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Letting Shen Yanxiao be his personal guard was letting Long Xueyao know that this so-called strong person, her hero, could be merely a dog by his side. 


Gu Feng was not worried that Shen Yanxiao would refuse his invitation. After all, he was short of money. In the entire Radiance Continent, nobody didn't know the name of the Iron Blood Mercenary Corps, and Gu Feng was the young leader of the Iron Blood Mercenaries. He should know that there would be a lot of benefits with him. 


Gu Feng was trying to humiliate Shen Yanxiao with money. If this became known to the people of The Rising Sun City, they probably would laugh until their bellies hurt. 


How much could an Iron Blood Mercenary Corps earn?


Although the Iron Blood Mercenary Corps had a great reputation and strong influence, they had a lot people who needed to be supported. Gu Lan might indeed have a lot of family properties, but compared with the rich Shen Yanxiao...


Gu Feng was simply humiliating himself. Not even mentioning the more than 100 million gold coins that Shen Yanxiao had earned from the previous auction, after she and the businessmen of various countries had signed an agreement, just how much income would it bring her? It would certainly be immeasurable.


As long as she was willing, she could easily use her gold coins to kill Gu Feng alive. 


"Not interested." Shen Yanxiao even looked disinclined to see this second-generation kid who kept opening his mouth and even brought up his own old man. Compared to him, Long Xueyao, who was also the heir to another well-known mercenary corps, was more pleasing to the eye.


After replying, Shen Yanxiao continued to close her eyes in repose. 


Her energy was for fighting against the demons, not for bickering with a brat. 


Gu Feng did not expect that Shen Yanxiao would refuse so clearly. His mouth could not help but slightly twitch as he stared blankly at Shen Yanxiao. 


Long Xueyao laughed loudly. 


And her laughter made Gu Feng even more embarrassed. 


Did this kid not know about the Iron Blood Mercenary Corps? 


He had just accepted Fang Qiu’s invitation for the sake of remuneration, so how could he reject his invitation now? 


Was he really a country bumpkin from some rural place that he had not heard the name of the Iron Blood Mercenary Corps?


"You… do you even know the Iron Blood Mercenary Corps?! Do you have any idea how many benefits you will receive if you accept my invitation? How much can Fang Qiu give you? If you follow me, everything you get will be a hundred times better than what he can give you!” Gu Feng could only suppress the anger in his heart. Once again, he emphasized how noble his identity was, and how generous he could be. 


Shen Yanxiao did not even open her eyes this time and only said indifferently, “Not interested.” 


“...” Gu Feng simply wanted to cough up blood. This idiot was too stupid! 


“You!” Gu Feng was just about to launch an attack, but when Long Xueyao saw this from the side, she quickly stepped forward and stood between Shen Yanxiao and Gu Feng, blocking Gu Feng’s sight. 


"Gu Feng, did you not have enough of what happened today? If it weren’t for Shen Jue, do you think that we could still stand here right now?" The more Long Xueyao saw Gu Feng, the more unpleasant he became in her eyes. His performance before had already made her despise him, and now, he still had the nerve to run in front of their benefactor to flaunt his power and prestige? 


"In fact, don’t you think he is unnecessary?" Gu Feng sneered, "Yao Yao, have you forgotten? Those two demons had said, they just wanted us to be hostages, they simply wouldn’t hurt us. Even if this kid have not acted that time, we would have also been very safe. You shouldn't be fooled by this kid.” 


Long Xueyao secretly gritted her teeth. Although she and Gu Feng might not have to worry about their lives, since even if they fell into the demons’ hands they would still be in a somewhat better position; especially since the purpose of those demons in catching them was to threaten their fathers... 

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