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Chapter 63: 63
The Great Mage Returns after 4000 Years – Chapter 63 – Trowman Rings (8)

Translator: Seven

Editors: Ana_Banana, Yahiko

“That’s all for today . For those circle members who still need advice, I will be here tomorrow as well . ”

Some people were disappointed at Frey’s words .

Not even a day had passed, but their expressions were distinctly different .

Most of them were looking at Frey with respect .

‘A wizard with tremendous skill . ’

‘He accurately recognized my flaws and told me how to solve them . ’

‘His words are very easy to understand . Strange . A 6 star Wizard at that age must be a terrifying genius…’

It wasn’t true for all geniuses, but most of them have trouble teaching others .

This was because they usually could not understand the perspective of ordinary people .

But Frey was different .

He adjusted his perspective to that of the circle members, made easy to understand analogies and descriptions, and taught them straightforward ways to train .

Timely advice for a Wizard was a treasure that could not be measured even in gold .

Only a day had passed, but because they were Wizards who walked the path of magic, the way they looked at Frey changed greatly .

“Is Rounder Frey an Elf?”

“His ears are round . ”

“You can hide that with magic . ”

“Or he could’ve signed a contract with a Devil . ”

“Now that you say that, the Circle Master of the Phisfounder Armlets looks like a young man without any wrinkles . ”

Frey returned to Beniang’s house under the warm gazes of the circle members .

Then he spoke to Beniang who was staring at him with a dumbfounded expression .

“I’m going to invest three months to teach them . Not just the circle members, but Master Beniang, Gisellan, and Fianne . ”

“Is there a reason for the three month deadline?”

“At that time I’d like to have a friendly battle with the medium and small sized circles around us . ”

“A friendly match…”

Beniang looked worried .  

If it was the small and medium sized circles near them, then the Basilisk Tails would have the most power .

“Not a Relic Battle . They’re already been subjugated by the Trowman Rings . In short, they are now our subordinate circles . The idea is that a friendly match will be held for mutual exchange, but…”

To be precise, it was an individual called Frey Blake and not the Trowman Ring who had subjugated the surrounding circles, but there was no need to point that out .

“Master Beniang can’t participate, so Gisellan and Fianne’s skills will need to improve . We can’t afford to lose this friendly match . ”

“Isn’t it just a friendly match?”

It was Fianne who asked this question with a confused expression on his face .

Since they didn’t have any experience with such a task they weren’t able to predict the consequences of defeat easily .  

“Even if they don’t show it on the surface, they will be dissatisfied . They will want to know why those who are weaker than them are above them . It’s not easy to get rid of such thoughts when they appear . It’s better to stop them from budding in the first place . ”

Of course, they wouldn’t make it obvious in front of Frey .  

But Frey couldn’t always stay in the circle .

He would have to leave the Trowman Rings at some point to strengthen himself, and these were not problems that could be solved right away .

From then on, the Trowman Rings would be the leader of the Small and Medium Circle Alliance .

And in order to do so, it was necessary for them to clarify the relationship between the top and bottom .

“It is not possible to do it by force . We need a perfect victory, to the point that it is overwhelming . ”

The room became silent following those firm words .

Gisellan and Fianne looked worried .

“…I don’t think that will be easy with my current skills . ”

“To be exact, it’s impossible . But don’t worry about that right now . You will win as long as you follow my advice . Of course-”

Frey smiled .

“It will be very painful . Even the word hell might be enough to describe it . Especially you, Honor Fianne, you better be prepared . You seem to be wasting your talent, which I can’t allow . ”

The moment he saw Frey’s smile, Fianne unconsciously had goosebumps .

The next person he turned to was Beniang .

“Master Beniang, can you follow me for a moment?”

“Ah, yes . ”

Frey led Beniang out of the house and soon arrived in the center of the forest .

Then he turned around and looked at Beniang who was staring at him with a curious look at her face .

“Cast a spell . ”

At that moment, Beniang realised that Frey was going to teach her magic .

‘Even my father couldn’t teach me properly…’

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Beniang looked like a human, but inside, she was more like a Dragon on the inside .  

And the magic that Dragons used was very different from that of humans .  

Even Osel, a Circle Master, hadn’t been able to teach her properly .

Frey knew that she was half Dragon .

Did he think that he could teach her magic?

Though Beniang was skeptical, she had never met anyone who knew as much about Dragons as he did .

She decided to listen to Frey’s words first .

“Energy Ball . ”

Woowoong .

The most basic spell .

A bluish round mass of energy floated above her hand .

Frey squinted at the Energy Ball .


It was like forcibly wearing clothes that didn’t fit .

Frey realised that Beniang was already used to using magic like .

“Master seems to have made a Mana Room by force . ”

“Yeah . Without this, I can’t use magic at all…”

She had made it forcibly to use magic .  

She had no other means at that time, but considering how the Dragon’s bodies were made, it was too inefficient .

Originally, Dragons knew how to handle mana from birth…

Well, she was half Dragon .

“Dragons don’t need to store mana in their bodies . You can take control of the mana around . Unless it’s not a special location, you can fight more efficiently than humans . ”

“Special location?”

“Where the mana distribution is extremely low . Like land that is already dead . ”


“Has Master Beniang ever experienced mana exhaustion?”

“N-, no . Never…’

“You’ll have to experience it today . Use all the mana in your mana room right now . You can release the mana through . ”

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Beniang looked embarrassed .

“Is there a problem?”

“I…I don’t know how to release my mana through my skin . ”


Frey was speechless for a moment .

Beniang had just declared that she did not know how to do one of the first things that one needed to learn before becoming a Wizard .

“…then we will need to use a slightly idiotic method . Start to chant spells, but don’t finish them . The mana will escape but the spell won’t be cast . ”

“Okay . I will try . ”

Beniang closed her eyes and began to chant spells while Frey watched silently from the side .

About thirty minutes later, when her mana had been expended, Beniang gasped for breath and said

“D-, done . ”

Her face was flushed and she was panting, but it wasn’t because she was tired .

To be precise, Beniang’s body was under the illusion that it was difficult . This was also a side effect of her Mana Room .

Frey looked on in interest .

He wondered just how strong Beniang would become after she fully digested the Dragon’s strengths .

“Turn around and sit down . ”


Beniang sat down and Frey placed his palm on her back to look inside her .


There, he found something similar to a Mana Room .

However, it was weaker and smaller than Mana Rooms found in humans .  

‘Beniang is 6 stars . Perhaps she was able to reach this level faster than anyone else . But it’s impossible to become an Archmage this way . ’

Frey spoke to Beniang .

“Don’t talk, just listen . Master Beniang, from now on, I am going to destroy the incomplete Mana Room that you built in your body . You have to stop the small amount of mana in your body which will try to prevent the destruction . ”

Beniang nodded .

Frey then immediately injected his mana into her .

It carried the cold of the Frozen River .

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Beniang shivered involuntarily .  

This was a natural reaction .

For her, it felt like freezing cold water was being poured into her body .  

Still, she followed Frey’s instructions .

Despite the cold, she did not loosen her control of the mana that wanted to prevent what he was doing .

Thanks to her efforts, the cold mana reached her Mana Room without a hitch, and the Mana Room became frozen in an instant .

“It will hurt a little from here on, but you need to endure it . ”



Beniang grunted and Frey frowned .

‘It’s more deep-rooted than I expected . This…I’m going to have to shave it away slowly . ’

If he tried to do it hurriedly, then it could damage Beniang’s body .  

If that happened, it would be the end of the story .

Therefore, Frey slowly and carefully wore down the Mana Room .

Every time a piece was removed, Beniang would flinch, but she was taking it much better than most could .

Although the process was extremely painful, she did not make a single sound after that grunt at the start .

Another thirty minutes passed .

Finally, Frey moved back and wiped his sweat while Beniang collapsed, exhausted .

“I-, is it over?”

“For today . ”

“F-, for today?”

There was a little fear in Beniang’s eyes .

However, in order to maintain the dignity of a Circle Master, there were some things that she had to endure .

Frey spoke in a calm voice, unaware of her thoughts .

“At the very least, we’ll have to continue this for a month . Once a day, every day . Master Beniang, please take care of me . ”

“U-, uhh…”

Beniang collapsed in despair, feeling that Frey’s face looked very much like a Devil’s at that moment .

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