now brightened again. The sparks then began to spread quickly, before finally bursting into flames and igniting the ninth bronze lamp.

The ninth bronze lamp has successfully been lit!

When the ninth bronze lamp was ignited, a strange silence enveloped the entire Body-refining Tower. Han Shan and the others stared at the burning ninth bronze lamp, their faces full of horror. Even Ink Blade's expression was one of complete shell-shock. After all, no one had thought that Mu Chen could really ignite the ninth bronze lamp.

Outside the Body-refining Tower, there was a deathly silence, as everyone stared at the light screen, which was depicting the scene. Their mouths were wide, their eyes fixed on the ninth bronze lamp.

Liu Ching and the strong men of the Heavenly Roc Clan were dumbfounded. As they stared at the lamp, the burning flames were reflected in their pupils. As it flickered, it filled their hearts with an endless chill.

Zong Teng, who had ignited six bronze lamps, was already the leader of the younger generation in the Heavenly Roc Clan. However, this so-called leader was nothing in front of Mu Chen, who had now ignited nine bronze lamps!

Even those who had not entered the Body-refining Tower were well aware of the difference between the two men now, and although the stone tablet only recognized the power of the flesh, they did not doubt that, with Mu Chen's previous punch, even a Seventh Grade Sovereign would be severely injured if hit by it head-on.

With the strength of a Sixth Grade Sovereign, one punch could severely injure a Seventh Grade Sovereign!

What kind of a monster was this?

Zong Huo had gone pale. If Mu Chen had directly used this punch on him during their previous battle, he would either be dead, or if he was fortunate, crippled…

At the thought of the sarcastic remarks that they had made before, the onlookers felt their breaths stop. Then, when the ninth bronze lamp was ignited, they all knew that the supreme talents here would be overshadowed by Mu Chen's light.

"This person… How is he so terrifying…"

Liu Ching's face was pale as she struggled to speak. At this point, even if she had a sharp tongue, she would be afraid to make any sarcastic remarks. The strength that the latter had shown had truly frightened her!

This kind of person is too terrifying...

Beside her, the strong men of the Heavenly Roc Clan were also speechless. They also could not understand how Mu Chen could have attained such a terrifying achievement with the strength of a mere Sixth Grade Sovereign.

"Big Brother Mu is too powerful… Much more powerful than our Big Brother." As Liu Ching was horrified, Ink Ring's black eyes were wide open, gazing at the ninth bronze lamp that was ignited in the light screen.

Adoration appeared on her beautiful little face. She had always thought that Ink Blade was extremely outstanding among the young generation. But now, when he was compared to Mu Chen, there was a clear disparity between the two.

Nine Nether's expression was also one of momentary shock. She then gradually recovered.

Upon hearing Ink Ring's words, she could not help but laugh and said, "You are speaking badly about your big brother so soon?" The reason why Mu Chen could ignite those nine bronze lamps was probably because he used some secret means, and besides, this is only the physical body performance. Thus, it does not mean that Mu Chen is stronger than Han Shan and Ink Blade."

Ink Ring nodded after hearing these words, but the look of worship on her small face did not decrease much. Nine Nether smile and said no more, but her heart, which had been tense before, slowly relaxed.

She looked at the tall and lithe figure of Mu Chen in the light screen, pride rising in her heart.

Some elders of the clan have always looked down on Mu Chen, but when they learn of his accomplishments in this Body-refining Tower, they will surely have to reconsider their judgments!

Before the black stone tablet, nine lights were ignited.

The flames flickered before Mu Chen's eyes, then gradually broke his empty state of mind, as the heavens and earth appeared clearly again in his perception. Then, the sharp pain in his palm caused his face to twist.

He slowly pulled back his fist, as the golden light began to surge. But this time, his strength had obviously been expended to its limit, so the muscles in his body were powerless. As such, he found that he could not even move his feet!

This was a clear sign that he had overexerted his strength. Mu Chen's mouth twitched, as he barely pulled himself up to stand in front of the stone tablet, willing his body to stay upright and not fall…


As Mu Chen's body was powerless, the black stone tablet in front finally moved a bit. Bright red runes emerged on the surface of the tablet, as if they were blood veins.

The stone tablet then vibrated, as wisps of scarlet chaos aura exuded forth from the stone tablet. The aura of chaos contained an extremely rich essence.

It seemed that the essence of the blood of the Heaven-Devouring Divine Beast was gathered in it, so after Mu Chen had only inhaled a single breath, his bloody fists were entirely restored.

The flesh and blood of his whole body were boiling and making ravenous sounds, as if they were going to devour this aura of chaos madly! Mu Chen's eyes were bright, recognizing that this aura of chaos, compared to the previous ones that Han Shan, Ink Blade and Zong Teng had received, was almost a dozen times richer!

This was the reward for igniting all of the nine bronze lamps. It was indeed a luxurious reward, which everyone desired immensely.

Mu Chen's heart was filled with ecstasy. Then, without hesitation, the bright red aura of chaos was inhaled entirely into his body.

While Mu Chen was absorbing the aura of chaos, a cold glint flashed in Zong Teng's eyes, as he was standing nearby. He saw Mu Chen's weakness at this time, and figured that he could now take the opportunity to wipe the latter out with a single finger!

At this thought, Zong Teng was no longer hesitant, but stepped out abruptly.

I will snatch that aura of chaos!

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