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Published at 21st of November 2020 09:27:26 PM

Chapter 100: 100
The Great Mage Returns after 4000 Years – Chapter 100 – Meeting (7)

Translator: Seven

Editors: Ana_Banana, Yahiko

“I’ll have to take a look first before deciding.”

“Do you not trust me?”

“It wouldn’t be wrong to say that I don’t”

Frey gave a blunt answer.

However, Riki’s expression showed that he had expected such a response.

“And we look at things differently.”

“You want to see it with your own eyes. I understand.”

As he nodded, Riki paused for a moment before saying.

“What do you think about other races?”


What kind of question was that?

When Frey turned to him with a puzzled expression on his face, Riki said in a flat tone.

“I’m asking you if you believe humans are a superior race.”

“No. Not really.”

Naturally, Frey liked humans.

He liked the positive actions and potential that humans had, and above all, he valued their determination even when faced with challenges.

However, this didn’t mean he considered them superior, as Riki said.

He knew that there were many other amazing species besides humans.

Riki nodded in relief.

“If so, then I have nothing to worry about. Go take a look. There are a few camps on the mountain, but I personally recommend that one.”

Riki pointed with his finger.

Frey focused his eyes on where he was pointing, but he couldn’t see anything.

“…I don’t see it.”

“There’s a castle hidden in the trees. He has about thirty men guarding it. Most of them are Knights, but they’re only Second class at best. It wouldn’t be hard for you to get rid of them with your divine power.”

“If I decide that they don’t deserve to be killed…”

“Naturally, you can just leave. I won’t force you.”

Riki spoke in his normal, calm tone.

Frey felt a bit strange when he saw this because it seemed like he had already guessed his reaction.


He had to check for himself. 

It might cause an issue if he killed one of the country’s Marquises, but Frey showed no reluctance or hesitation.

This was because he had successfully reached 8 stars.

As long as his opponent wasn’t a Demigod, Frey was not afraid to have a one on one battle with anyone.

And even if he were to fight a Demigod, Frey had the confidence to at least escape with his body intact, as long as it wasn’t Lord or one of the Apocalypses.

As he thought this, Frey flew over to the place Riki had pointed out.

As Riki had said, there was an old castle hidden behind the trees. 

He didn’t see it before because he was far away, but now that he was closer, it didn’t seem hidden at all.

Instead, its surroundings were brightly lit by a number of torches.


Frey’s expression stiffened slightly.

This mountain wasn’t very far from the city. So if this place was displayed in such an open way, there was a high probability that the officials of Lufei knew about the existence of this camp.

‘It’s the most corrupt human country I know.’

Riki’s words sounded in his head again, but Frey shook his head and decided to check the interior of the castle.

There were Knights in armor standing atop a short wall.

‘Their levels are definitely not high.’

Riki’s information was accurate.

These people were Second class warriors at best.

Currently, Frey was capable of facing off against Master class Knights even if he didn’t use his mana.

At their level, even hundreds of these Knights wouldn’t be able to stop him.

From the start, Indra’s divine power was especially effective when used against crowds. It was difficult for them to defend against because of its long range and the effects of the electricity.

However, it wasn’t just their lack of power.

Their vigilance was also quite lax. 

There were some who yawned loudly, chatted with their colleagues or even sat on the ground and dozed off.

It seemed that they didn’t expect anyone to attack them.

Frey silently climbed over the wall.

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The first thing he saw was a large clearing.


And in it, there were dozens of cages.

The cages were all made of iron, and every single one of them was filled with slaves.

There weren’t just humans.

As well as other intelligent races like Elves, Dwarves and Beastkin, all kinds of rare creatures were imprisoned here.

They all had something in common.

Physically, they looked fine. However, while they had no visible injuries, they all appeared listless as if they had lost their souls.

Those who were particularly bad would randomly start hyperventilating, seemingly for no reason.

The cages were all very small and dirty.

They were almost the perfect size for their captives, so even a sane person would go crazy after a few days if they were forced to stay in these cages.

There was something piled on the right, and when Frey focused on it, his expression immediately changed.

Bodies of dead slaves had been piled up.

Frey’s rage built up in an instant, but he still managed to quickly analyze the situation calmly.

‘Why did they kill them?’

For these people, slaves were commodities, products that they used to make money.

They were pieces of trash, but Frey didn’t think they would ignore the value of their own merchandise like this for no reason.

But after a while, he realised why.

A Knight was walking toward the place where the corpses were piled with light steps.

On his shoulder was a Beastkin girl.

A Knight standing near the pile started talking to him.

“Did you let it all out?”


“That’s…? Is she dead?”

“Not yet. But from the looks of it, it shouldn’t be long now.”

“Urajil… take it easy. Don’t you know the Marquis hasn’t been in a good mood for the last few days?”

“It doesn’t matter. He only cares about the Elves anyway.”

“One of the Elves died today, so be careful.”

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“Really? Hmm… understood.”

The Knight then threw the girl from his shoulder onto the pile.

The girl flailed her arms for a moment with dead eyes before she slowly stopped moving.

Frey saw this scene from start to finish.

It wasn’t just the Beastkin girl.

Occasionally, the Knights would take slaves to use or torture to relieve their desires or boredom. (TL: I put ‘use’ here, but you all should know what it means…)

That was the reason why the corpses of the slaves were treated in such a way.


It was a scene of collective madness.

Had they all lost their minds because they were stuck in this place for a long time?

Or was this a place where only the ugly and evil people gathered?

Frey completely understood Riki’s attitude.

How could he not be angry when he saw humans behaving in this way?

As someone who liked and had faith in humans, this sight made Frey feel disgraced as though his privates had been exposed in public.


His emotions were soon restrained.

The calmness and tranquility that came with his 8 stars rank did not let him get swept up by his emotions.


Frey descended from the wall and landed with a light sound.

With just the robe and mask, Frey’s identity was effectively hidden.

The mask had the effect of concealing his divine power, but when Frey actively used it, this concealment stopped.


One of the guarding Knights tilted his head as Frey appeared in front of him.

“What the…? That’s a funny mask.”

He spoke with a drowsy expression on his face.

Even though Frey had appeared before him so openly, he did not consider him as an intruder.

After all, they didn’t believe that there was anyone brave enough to infiltrate this place, and so openly at that.

He probably thought it was one of his colleagues playing a prank.


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Blue lightning sparked in Frey’s hand.

At first, he’d just intended to get rid of the person in charge of this place. 

But he no longer thought that way.

All of the people working here were rotten garbage.

He was ashamed to even consider calling them human.

But above all, it was their outfit that made Frey the most angry.

“What the hell are you wearing?”


“Plate armor, silver sword and cape. Do you really think of yourself as a Knight?”

The Knight’s expression changed to one of anger.

“What the hell are you talking about? No. Who the hell are you? I’ve never heard your voice before…”

In the next instant, shock became plastered across his face.

“No way, intrude…!”


Deep blue lightning pierced the man’s body before he even got the chance to scream, causing him to fall to his knees, his body burnt black.

However, the lightning was bright and noticeable.

“Wh-, what was that?”

“Intruder! There’s an intruder!”

Only then did the other Knights charge towards Frey as a group.

Frey stood in the middle of the clearing with his hands at his sides, waiting for the Knights to get closer.


No, these weren’t Knights.

Frey recalled his idiotic friend who worked himself to the bone in order to become the best Knight in the world.

The Sword King Lucid.

What would he have done if he had been here and seen what these evil trash had done while boasting the name ‘Knight’?

Of course, Frey knew the answer.

What he was about to do was nothing special.

He was simply going to do what Lucid would’ve done if he’d been there.

That was all.

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