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Published at 21st of November 2020 09:28:00 PM

Chapter 75: 75
The Great Mage Returns after 4000 Years – Chapter 75 – High Elf (2)

Translator: Seven

Editors: Ana_Banana, Yahiko

A light seemed to shine in Syax’s eyes for a moment before she said .

“You only just got back?”

Kain nodded .

Syax felt a bit strange because of his attitude .

“Did you learn anything about that Magic Warrior?”

Kain didn’t answer, and instead continued to look at Syax’s face .

She felt a chill run down her spine at that moment because his gentle eyes seemed as though they were seeing right through her .

After a brief period of silence, the words that came out of the man’s mouth made her heart shake .

“We need to go into the Great Forest . ”

Those words had come suddenly, but he had spoken them in a calm, natural tone .

Syax did her best to hide the shock that she felt at that moment .

“…why would you tell something like that to an old woman like me?”

“This isn’t the time for bad acting . We’re running out of time . ”

“What are you talking-”

“Then you’re an old woman who doesn’t understand anything . ”

Another man with a fierce voice appeared from behind a tree .

It was the muscular man who had destroyed the undead . She remembered that his name was Ivan or something like that .

Syax was surprised by his appearance for a moment before her eyes became sharp .

“…did you guys know each other?”

“What the hell is that supposed to mean? Just shut up and lead us into the forest . Even if you’re an Elf, if you don’t help us, then you may as well kick the bucket . ”


Ivan’s rude remark brought anger to Syaxs face .

Frey sighed and stopped him .

“You stay out of it . It’s hard enough to talk to her as it is . ”

“Hmph . ”

“Syax, I know you’re a High Elf . ”

“I don’t know what you’re talking abou…”

Shuk .

At that moment, Kain’s body trembled before a silver haired man appeared in his place .

Syax sighed .

She knew at that point that the man before her was a wizard who was far superior to her .

Kain, no .

Frey, who’d changed back to his original appearance, spoke softly .

“I’m a Wizard from the Circle . Do you know about the Circle?”

This was a crucial point .

Syax bit her lip for a moment before sighing .

“…a bit . ”

Syax finally stopped acting .

If he was able to see through her illusion, then it didn’t make sense to keep up the pretense .

Meanwhile, Ivan’s expression became strange . This was because he couldn’t see through her illusion, and the old woman with age spots before his eyes had suddenly begun speaking in a feminine tone .

“Then you should know about the Demigods . No . From the start, you said you took this mission because you were worried about the undead . ”

“That’s right . Demigod…I heard that they are transcendent beings who have near godlike powers . No way, is the necromancer in the Forest…”

“There is a high probability that they are a Demigod’s subordinate . ”

“Hmm . ”

Syax frowned at that .

“Can’t you sense the Divine Power?”

“I am not a part of the Circle . I felt a strange power, but I didn’t know that it was Divine Power . ”

She wasn’t a part of the Circle, but she knew about the Circle .

She was the same as Julian Montolivo, the Tower Master for the 3rd Magic Tower .

Since the High Elves’ population was said to be very small, they did not need to hide the existence of the Circle, like the humans .

“The necromancer we are hunting has entered the Great Reynols Forest . It’ll be dangerous for us to leave him be . ”

“That’s impossible . The Great Forest would not accept outsiders . Even if they were to use radical methods…”

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“The Queen would notice right away, yes . But this guy is different . ”

“How is he different?”

Frey had no intention of talking about Oydin at that moment .

High Elves were a particularly loyal race . This meant that it would be difficult for her to accept the possibility of a traitor among their ranks, and there was a higher probability that she would doubt his words and drive the two of them away .

This was something he’d also talked to Ivan about before they arrived .

It wasn’t just that . They also didn’t intend to immediately reveal that the one they were after was an Apostle .

It felt like a lot to hide, but it was important for them to subdue the Apocalypse’s Apostle .

“I can’t explain it to you as you’re not a member of the Circle . So all I can say is that we are the only ones who can find him . You’ve seen the undead he created, haven’t you? What if such a disaster were to happen within the Great Forest?”


Syax seemed to hesitate .

Frey judged that now was the best time to play his trump card .  

He sighed helplessly .

“If that’s the case, then it can’t be helped . We’ll have to find another way . ”

Syax couldn’t help but ask with a confused expression .

“Another way?”

“I have acquaintances among the Dark Elves . If it’s them, they will believe me . ”

Then he turned around without hesitation .

It seemed like he truly intended to leave, but in fact, Frey was feeling rather desperate at that moment .

At first glance, the plan that he’d just said was not a bad idea .  

Frey had a good relationship with Liamson and Camille; they had even experienced a life and death battle together . So it was highly likely that not only would they trust him completely, but they would even give him their complete support .

‘The problem is that it’s impossible to tell how long it’ll take to get a chance to meet the Dark Elves . ’

So the best option would be to enter the forest with Syax’s help .

The most important thing at this moment was how much time they could shave off .

Frey hoped that the rivalry between the High Elves and Dark Elves hadn’t been completely dissolved after 4,000 years .

“W-, wait!”

Syax stopped Frey with an urgent tone .

“Do you really have a relationship with the Dark Elves?”

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“That’s right . ”

“How could a human interact with them…the Dark Elves haven’t completely let go of their closed nature even after the Great Unification . ”

The Dark Elves are still closed off?

At least Frey didn’t think so .  

How could a closed-off group go to a magic tower in another country and ask to be taught magic? 

Were the Blacktooth Elves the strange ones?

“I don’t care if you believe me or not . What’s important is that we don’t have the time for this . ”

Ivan snorted .

He was trying hard not to show it, but he didn’t like the thought of begging the woman in front of him for help .

If he could, he would smash through the trees to enter the forest, grab Oydin from wherever he was, and kill him .

He’d beat any Elves that interfered half to death .

Of course, they couldn’t actually go through with such a plan .

If that guy, Oydin, noticed the commotion and decided to hide deeper in the forest, they wouldn’t be able to find him before the Demigod meeting .

Even more so in the Great Forest which was the Elves’ territory .

“Can you tell me the names of the Dark Elves that you know?”

“Liamson and Camille . ”


Syax took a deep breath .  

From her reaction, it seemed like she knew them, so Frey tilted his head as he asked .

“Are they famous?”

“…I’ve never heard the name Liamson . But there is probably no one in the Great Forest who hasn’t heard the name of the Leopardess . ”

Frey felt pity for Liamson who was being groomed to be the new leader of their village, and he recalled Camille’s powerful momentum .

‘Leopardess . It suits her . ’

It was with her help that he’d been able to defeat Lukes, the Deputy Tower Master, turned Apostle .

That was because her ability to recognize and coordinate both Liamson and Mikel’s powers was incredibly accurate .

Besides, the only thing Frey could truly see through was the magic that she had learned superficially .

When it came to the martial arts and Spirits that she was most proficient in, Frey was unable to tell just how strong she truly was .

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However, since she was the teacher of Liamson, who was a Second Class Magic Warrior, she should be at least a First Class Magic Warrior .

“I see . An acquaintance of the Dark Elves…so the Spirit contracted to you is a Dark Spirit . Hoo . ”

Syax lowered her head with a small sigh .

“I’m sorry I doubted you . I will believe what you said . I’ll show you to our village . Will you follow me?”

“Don’t you have to inform the other Mercenaries?”

He was asking because she had left the Mercenary group not so long ago . However, Syax shook her head .

“As you just said, every second counts . ”

At least, now was not the time to care about her human identity .  

Ivan snorted at Syax’s firm words . (TL: he snorts so much)

“Hmph . Now you’re making sense . ”

Frey looked at him with a dumbfounded expression for a moment . The one who had done nothing was the most satisfied .

Syax took Frey and Ivan in an opposite direction from where the caravan was heading .

“Isn’t the entrance to the Great Forest over there?”

This made him think about the Mercenaries that were waiting there .

Syax nodded .

“That is an entrance for outsiders, but I am a wandering Elf . That entrance has a troublesome entry and exit process as well as a winding road, so it would take at least a few days to get to the nearest village . What I’m taking you to now is a shortcut that every Elf race knows about . ”

Shortcut .

They liked the sound of that .

“If we use the shortcut, it won’t be long before we arrive at the High Elf village, Lilund . Should I contact the Circle members in Lilund?”

“We can talk about that when we arrive . ”

Frey remembered the incident with Lukes .

There was no telling whether Oydin would be the same .  

Therefore, their first priority was figuring out just who this particular Elf was .

Cooperating with the Circle could come after .

‘It would be great if he was just a normal guy . ’

It was just a personal wish, but he knew that the odds were low .  

After all, Oydin was appointed to be an Apocalypse’s Apostle .

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