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Published at 25th of November 2020 10:18:31 AM

Chapter 131

The Great Mage Returns after 4000 Years – Chapter 131 – Family Extermination (7) 

Translator: Seven

Editors: Ana_Banana, Yahiko

Sheryl looked at Frey in shock .

In truth, anyone would have the same expression if they understood what he had just done .

‘Amazing . ’

Frey had just covered the entire Blake property with the magic circle for dimensional movement .

It was unbelievable .

The size of his magic circle was hundreds of times larger than the one she’d been creating . Naturally, this meant that the mana required to activate it was tens of times higher and that the entire magic circle would have had to be redesigned .

Thanks to that, the dimensional movement spell had reached a level that made it comparable to a great spell .

And after realising that, it became even harder for her to guess just how much mana Frey had .

But there was something that was even more amazing .

‘The dimensional movement magic circle is covering the entire property, but it’s only targeting Apep . ’

It wasn’t possible for Frey to accomplish such a feat if he only had an enormous amount of mana but no knowledge .  

Magic computational power .

Sheryl was certain that the calculations Frey had done to create that magic circle would not have been possible even if dozens of 7 star Wizards worked together .

In fact, it was more likely that they would melt their brains if they attempted it .

Yet, he’d done it alone .

Chuk .


Frey suddenly started bleeding from his eyes, nose and mouth at the same time .

As Sheryl rushed over to assist him, Frey simply waved his hand, signifying he was fine .

This didn’t mean he was in good shape . In fact, he was so dizzy that he couldn’t even stand properly .

‘I used a stupid method . ’

He had been too hurried in using his mana, which even he didn’t know the limit of .

Frey wanted to rest, but he couldn’t . The fight wasn’t over yet .

He looked up to the sky .

Heinz and Leita were exchanging moves, and when he narrowed his eyes, he was able to get a rough understanding of the situation .

Leita used divine power of wind, and a strong gale rampaged around her . Surprisingly, Heinz had the same power as her .

That might be the reason why he was in an iffy situation right now .

‘The difference in power is too great . ’

Heinz could be said to have a backwards compatibility with Leita . Since they used the same power, it was hard for him to outwit her .

If it had not been for the fact that he was occasionally mixing spells into his attacks, he would have already been overpowered long ago .

No . Perhaps the reason he could last that long was because Leita was also paying attention to the situation while fighting against him .


Frey then looked at the sky, dumbfounded . The sky was steadily brightening… they didn’t have much time left .

“Sheryl, you have to help Heinz kill Leita . Before the other Demigods get here . ”

“Is it possible? Her strength isn’t simple . ”

“I know, but you have to do it anyway . “

It was suicide to try to fight two Demigods in his current state, but that didn’t mean they had to retreat right away .

They would have to at least kill Leita to make it worth all the trouble .

Most importantly, just because they wanted to retreat didn’t mean that Leita would let them go .

Frey took a deep breath .

‘My mana is low and my mental power is almost completely exhausted . ’

His head was still swinging a bit because of the extensive calculations he had just done .

It was hard for him to use his physical strength if his mental power was exhausted .  

Nevertheless, he had to continue .

Frey flew up into the night sky, and Sheryl followed suit .


Leita stopped attacking . Instead, she stared at Frey who had come to stop beside Heinz .

Why was this man standing here?

“…where is Mr . Apep?”

“I killed him . ”

“Don’t be ridiculous . ”

“Check for yourself . ”

Leita turned her gaze to the ground . However, the Demigod with the power of darkness was nowhere to be seen .  

Her expression hardened .

“What on earth did you do?”

“I fought him, and I won . And now, it’s your turn . ”

“That’s funny!”


The winds around Leita began blowing fiercely .

If they relaxed for even a moment, their entire bodies would be sucked into the whirlwind and torn to pieces .

Heinz created a wall of wind in front of them while saying .

“My mother is much stronger than I expected . ”

“Right, she is . ”

Leita was much stronger than any Apostle Frey had encountered so far . Of course, she was still nothing when compared to the Demigods .

If Frey had been in his peak condition, it would have been no problem for him to deal with her alone . But for the worn-out Frey, she might be an even more difficult opponent than Apep .

“I can use one more 8 star spell . ”

“Do you think that would be enough to end it?”

“I don’t know . But do we have a choice but to try it?”

“…true . ”

Heinz nodded .

“The chanting will take a minute . ”

With the current amount of mana he had left, Frey could not use chantless magic .  

The stronger the spell, the more accurate and meticulous the chanting had to be to cast it . To cast it without the chant would require many times the regular amount of mana needed to cast the spell .

Nodding at Frey’s words, Sheryl said .

“Heinz and I will buy you time . ”

“Thanks . ”

Frey immediately closed his eyes and began chanting while Heinz and Sheryl faced off against Leita .

The fierce winds were becoming stronger and stronger .

“I’m curious as to what kind of relationship Rounder Sheryl has with Frey . ”

“I think this is a bad time to ask such a question, Honor Heinz . ”

“It seems like a long story . ”

Sheryl chuckled at those words .

“Well . Don’t be impatient . If we survive, you’ll find out sooner or later . After all, we’re in the same boat . ”

“Do you intend to leave the Phisfounder Armlets?”

“If he wants me to . ”


Heinz fell silent .

This was because Sheryl was one of the oldest members of the Phisfounder Armlets . Even if she preferred to wander the continent instead of doing any work in the circle, that fact didn’t change .

He found it hard to believe she would leave the circle immediately at a single request from Frey .

Who was Frey exactly?


The gale intensified .

Just as Leita’s fingers were about to move, her eyes met Sheryl’s .

Throb .

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Then, she suddenly frowned as she felt a sharp pain in her head .

“Psychic domination… you have a very troublesome power, vampire . ”

“Hmph . ”

Sheryl snorted briefly, but she wasn’t relaxed either .

The minds of Apostles were already deeply connected to their Demigods . Therefore, it was impossible to take control of them .

It was possible to break their concentrations, but she couldn’t go in for the kill .

‘It’s fine . ’

Her goal wasn’t to kill Leita, it was simply to buy time .


Thanks to this, she was able to realise that the power of the gale was much greater than she expected .

Sheryl created shields from her bats, and Heinz tried to offset the power of Leita’s attack with his own wind power .

Leita turned to look at Frey, who was standing behind them .

“It seems like Frey is preparing to do something, so you guys are trying to buy time for him . ”

She smiled coldly .

“I can’t let that happen . ”

Paht .


Leita’s figure suddenly disappeared .

Heinz and Sheryl hurriedly tried to follow her movement, but they couldn’t find her anywhere .


Then they heard Frey grunt from behind them .

Before they knew it, Leita had appeared behind Frey with her fingers stretching forward .

Pipipit .

Frey hurriedly leaned to the side .  

He was capable of triple casting, so he could use Blink, but at that moment, he was focused completely on casting the spell, so he couldn’t .

In addition, he was already using flight magic .

Despite his dodging, something invisible still brushed past his chin .

Shuk .

‘Was that extremely compressed air?’

It was highly destructive . In addition, it was obscenely sharp .  

Because of its blade-like shape, if the attack had connected, not only would it have easily pierced his body, his flesh would have been severely mutilated as if he had been stabbed by a blade with a jagged edge .

‘If even one attack lands, it would be near-fatal . ’

Leita’s attack had been simple but also tricky .  

Moreover, she had moved at a speed that surpassed their imaginations . Not just Heinz and Sheryl – even Frey had lost track of her for a moment .


Sheryl hurriedly went to his side .  

Heinz looked around .

“We don’t know where her attacks will come from next, so it would be better to protect you from the side than from a distance . ”

“I agree . ”

Meanwhile, Leita had disappeared once again .

Heinz then muttered in a low voice .

“She isn’t moving at a speed that exceeds our perception . Instead, she’s hiding in the wind . ”

“Hiding in the wind?”

Sheryl couldn’t help but frown at the almost unbelievable statement .

“Anyway, all that is important is that she isn’t moving at an imperceptible speed . ”

“Right . While it’s still tricky to deal with… at least we know what we’re dealing with . ”


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At that moment, Heinz clenched his fist .


Without warning, a blizzard erupted from his body .

Sheryl couldn’t help but shiver at the sudden cold .

‘A spell?’

No, she couldn’t feel any mana . There had also been no signs of chanting or casting .

Above all, the power that was currently erupting from Heinz’s body was not mana . It was divine power .

The raging blizzard spread out in an instant, exposing Leita’s position .  

She had been hiding nearby, and when the snow surrounded her, the empty space revealed where she was lurking .

Ssuk .

Leita reappeared .

She was glaring fiercely while being bombarded by the snow and heavy winds . Then, with an angry voice, she said .

“Heinz! Are you really going to use the power of ice here?!”

“Didn’t you give me this power so that I’d use it?”

“You dare…!”

Heinz Blake .

He was an incredible sample created after countless experiments . He was the only one who had been able to use two powers .

Her owner, Leyrin, was greatly pleased by this discovery . If she continued to study Heinz, she might be able to recreate such results in not only creatures but even in the Apostles .

For this reason, Leita adored Heinz very much . Much more than her eldest son, Mischael, or even her husband, Isaka .

And now, this Heinz, whom she so dearly loved, was baring his fangs at her .

Now that it had come to this, Leita no longer intended to hold back .  

Just as Leita was about to unleash her full power .

Pit .


She suddenly felt a chill in her chest .

This wasn’t from Heinz’s blizzard . It was a different type of cold .  

But what exactly was this chill?


Leita suddenly vomited a mouthful of blood before looking down at her chest .

Blood gradually spread on her clothes .

She lifted her head heavily and stared at Frey . Smoke was slowly rising from his finger tip .

“This… what is this spell…?”

Frey wiped the blood from his lips before saying .

“I haven’t named it yet . ”

“…you… created it?”

He didn’t answer .

It wasn’t grand enough that he would say he created it, but Leita couldn’t hide her astonishment as she interpreted his silence differently .

“…ha . Impo… ssible . ”

It was a bit shabby for her last words . Especially when considering that they were the last words of the Blake family .

Leita’s body collapsed backward, falling to the ground .

Frey breathed a sigh of relief .

They were lucky .

The spell he’d used was just a modification of the Magic Arrow spell, so to speak .

The power and speed were hundreds of times greater than a Magic Arrow, but the concept was the same .

What was different was that unlike normal Magic Arrows, its appearance didn’t stand out .

“I-, is it over?”

He nodded at Sheryl’s words, causing her to sigh in relief .

Heinz was looking at his mother’s cooling body with a bitter expression on his face .

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However, this wasn’t the time for sentimentalism .

He hurriedly spoke to Frey and Sheryl, who had returned to her senses .

“Ah . This isn’t the time for this . We have to leave this place quickly . The Demigods will…”

“…no . ”

Frey shook his head while looking off into the distance .

“I’m sorry . I took too long . ”

A light could be seen coming from the east .

Sheryl’s expression hardened .  

Dawn had come .


Suddenly, a pressure descended upon them . They couldn’t even lift a finger .  

A man and a woman were standing in the sky . Their appearances were different but also similar in that they both had exceptionally cold expressions .

They didn’t need to guess their identities .

The Demigods that Leita had called as reinforcements had finally arrived at the Blake family residence .

The man then spoke in a cold voice .

“I don’t see Apep . ”

“I don’t think these bugs could’ve done anything to him . ”

“Hmph… we can just find out by asking them . It wouldn’t be difficult to find out what happened here . ”

The Demigods slowly descended to the ground .

Frey fiddled with the Great Sage’s Staff in his hand .  

If he used the Warp spell that was stored there, he would be able to escape without any problem .


He’d need some time . It would take less time than it took to blink, but his opponents were Demigods . If he moved hastily, they might attack immediately .

‘I need to think . ’

What should he do? Should he pretend to have a conversation? Should he pretend to be ignorant? Should he force a pause by mentioning Apep? 

All those options were gambles .

In the meantime, the Demigods had walked closer to them .

Just as Frey grit his teeth and decided to open his mouth .


The space behind them split without any warning .  

Sheryl looked back in confusion .  

This was a sign that a Warp spell was being used .

Juk .

A group of people walked out from the rift in space .

Sheryl gulped subconsciously .

They were all beings of different shapes and sizes, but the one at the front was particularly gruesome .

It was a Lich who exuded a bloody red aura .

However, Sheryl had never seen one who had such powerful, eerie energy . Her body had become so filled with fear that it completely erased the image of Liches that she’d had before .

“There were… more?”

Despair filled Heinz’s face .

They were completely surrounded . There was absolutely no way they could escape now .

But the Demigods looked at the group of people with strange expressions .

“Who are you?”

[Paragon . ]

The Lich slowly opened its mouth and spoke .

When he heard those words, Frey realised that the gamble he’d taken three days ago had paid off .

[…We came here at Cairo’s request, Frey Blake . ]

Frey’s request for reinforcements had been accepted by none other than Cairo Wilsemann, the Eleventh Tower Master .

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