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Published at 21st of November 2020 09:27:12 PM

Chapter 111: 111
The Great Mage Returns after 4000 Years – Chapter 111 – Blake Family (2)

Translator: Seven

Editors: Ana_Banana, Yahiko


It was natural for Shepard to be shocked.

Everyone knew that mana and divine power could not coexist. 

It could even be called a law of nature that was irreversible.

But the man in front of them was clearly using both.

More importantly, weren’t the powers he was using the lightning energy that Lukes had used before and the mana of an 8 star Wizard, which was rare, even in the Circle?

The more he thought about it, the more he felt like a fool.

Just who the hell was this man?


On the other hand, Heinz’s expression became serious for another reason.

Frey was paying attention to him secretly while pretending to look around, so he easily noticed this change.

[I want to talk to you.]

Frey sent Heinz a telepathic message.

Heinz did not say anything, and instead nodded subtly.

After all, the only ones who were able to use divine power and mana together were those with the blood of the Blake family.

Heinz also knew that Frey had obtained the crystal from Lukes.

‘Heinz is likely to have already guessed my identity.’

This was the judgement Frey reached.

There were a few things he wanted to ask Heinz.

Heinz was the only person that Frey had immediate access to who also had a good grasp of the situation within the Blake family.

His help was essential to gain clues about Illuminium.

Frey finished thinking about that as he looked around.

‘It wouldn’t be hard to overpower Dugenjar, Shepard and Jerome.’

This was a remark that most people would doubt if they heard it.

After all, he was talking about two Archmages who had reached 7 stars and a Master class Knight.

Nevertheless, in front of Frey, who had reached 8 stars, taking care of them was no more than child’s play.

Jerome’s ability was nothing he needed to worry about as he couldn’t even pierce the lightning barrier.

He didn’t have a good grasp of the strength of Heinz, the youngest Force Honor of the Strow Necklaces, but Frey knew he wouldn’t fight with his full strength.

For that reason, there was only one person that Frey would need to be wary of.

Sheryl Roland.

Circle Rounder of the Phisfounder Armlets and the Contractor of Lilith.

Because of her nature as a Contractor, she didn’t need to use mana, which meant that Frey could not suppress her power, even if he controlled the surrounding space.

Sheryl also knew this, which was why her expression was currently tense.

She realised that her life would be in danger the moment the others were overpowered.

Frey had no intention of killing her, but there was no way for Sheryl to know that.

So in this situation, she would naturally unleash her full strength.


Lightning wriggled around Frey’s body.

Now that he thought about it, this was the first time he was using both divine power and mana at the same time.

During his mock battles with Riki, he only ever used his divine power, and after that, he stopped using his mana.


Sheryl quickly drew a magic circle, and Frey immediately realised that it was Lilith’s summoning circle.

It was fast.

It was already too late for him to stop her.

Upon realising this, Frey changed plans.

Instead, he also drew a summoning circle.


Two summoning circles turned the ground red at almost the same time as two rulers of the Demon World appeared together.

Dugenjar, who was watching this scene from afar, couldn’t help but lower his jaw in shock.

‘Is it not enough that he can use magic and divine power at the same time? He can even summon Demons?’

However, when he saw the Demon that the man summoned, his eyes widened to almost an impossible extent.

He couldn’t help but cry out.

“Th-, the Ruler of the Slaughter Hell, Asura?!”

This didn’t make sense!

It had been a very long time since Asura had been summoned to the continent.

This was because even the Phisfounder Armlets, who had the most knowledge about Demons on the entire continent, still hadn’t figured out Asura’s summoning circle.

How the hell did that man have it?

Dugenjar could only swallow his question.

Lilith looked around and quickly grasped the situation. 

She looked at Sheryl, then at Frey and Asura, before letting out a laugh.

“Huhu. So that man is your Contractor. It’s been a hundred years, hasn’t it, Asura?”

[Who do you think you’re talking to like that? You dirty whore.]

Asura spoke roughly before looking at Frey. 

It seemed he was waiting for instructions.

“I’ll leave Lilith to you.”


Asura smiled fiercely and turned his eyes back to Lilith.

“Ohohoho. Shall we play again after such a long time?”

Although Lilith laughed as she said that, Sheryl recognised that the situation wasn’t that relaxed.

Among all the Archdukes, Lilith’s combat ability was by far the lowest. 

In the first place, Succubi were not a race that were proficient at fighting. 

It was fine for her to easily handle three or four top-grade Demons, but against Demons of the same level, it was an entirely different story.

‘But… this guy’s qualifications as a contractor aren’t very high.’

Sheryl could notice something like that with just a glance. 

His talent wasn’t the worst, but his body was certainly not one that should have allowed him to summon an Archduke.

The differences between their contractors had managed to balance the combat powers of Lilith and Asura.

The two of them began their battle in the distance, further damaging the already destroyed terrain.

Whenever Asura’s arms fell, the ground would explode, causing everyone’s ears to ring. 

Sheryl looked toward Jerome and commanded.

“Honor Jerome, protect the other three.”


Jerome bit his lip as he realised that he was nothing more than a hindrance in the present situation.

However, he realised it wasn’t the time to wallow in despair because of his own uselessness. 

He had to evacuate with the others before the aftermath of the fight spread to them.

He quickly left together with Heinz, Dugenjar and Shepard.

Sheryl then turned to look at Frey once again.

He hadn’t made any movements even as Jerome and the others moved to a safe place.

“You seem quite relaxed. Are you certain that you can catch them even if you let them leave now?”


“What is your goal? What happened here?”

“I’m sorry, but black magic doesn’t work against me.”

When Frey said those words bluntly, Sheryl felt a slight stinging pain in her face.

This was because she had just tried to secretly use psychic persuasion to induce a conversation.

Of course, it had absolutely no effect.

‘His mental power is incredibly strong.’

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These were the words that Lilith had said while making an embarrassed expression. 

At that time, she hadn’t understood how a human could be able to make an Archduke of the Demon World make such an expression, but now, she understood completely. 

In terms of mental power, he was truly comparable to a Demigod or a Dragon, who had vanished from the continent. 

It was not an exaggeration.


In the first place, if even Lilith had not been able to pierce the man’s defenses, there was nothing she could’ve done.

After that, there was only one option left. Head to head confrontation.

Sheryl’s eyes turned golden.


Then, large, bat-like wings sprouted from her back.

That wasn’t all.

Her shadow began to stretch, thickening as a group of bats suddenly poured out of it.

Frey fired a lightning bolt into the cloud of bats that were frantically flapping their wings.


The swarm of bats instantly turned into ashes, but another group of bats quickly took their place.

‘She wants to obscure my vision.’

It wouldn’t have taken much time to deal with, but Frey decided to play with her a bit.

Indra’s lightning.

To make use of this power, a bit of preparation was required.

Frey looked up at the sky.

Shadows began growing in the sky as dark clouds began rolling in.


A bolt of lightning brightened the surroundings as it shot from his hand and instantly destroyed the swarm of bats.

This allowed Frey to see what Sheryl was up to.

‘Summoning Demons.’

It was likely to be a top grade Demon as well.

This wasn’t surprising.

After all, as a Contractor, the most familiar and effective method of combat that she knew was to summon Demons.

But when Frey saw her summon another Demon after summoning Lilith, he couldn’t help but admire her talent as a Contractor.


The growl of a beast came from his left.

Then, a giant black dog appeared from among the group of bats.

Of course, this dog was almost twice as big as even the largest horse.


The giant dog then spat a ball of black lava at him. 


The grazed past the Lightning Barrier, and slightly to Frey’s surprise, it managed to damage it a little.

If he hadn’t moved at that time, he might have been injured.

‘Is this a Hellhound?’

The lava that the dog spat was quite dangerous.

Since it was able to damage his Lightning Barrier, which was much stronger than Lukes’, it was clear that the spit was comparable to a 7 star spell.

Besides, it wasn’t just one.


She had summoned quite a few Demons by then. 

Frey was slowly beginning to get annoyed by the swarm of bats. 

Looking at the sky again, he noticed that it was already covered in dark clouds.

It was no longer hard for Frey to control his divine power.

He raised his right hand and shot a lightning bolt into the sky.

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The dark clouds trembled violently as they became filled with Indra’s lightning power.

Seeing this, Sheryl, who was hiding among the bats, stiffened her expression.

‘It’s dangerous!’

The moment she decided to move.


Her vision was filled with white light.

It was a thunderbolt.


Immediately afterward, a large thunderbolt struck the ground, the sound of an explosion only following it.

Frey realised that the swarm of bats had been vaporised instantly.

This was the maximum amount of divine power that Frey could output at one time.

The power of the lightning was comparable to an 8 star spell.

This was proven by the fact that the top grade Demons that Sheryl had summoned were staggering, their skin badly burned.

Their wounds were fatal, but Frey couldn’t help but admire the fact that they were maintaining their presence even if they were dying.

Sheryl was nowhere to be seen.

He determined that she was probably hiding in the shadows.

Frey didn’t know a lot about vampires, but he at least knew the power she used.


Sheryl then appeared from the shadows, as he’d expected.

Her body appeared slightly tanned, but it was clear that she had avoided the brunt of the attack.

A look of frustration was on her face.

‘He’s much stronger than I thought… I can’t defeat him.’

Sheryl clicked her tongue resentfully and prepared to use another trick.

“That’s enough.”


“I have no intention of killing you.”

At Frey’s words, Sheryl made an expression of disbelief.

“Then why did you unleash your divine power?”

When they first met, Shepard had tried to communicate with Frey.

And it was none other than Frey who rejected the conversation and instead unleashed his powers.


He didn’t have an excuse.

To be honest, Frey just wanted to test the powers of the Force Honors and above all, Circle Rounder Sheryl.

“I was curious. I wanted to know how powerful you all were.”


“Because I wanted to see if you were capable of confronting the Demigods.”


Sheryl’s expression became strange.

“…do you intend to fight against the Demigods?”

“That’s right.”


“You don’t believe me.”

“…I’m not a fool who would just believe everything I’m told.”


Frey agreed with that. 

Then he looked at the wings on Sheryl’s back before muttering.

“I heard that there is no race as sensitive to ‘power’ as vampires.”

Sheryl stared at Frey without responding.

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She had no idea where he was going with those words.

“As long as you submit to someone, you have no choice but to obey their orders. And they don’t need to be from the same race as you.”

“What are you trying to say?”

He had nothing more to say.

He had just said that to see what Sheryl’s reaction would be.

And it seemed that Frey’s knowledge wasn’t wrong.

Vampires could be made to yield. The process didn’t matter.

You just had to make them submit somehow.

They just had to accept that the being before them was superior to them. 

Sheryl Roland, the number two in her circle.

If he could make her submit, then everything would be much simpler.

After thinking this, Frey gathered his mana.

* * *


Lord’s body appeared from a crack in space.

The Frozen Lands.

It was a place where it was hard to see anything because of the ever present blizzards.

Even Ice Trolls, which were known for their excellent thermal insulation, would not be able to last more than 10 minutes in this unforgiving place, but this was no problem for Lord.

He walked forward at a calm pace, as if his surroundings were at room temperature.

And not long after, he stopped walking.

Because he found a woman standing in the corner of his eye.

Her white hair fluttered beautifully in the blizzard.

Lord called her name.



The woman turned her head to look at him.

Then she spoke with an eerie glint in her eyes.

“I thought I talked to you about trespassing in my territory.”

[I came here to tell you something.]

“I don’t want to know. Get out of here.”

[No. You need to know.]

“You still haven’t broken that habit of doing whatever you want. Right. It wouldn’t be bad to loosen my bones after so long. Especially if my opponent is you.”

A deadly chill began arising from her body.

Lord spoke briefly.

[Riki is dead.]


[To be precise, I killed him.]

“What the hell… Riki… you…? Why?”

[Because he betrayed us. He killed several of our kind, so I punished him.]

Elliah stared at Lord with her mouth wide open, unable to process what she was hearing.

[I want you to take his place, Elliah. If it’s you-]

“Get… out.”

Lord looked at Elliah’s face as she said those words.

Her expression was unreadable.

[I’ll come back another time. I’ll expect another answer when I return.]


With those words, Lord disappeared in a space crack.

Elliah stood for a long time in that same position, seemingly frozen in place.

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