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Chapter 158


The Great Mage Returns after 4000 Years – Chapter 158 – Silkid (4) 

Translator: Seven

Editors: Ana_Banana, Yahiko

Urha went to report what happened to the Warchief, so Frey returned to the barracks alone .

Snow and Nora had an idea about Frey’s power, so they weren’t very surprised by the fact that he could freeze thousands of creatures in an instant .

Instead, the one who was the most surprised was the Wizard, Beniang .

She looked at Frey and couldn’t help but ask in a shocked tone .

“Rounder Frey really is 9 stars?”

“Didn’t I tell you?”

“…ah . Yes . You did . Ahaha . ”

Beniang let out a weak laugh .


Frey saw through her intentions .

At that moment, Frey turned his head and opened his mouth .

“Agni should have noticed that spell . ”

“I guess so . ”

Snow’s eyes lit up .

“Are you intentionally trying to draw attention?”

“It’s said that Agni is still in Talhadun . We need to know if he’s tied to that area . ”

“That’s a risky gamble . What if he comes here personally?”

“He probably won’t . ”

Frey knew that there was a hidden hierarchy among the Demigods . Of course, this didn’t mean there was a clear separation between the upper and lower levels .  

Basically, it was true that all Demigods under Lord were equal .

However, there was a bit of a line between them .

Just like Hydra, who Riki had killed in the past . She was one of Ananta’s subordinates .

The three Demigods who rushed to help Leyrin should be her subordinates .

And perhaps the Demigods who were currently in Silkid were Agni’s subordinates .

‘Rumours about me will definitely spread all over Silkid . ’

Snowflakes appearing in the desert would certainly have such an effect .  

There was no doubt that news of this would reach Agni soon .

Nora spoke in a calm voice .

“What if a Demigod comes? The damage could spread to this city . ”

“That’s why I’m thinking about moving in separate groups from now on . ”


Snow furrowed her eyebrows .

“Please explain . ”

“From now on, I will go around Silkid and attract as much attention as possible . I will deal with whatever Demigod creatures I encounter at random, and if I encounter a Demigod, I won’t avoid a fight . ”

Agni was the only exception .

An Apocalypse was not something Frey could deal with at the moment .

“In the meantime, you will join Ivan, go to the Great Chief of Silkid, and try to propose to fight against Agni with him . ”

Nora’s eyes lit up .

“Join Ivan . I like that idea . ”

“I’m not sure if the Great Chief will agree as Silkid has lost a majority of its forces . ”

“We’ll have to make him agree somehow . ”

The Great Chief Tuarik was indispensable when it came to uniting the warriors of Silkid .

Nora tilted her head .

“But Frey, without you, it’ll be annoying to deal with the creatures . It’s gonna be tricky if we are unable to avoid a fight with a Demigod . ”

The presence of a Wizard during a fight with a Demigod was like the difference between heaven and earth .

But Frey shook his head .

“That worry is unnecessary . There is an excellent Wizard right beside me . ”

Frey’s gaze turned to Beniang .

She was visibly shaken .

“M-, me?”

“With the skills that Master Beniang has now . She is more than enough to take my place . ”

“Bu-, but…”

Her eyes shook . Her hands, which were being clasped gracefully, began shaking .  

She seemed to be much more intimidated than when she was at the Circle meeting before . Beniang’s imposing appearance at that time was took quite a toll .

So he was disappointed .

If Frey hadn’t shown up, he was sure that her guts would have grown even more .

Frey got up from his seat .

“Master Beniang . ”

“Ye-, yes?”

“Shall we go talk for a moment? Just the two of us . ”

“Th-, the two of us?”

Frey nodded and looked at Beniang’s wide eyes .

“Yes . The two of us . ”

The desert night was exceptionally cold . Perhaps it was a result of Frey’s Blizzard spell .

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A cold wind blew, as if it would freeze her heart .

Frey went up to the spire with Beniang . When they got there, he asked the guards to kindly give them some time .

The guards nodded without hesitation before heading down .  

“, Archmage . ”

“So amazing…”

They could hear the guards murmur to each other as they left .

“You’re amazing, Frey . ”

Beniang’s voice reverberated in the cold, winter air . She was staring at the black horizon with a blank gaze .

The darkened desert looked like a sea of darkness, whose depths couldn’t be seen . The shards of ice that sat there perfectly represented the beauty of the moment .

Frey didn’t respond .

“I’ve thought so since the beginning . You always move confidently, without any hesitation . As if you looked ahead a few steps before making the right decisions . Compared to you, I’m…”


Beniang flinched before nodding .

“Yes . ”


Frey could see her worries . It wasn’t jealousy or an inferiority complex . She was not the type of person to be jealous of others, nor did she think so highly of herself to have an inferiority complex .

She just had deep doubts about herself .

“…Frey, I’ve wanted to say this for a long time . I’m sure you are the one who will lead the Trowman Rings-”

“Just a while ago, my friend woke up . ”

Beniang paused at the unexpected words .


“From a very long sleep . I thought I’d never see him again . Indeed… it was a really long time since I last saw him . ”

“Ah . Congratulations . ”

Despite her confusion, Beniang still congratulated him . This was because she could hear the sincerity in Frey’s voice .

His face was also filled with joy .  

Since Frey was usually a very reserved person, she couldn’t help but wonder just who was able to bring such joy to him .

‘A long sleep . ’

What did that mean? Was his friend injured?

Or did he have an incurable disease?

Even while Beniang contemplated in silence, Frey continued .

“He’s a much better guy than I am . The same way Master Beniang thinks of me, I thought of him . He was a good, strong, wise friend . He was a good friend who always respected my beliefs . ”

He meant it .

For Frey – no, for Lukas – Schweiser was the best friend and life coach .

He was able to learn a lot from watching his attitude towards life .

“He was an amazing guy, but strangely enough, he never took any disciples . It’s been that way for a long time . He was definitely better at teaching than I was, and he’s much more compassionate, but in the end, I was the one who was called the Great Teacher . ”

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“Great… Teacher?”

A ripple of shock flowed through Beniang’s eyes .

Frey quietly continued .

“Not so long ago, he became interested when he found out about the Circle . I understood it completely . After all, I was the same . He was curious about how the younger generation inherited our will to fight against the Demigods . And he was definitely the most interested in the Strow Necklaces . ”

That was natural since it was a group that inherited his name .


Beniang couldn’t speak anymore .  

She couldn’t even lift a finger . Her entire body was frozen .

Yet, her gaze remained locked on Frey’s lips .

Frey was still in his reverie .

“But I didn’t tell him everything about the Strow Necklaces . If I did, he would’ve been disappointed . I didn’t want to see his bitter expression . ”

Frey frowned slightly .

“…that friend’s name . ”

Beniang could finally open her mouth . Frey kept looking into the distance as he said .

“Schweiser Strow . ”

“T-, the Great Sage…”

Beniang almost collapsed as she lost feelings in her legs .

“I shouldn’t have, but when I found out the Strow Necklaces was rotten, the first thing that crossed my mind was…”

A small smile spread across Frey’s lips .

“I’m a lucky guy . ”

“, ahh…”

“I was very happy . Even after 4,000 years had passed, my will was still being carried on perfectly . No, it was even better . I was so proud that you guys were the ones to carry my name . ”

“F-, Frey . N-, no, you can’t…”

Frey’s eyes finally turned to Beniang .

His eyes were filled with warmth and kindness that she’d never seen before .

“Thank you . ”


When she heard those words, Beniang became emotional, and she couldn’t help but tear up a little .

“I wanted to say this ever since I met you . Thank you very much . ”

Tears fell from Beniang’s eyes .

“N-, no . I, I… I just did… e-, everything was collapsing… everything was falling apart…”

She fell silent, but there was a slight sound coming from her throat .

“The circle was falling apart… so I led . It was hard . I wanted to die… I wanted to throw in the towel and run so many times! But I couldn’t . I, I…”

Her face burned with shame . She was whining .

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She knew this, but she couldn’t stop . Her feeling just poured out like water from a dam that had just collapsed .

It was so hard she wanted to die .  

It wasn’t just hard .

Everyone left . The Circle Master, the Rounder, the executives . Even the magic tools and relics were taken away .

All that had remained was the shell of the ‘Trowman Rings’ . Nevertheless, the pressure from the other powers didn’t stop .  

Their few assets were continually taken away, and the talented members of their circle left day after day .

Their power leaked out endlessly, like water flowing off the edge of a cliff .

She felt like she was falling into a never-ending abyss .

Still, she held on .

When she was a child, Osel would always read the fairytale of the Great Mage to her .  

Lukas Trowman .

She loved his story . He was respectable and amazing, and she couldn’t help but want to be like him .  

After the fight with Nozdog, those who remained in the circle were those who had similar thoughts .

So she couldn’t run away .

She couldn’t abandon the Trowman Rings .

“I…! Really… . !”

“I know . ”

Frey laughed as Beniang sobbed and blurted out her feelings .  

‘I see . ’

Now, she understood why she saw Osel in Frey . Why she felt so relieved when she was around him .  

Just his presence was enough to fill her with confidence .

She felt a cool touch on her head .

“I am truly proud of you . ”

“, ahh…”

How could she accept such an honour?

Beniang began to cry once again .

It wasn’t because she was sad . They were tears of joy .

Frey stroked Beniang’s head while saying .

“You did well . And you will do even better in the future . I trust you, Beniang Argento . ”

What she needed wasn’t teaching . Nor was it a word of warning .

It was comfort . Frey could see that .

The reason he was called the Great Teacher wasn’t anything special .

Frey simply had the ability to tell a person exactly what one needed to hear when one was going through the toughest situations .

That was all .


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