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Chapter 76: 76
The Great Mage Returns after 4000 Years – Chapter 76 – High Elf (3)

Translator: Seven

Editors: Ana_Banana, Yahiko

Oydin Predickwood looked down at his palm .

The skin was white and jade-like, which was common for a High Elf; however, his skin appeared to be pale even when compared to other Elves .

Even his veins could be clearly seen through his skin .

Kooo .

Suddenly purple energy seemed to erupt from his pale palm .

Nozdog’s Divine Power .

It was a transcendental power that could not only resurrect the dead and make them his servants, but it could literally inflict death upon others .

It was a power that didn’t suit Elves, who were symbols of harmony, but the purple energy still brought a smile to Oydin’s face .

Shuk .

In a flash, he recalled his energy, causing it to disappear without a trace .

“What are you so worried about?”

At that moment, the space in front of him became blurred, and the illusion of something could be seen within it .

It was a skeleton!

It was an illusion of a giant skeleton made of pure white bones and surrounded by purple energy, with green smoke spewing from its eye holes .  

If death was given shape, wouldn’t it look like this? (TL: many anime would disagree…)

Even if the boldest man were to encounter this figure, they would collapse from the sheer pressure exuded onto their minds .

This skeleton was the Death Apocalypse, Nozdog, one of the five most powerful Demigods .

[Indra is dead . ]

It had a terrible voice, like the screams of demons, but Oydin simply tilted his head as though it was nothing strange .

“Was it the traitor again?”

[That’s right . And just like before, no traces were found . ]


Oydin didn’t understand .

He still couldn’t understand the fact that there was a traitor among the Demigods .

Well . How could a mortal understand the thinking of such great beings?

Oydin didn’t think about it too deeply .

[Be careful until the next meeting . If you die, I will also be in danger . ]

“As you command . ”

Ssss .

Nozdog’s figure gradually disappeared, and the space once again became stable .

Oydin snorted .

“Be careful . ”

That was only something he’d need to do outside . After all, no one could hurt him within the Great Reynols Forest .

Wasn’t this a place that was closed off to outsiders?

Of course, that was only one of the reasons .

But in other words, this place was safer for him than anywhere else in the world .

He then heard a knock on his door .

Oydin got up and fixed his clothes .

“Come in . ”

A young High Elf politely opened the door .

He bowed before saying .

“Oydin, the Queen has summoned you . ”

“Tell her I’ll be right there . ”

Oydin smiled .

“After all, I can’t make my sister wait too long . ”

* * *

As the forest began to get thicker, Syax said .

“This is where the Great Forest begins . Don’t fall behind . ”

“Hey . Take off that Illusion Spell . ”

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“It’s weird for an old woman with age spots to talk the way you do . ”

Syax’s expression hardened .

“…you’re rude . ”

“I’ll take it as a compliment for my honesty . He hasn’t said anything, but I bet he thinks the same thing . ”

“No . ” (TL: in case you might not have realised, this is Frey)

“Huh . Sorry . ”

As Ivan shrugged unapologetically, Syax sighed before removing the illusion .

As her real face was revealed, Ivan whistled appreciatively .

“I knew you were an Elf, but you look way hotter than I expected . ”

“I just thought it was unnecessary to continue using the Illusion Spell at this point . Not to be your dirty eye candy . ”

“Now you’re grumbling . ”

Ivan said before turning to Frey .

“Are you not gonna say anything?”

“I don’t care either way . The mana consumption isn’t that high . ”

That remark surprised Syax a little .

Illusion magic wasn’t a very high level skill, but it took a considerable amount of skill to maintain it naturally .

Even the mana consumption was slightly annoying .

That was why Syax distanced herself from the humans when she was disguised as an old woman .

It was because it was quite exhausting to pay attention to a conversation while maintaining the illusion .

If he was able to do that process casually .

‘Is he a 6 star Wizard?’

But his real face, which he had revealed not long ago, looked quite young .

‘He might not be human . ’

She’d heard that there were all kinds of races within the circle .

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While Syax was thinking that she should not underestimate these two men with her, Frey looked around at the trees before asking .

“Do foreigners frequently enter the forest?”

This was completely unthinkable 4,000 years ago .

“I can’t really say . It became better after the Grand Unification . But, of course, I wouldn’t say it’s exactly open either . ”

Syax looked around .

Her ears perked up, and then she changed direction .

This was the reason that Elves were the only ones who could find their villages in the forest without getting lost .

They could hear the forest whispering the way to go in a voice that only Elves could hear .

Frey followed her while saying .

“I’d like you to introduce us as partners you found while hunting the necromancer, instead of members of the Circle . ”


“Because we don’t know who or where they are . Just because they entered the forest doesn’t mean they wouldn’t go to the High Elves’ village . If the necromancer isn’t there, then we have to search for him . ”

That was a lie .  

There was a very high chance that Oydin would be in the High Elf village .

However, he was just making a plausible excuse for hiding their identities as Circle members .

Ivan wasn’t really from the Circle anyway .

After hesitating for a moment, Syax nodded .

“I understand, but I will tell the Queen the truth . ”

She was more flexible than he expected .

Was it because she was a wandering Elf who had explored the continent?

If she had lived in the forest all her life, then she probably would find it beneath her to tell such a trivial lie .

Frey felt that this was a good thing .

“Of course you should . ”

It was then .

A voice sounded in Frey’s mind .

[What are we going to do after we enter the village?]

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It was Ivan’s voice .

It wasn’t the Telepathy spell, but instead, it was a skill called Conductive Sound that was used by Magic Warriors .

No matter how low he whispered, he would not be able to evade an Elf’s hearing, so he chose this method instead .

Frey responded to him using Telepathy .

[We have to find out what Oydin’s doing . ]

[Why? Why don’t we just reveal his identity to the Queen or a princess or something . ]

He was much ‘simpler’ than Frey expected . He just hoped that Ivan wouldn’t run his mouth in the village .

…Well .  

He decided that it was smarter to tell him as much as possible before he did something stupid .

[If he completely hides his Divine Power, then we’ll have no evidence to prove that he’s an Apostle . We are practically outsiders, so they would be slightly cautious toward us, and if we do something wrong, they might kick us out of the village altogether . ]

[Since Oydin is a High Elf, there’s a high probability that he’s in the village . ]

Frey turned to look at Syax’s back .

[I was just testing the waters, but there seems to still be some tension between the two races . It would be almost impossible for us to get into the High Elves’ village with the Dark Elves’ help . And even if we do, it would take a lot of time . ]


Only then did Ivan realise why Frey had said so many interwoven lies .

At least, it wasn’t something that he would have been able to do .  

Were all Wizards like this?

He had only heard small bits and pieces, but it felt like Frey had a very systematic plan, so he lost the vague sense of anxiety that he had and was instead filled with reassurance .

It was at that moment that he understood the look Riki had given him .

[We have to find conclusive evidence . That means we have to find evidence that would give them no choice but to accept that he is an Apostle . ]

[That must have taken a lot of thinking . It’s nice to meet you, friend . ]


At that moment, Frey stared at Ivan for a long while with a blank expression on his face .

Ivan’s playful voice and expressions seemed to overlap with someone else’s .  

Ivan tilted his head, as if to ask Frey what he was looking at .

Frey shook his head and erased the impression of Kasajin that came to his mind at that moment .

Because the person in front of him was not Kasajin .  

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