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The five silhouettes that were sitting cross-legged silently at the ancient plaza seemed to open up their eyes all at the same time. The moment their eyes opened, the surface of those five people's bodies was actually suffused with a dull red light. That was not the light of spiritual energy, but rather a type of sign shown when the vital energy and blood in one's body had reached its peak condition.

Clearly, the condition of those five people had reached its peak after a period of regulation.

The dull red light lingered. Then at that moment, Xu Kun of the Demonic Elephant Clan directly took the lead and stood up. He looked at the black stone tablet with a searing gaze and smiled as he said, "Since you all are not taking any action, then let me try and find out how incredible this rumored force monument is!"

When Mu Chen and the other three saw this, they did not speak. It was clear that their actions could be considered a silent acquiescence. After all, there was no point in fighting for priority at such times when everyone would only have one chance to make their move.

When Xu Kun saw that no one was opposing him, he immediately took a step forward before finally stopping in front of that black stone tablet. He sucked in a deep breath and immediately tightly clenched both his fists.


A red light burst out from within Xu Kun's body. Then, it began to expand at a rapid pace. The muscles all over his body piled up together like a piece of iron while his veins were like a dragon writhing beneath his skin.

Although there was no spiritual energy fluctuation, the energy Xu Kun's body emitted at this moment was still so brave and persistent that it affected the others.

However, even after shifting the energy in his body to its peak, Xu Kun did not stop. Instead, he suddenly formed a seal with his hands and immediately, the light of vital energy gathered on the surface of his body. Finally, it actually turned into bloody red lines on the surface of his skin, and those lines caused Xu Kun to instantly look more violent.

Ink Blade, who was beside Mu Chen, whispered, "That is the bloodline of the Demonic Elephant Clan. When the blood vessel is triggered, it can temporarily elevate the strength of the flesh."

Mu Chen nodded. He could feel that Xu Kun's flesh had most certainly become slightly stronger. At that moment, he was rather jealous. These fellows with the body of a Divine Beast certainly have blessed conditions in their flesh.

I wonder how many bronze lamps this Xu Kun can ignite? Just when this thought went through Mu Chen's heart, Xu Kun stomped on the ground violently, and immediately the ancient plaza trembled. Then, Xu Kun's body shot out vigorously. That fierce aura was like a demonic elephant walking on the sky with the intention of destroying the world.


When Xu Kun shot out his punch, the crimson strength of vital essence and blood began to bind his fist. The space was shaking where the punch had passed, and it had actually produced the sharp sound of an explosion. Behind Xu Kun, a humongous double image of a demonic elephant appeared. That demonic elephant was so ferocious and aggressive, it made people's hearts palpitate in fear.


The punch that contained all of Xu Kun's energy finally burst through the air and viciously landed on that black stone tablet right in front of Mu Chen and the rest as they watched intently.

The moment the punch and tablet collided, a low sound rang out. What seemed to be ripples began to transmit outwards on the surface of that black stone tablet, but the stone tablet itself remained unmoving.


The ripples transmitted out. Then, Mu Chen and the rest could see that at the top part of that black stone tablet, a flame had instantly risen from the first bronze lamp. It blazed up with a puff!

The flame appeared crimson in color and was filled with the fluctuation of vital energy and blood. It was as if it had been created due to the convergence of Xu Kun's earlier punch.

Puff! Puff! Puff!

After the first bronze lamp blazed up, the second, third, and fourth lamps were also easily ignited immediately after. However, when it came to the fifth lamp, that speed had finally decreased and only red smoke could be seen floating up from that fifth bronze lamp. Small sparks appeared and finally, after a period of cohesion, it completely blazed up with a puff.

The fifth bronze lamp had been ignited!

Although Mu Chen and the others were expressionless, their eyes were still fixated on the sixth bronze lamp. Based on Xu Kun's capabilities, they had certainly expected five lamps to be ignited. However, the crucial part was whether or not a sixth lamp could be ignited.


After the fifth lamp had been ignited, sporadic sparks were also beginning to emerge within the sixth bronze lamp. They attempted to converge with much difficulty, and finally, within Xu Kun's fiery crimson gaze, the light of a flame began to slowly burst out.

However, just when that flame was beginning to brighten up, the sparks were suddenly shaken. In the end, it extinguished at a rapid pace and completely returned to darkness.

The sixth bronze lamp failed!

When Xu Kun saw this, his complexion immediately turned pale while his face was filled with the expression of disbelief. How could it be that the punch he had poured all his energy into could not even ignite the sixth bronze lamp?

When Mu Chen and the rest saw this, their expressions also became sullen. According to their expectations, Xu Kun should have had more than a 50 percent chance of igniting the sixth bronze lamp. However, they did not expect him to fail through lack of final effort.


While they were still in shock due to this occurrence, that black stone tablet suddenly began to shake. Then, a slightly muddled air current began to flow out from within before finally probing into Xu Kun's nose after following the trail of his breath.

Xu Kun's body froze immediately, and the vital energy and blood surrounding him began to move at a rapid pace with waves of crimson air sweeping out from within his body. After just a short period of time, the strength of vital energy and blood spreading out from Xu Kun's body was greatly strengthened.

"Is that the Heaven-Devouring Divine Beast's vital essence?" When Mu Chen saw this scene, there was a flicker in his eyes and soon after, a coveted expression had also swept across his gaze. This was because he was aware that the increase in strength of Xu Kun's flesh in just that short period of time was more powerful than the strengthening given after passing through the Thunder Marrow's baptism.

As expected, this Heaven-Devouring Divine Beast's vital essence was truly an object of great help to the flesh.

If the current Xu Kun could obtain another opportunity to make his move, perhaps there would be an 80 percent chance that he could ignite the sixth bronze lamp and acquire the qualification to enter into the final level.

But unfortunately...

Xu Kun clearly understood this point as well. Thus, he was upset and could only unwillingly grit his teeth. Soon after, a light blossomed from around his body, and he disappeared. Clearly, right after his failure to ignite the sixth bronze lamp, he was immediately eliminated and kicked out of the Body-refining Tower.

Mu Chen and the rest could only watch helplessly as Xu Kun's failure led him to be kicked out of the Body-refining Tower. It was silent for a time, but their expressions were gradually getting more and more sullen.

This type of silence continued for a moment before Zong Teng stepped forward slowly and said with a slight smile, "I'll be the second one to make a move."

The moment he finished speaking, he stepped out and stood right in front of that black stone tablet with his expression slightly sullen. Soon after, a light suddenly erupted from within his body and then, while that light was erupting, his body directly turned into a Heavenly Roc which was about 10,000 feet high.

Zong Teng had actually changed to his original shape!

As the Heavenly Roc stood still in the air, a light shade of gold could be seen on those huge wings, and it seemed to be both majestic and overbearing.


A bright and sharp cry resounded through the world. In a split second, the huge claw of that golden-colored Heavenly Roc suddenly struck down, as if it had penetrated the air. That claw was enough to shatter mountains and split seas.


The huge claw, which was fully covered with golden scales, struck heavily upon that black stone tablet. The stone tablet was only a few feet long, and it seemed extremely tiny under the huge claw. However, it was precisely this tiny stone tablet that remained quietly still in the plaza. Even that huge Heavenly Roc could not shake it the slightest bit.

Nonetheless, an enormous amount of energy was transmitted from the huge claw and rushed into that black stone tablet.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

Thus, the bronze lamps on the black stone tablet were instantly ignited at a rapid pace.

In just a short period of time, five bronze lamps blazed up. That sort of speed was clearly faster and more vigorous than Xu Kun's.

After the fifth bronze lamp had been ignited, sparks also began to appear within the sixth lamp. Finally, the sparks agglomerated and thoroughly combusted right before Mu Chen and the others' eyes.

The sixth bronze lamp was successfully ignited!

As expected, the moment this sixth bronze lamp was ignited, there were sounds of exclamation outside the Body-refining Tower. Quite a number of strong people were amazed by this. Zong Teng was definitely not an ordinary person. Xu Kun's earlier failure had not made him feel daunted at all.

While the world was covered in the sound of exclamations, Liu Ching and the rest were looking pleased as they could finally put down some of their resentment caused by Mu Chen's repeated suppressions.

"This fellow is actually quite impressive." At the ancient plaza, Mu Chen could not help but nod as well. Although this Zong Teng was a nuisance, his capabilities were excellent.

Ink Blade also nodded slightly, as he could not deny Zong Teng's capabilities.


While they were speaking, that black stone tablet with its six lit bronze lamps shook once again. Then, a seemingly muddled breath gushed out and rushed towards the humongous Heavenly Roc.

The Heavenly Roc sucked in a breath and swallowed the vital essence of that Heaven-Devouring Divine Beast into its body. Immediately, golden light shot out from within its body, and the original golden color of its wings seemed to turn darker.

As the golden light surged, the Heavenly Roc shrank at a rapid pace. Finally, it turned back into its human form and appeared above the plaza.

Zong Teng stood with his hands clasped behind his back accompanied by a slight smile on his face. He looked towards Ink Blade, Mu Chen, and the rest before saying with a smile, "Next up will be your performances."

While his words seemed insipid, there was still an unavoidable tone of proud contentment.

Ink Blade glanced at him and did not reply. Instead, he immediately walked out.

He stood in front of the stone tablet. However, he showed no signs of wanting to change from his original form but instead, he shot out a punch. Although this punch may have seemed delicate, the moment this punch shot out, Ink Blade's fingers turned exceptionally sharp. The golden colored feathers of a phoenix appeared and were stuck on his palm like a phoenix-feathered glove.

When this palm burst out, the cries of a phoenix reverberated.


The blow of the palm struck heavily on that stone tablet and caused its surface to surge. Then, the bronze lamps could be seen as they began to ignite.

Within just a short period of time, five bronze lamps ignited!

Immediately after, sparks began to emerge in the sixth bronze lamp before finally burning up in an abrupt manner as well!

Zong Teng furrowed his eyebrows slightly. Although he knew how impressive Ink Blade was, he did not expect for him to be able to ignite six bronze lamps so easily. Contrary to what he expected, such a result was similar to his own.

However, just after this thought went through his mind, his eyes narrowed. This was because he saw that after the sixth bronze lamp blazed up, it did not stop there. Instead, he could see sparks sporadically appearing within the seventh bronze lamp. Nonetheless, these sparks were too few and scattered, and thus, after persisting for a short while, they disappeared.

Nevertheless, this scene was clearly far more outstanding than his earlier performance!

This Ink Blade actually had the capacity to attempt to charge towards the seventh bronze lamp!

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