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Chapter 54: 54
The Great Mage Returns after 4000 Years – Chapter 54 – Contact (5)

Translator: Seven

Editor: Ana_Banana

Frey read in a book that the presence of Dragons had slowly faded from the present world .

To be precise, they vanished .

No one knew if the strong mediators who watched over the continent in the past had truly disappeared .

There were no records . In fact, Frey always felt like there was something missing when he read history books .

It was as if someone had intentionally distorted or hid certain parts of history .

“Actually, I don’t even know what my father and mother look like . ”

“Are Dragons still on the continent?”

“…I don’t know . ”

Beniang smiled bitterly .

She shook her head as if to shake off her sadness before looking at Frey with clear eyes for the first time .

“Frey Blake, what I’m about to tell you is something only a few people in my circle know . Are you confident that you won’t talk about this?”

Frey noticed that she didn’t want this information to get out .  

After explaining the situation to him in detail it seemed she had chosen to trust Frey’s character .  

‘She’s soft-hearted . ’

He meant it .

If it was Shepard Jun here speaking to him, there was a good chance that he would threaten Frey or even directly try to take his life .

That was the surest way to ensure a secret was kept, Frey had no intention of denying that fact .

However, Beniang had chosen such an uncertain method .

To ask him to keep it a secret after he found out . It was like leaving her fate to another person .

Her gentle appearance reminded him of Schweiser . He was a nice guy who didn’t know how to doubt people and could smile even after he was betrayed .


Once again he had felt a semblance of his old friend in these modern humans .

Frey shook his head .

“I won’t tell anyone . ”

“Thank you . ”

Beniang continued speaking in a calm voice .

“My egg is said to have been found in a Green Dragon’s lair that had already been swept through by Demigods . 200 years ago . ”


200 years ago .

It was much longer ago than Frey thought .

“According to the records, when it was found, the lair had already been completely devastated and the Dragon’s corpse could not be found . It was recorded that the only thing that was left in the lair was me . ”

They couldn’t even find a body .  

It was unknown how the only thing that remained safe in the destroyed lair was the egg .

“50 years ago, I hatched from that egg . ”

“You incubated for 150 years . ”

“Yes . ”

Frey also guessed the reason .

In order to hatch a Dragon’s egg, the parent Dragon needed to incubate it by slowly injecting their mana into it .

The mana would be changed to temper the baby’s Dragon Heart .

This process alone greatly reduced the incubation period as well as ensured that the hatchling would be healthy .

But Beniang did not get to receive this process .

No, it was already a miracle that she had even hatched in the first place .

Now she must be so unstable and weak that she couldn’t even be considered a Half-Dragon .

“My form when I hatched was not that of a Dragon, but of a human . That was when the members of the circle realised that I was a Half-Dragon . ”

It would have been almost impossible for them to tell that from the outside .

There might have been a slight difference in the size of the egg, but it was highly unlikely that people in that time would have been able to accurately determine the size of a Dragon’s egg .

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“Afterwards, it was Osel Argento, the former Circle Master of the Traumen Rings, who raised me . I…considered him, my real father . ”

The previous Circle Master who died in battle with a Demigod .

When she said his name, Beniang’s expression drooped slightly .

It seemed that she really took this man Osel, who raised her, to be her father instead of a Green Dragon she never saw .  

“After his death, I, his foster daughter, took his place . It was not the custom . It’s just that, since the incident, a lot of people decided to leave the circle . Not only the Force Honors but even the Circle Rounder . ”

This meant that she had no choice but to take the position .

Beniang looked depressed .

“I’ve said everything I can . Now tell me about you . How do you know about dragons?” (TL: Frey: ’I…am Lucas Traumen . ’…Beniang: “…” *head explodes*)


Frey looked at Beniang .

In other words, her parent was a Green Dragon like his teacher .  

It didn’t seem like a coincidence .

What’s more, Beniang looked very much like his teacher .

Her personality was different, but her eyes and aura were the same .  

Frey wondered for a moment if one of her parents might have actually been his teacher but he soon realised how ridiculous the probability of that was .

“I saw it in a book . ”

“A book?”

“A book I found in the Great Sage’s dungeon . There was a detailed description of dragons inside of it . ”

“Schweiser Strow’s memoirs!”

Beniang was startled .

“In-, indeed . That’s right . It was recorded that 4,000 years ago, Humans and Dragons joined forces to fight the Demigods . ”

There was a moment of silence .

After thinking for a while, Beniang got up from her seat .  

“…that’s all I have to say . ”

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“Thank you for your honesty . I will never speak of the things that you have told me . ”

“Thank you . ”

Even though it was only a verbal oath, Beniang did not seem to have any doubts .

She looked at Frey and spoke cautiously .

“…well, so what do we do now? I can’t be away for too long so I’m thinking of heading back right away . ”

Frey didn’t need to think too long .  

After all, he wanted to know of the inner workings of the circle and also to see it with his own eyes .

Although it was in the midst of a downward spiral, the Traumen Rings were still suitable .  

Rather, it was because there would be no useless arrogance or confidence that made this the best corner .

“If you don’t mind, may I take a look at the Traumen Rings?”

“Of, of course!”

Beniang’s face brightened to the point that she was almost shining .  

In all honesty, Frey was completely unfamiliar with her expressions and reactions .  

This was because Frey had never met a Dragon who expressed emotion so clearly .  

‘No . She’s a Half-Dragon . ’

“I’ll just pack my luggage and go down right away . ”

“Yeah . Then I’ll wait downstairs . ”

Beniang headed downstairs .

He had no luggage to pack . Frey just wanted to take some time to organize his thoughts .

He had always been thinking about creating a strong force .

It was impossible to bring down the Demigod all alone .  

That was why he was overjoyed when he learned of the existence of the circle .  

There were limits to what one could do on their own . Especially when it came to humans dealing with Demigods .

Therefore Frey needed a force behind his back .

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To be precise, what he needed was ‘a force he can trust’ .

Although he withheld his judgment on the circle, Frey couldn’t help but feel extremely disappointed with the things that he had seen recently .

It was enough for him to feel anger at the Big Three who were playing with their power but were still unable to unite together .

‘We need to unite our forces . ’

The circle should be one .

If the executives of the three largest circles heard that, they would definitely laugh, but Frey had the confidence to do it .

To do that, they needed a central point .

Frey was planning on going to the Traumen Rings and taking a look around .  

It didn’t matter how powerful they were . The important thing was not their external strength but their inner strength .

He wanted to know what their standpoint was on the fight with the Demigods .

If he felt that the Traumen Rings was the right circle to be the center, then he would revive them .

Frey, no .

The Great Mage, Lucas Traumen was confident in his ability to do that .

* * *

“That’s not…”

“What are you so upset about? Did I say something wrong Master Beniang?”

As Frey came down to the ground floor, he frowned as he heard a voice that he was sure he’d heard somewhere before .

There seemed to be a quiet conflict happening not far away .

When he turned his head to look, he found where Beniang was standing .  

She was standing with her head lowered, biting her lips .

And in front of her was a man who did not seem to be pleased to see Frey .

“Oh . You’re finally down . You seem to have more weight than a Circle Master . How impressive . ”

A middle aged wizard who was a blatantly arrogant Force Honor of the Phisfounder Armlets and someone who Frey had had a dispute with not long ago .

It was Dugenjar .

(TL:…can we just kill this guy? He makes me sick…)

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