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“Your ambition is truly not small.” Uncle Jiu smiled as he looked at Shen Yanxiao. Who knew that the little guy that he saw in The Sun Graveyard would become a city lord. 


The demons treated Shen Yanxiao as the Lord of the whole Barren Land. Now, Shen Yanxiao’s decision was really on the path to that title! 


"Fullness for the bold, famine for the timid; no need for me to guess what’s better.” Shen Yanxiao shrugged. She truly felt that it was not difficult for her to build another city. 


The construction of The Rising Sun City was not complicated. Besides encountering several traps made by evil people, everything else had gone as steadily as she had wished. 


"Leave the matters of going to Forgotten Traces to me.” Su He had already entered Shen Yanxiao’s core team, hence he could talk in such a discussion.


Shen Yanxiao did not see any reason to oppose it. "You take Jiu’er along, and let her pick some girls back, ones that will blind the menfolk inside the city.” 


The group of people laughed at Shen Yanxiao’s words.


According to common sense, no one would buy female slaves when constructing a city since they had little strength and could not afford to do the heavy work. But even though the help they could provide was limited, their price was still the same as those male slaves. 


However, Shen Yanxiao did not mind. She had never treated those people she bought as slaves. Instead, she even hoped that they could live the normal life of a person. A simple life where they could get a wife and have a child. She couldn’t always buy thousands of pure men and wait for them to engage in male homosexual practices right?


"Jiu’er will certainly like this.” Su He chuckled before genuinely thanking Shen Yanxiao. He knew every little thing she did, and these tiny things were the stuff that made them admire her more. 


She was truly sincere to the slaves, and they were grateful for that.


"I wonder which city you are going to start next?" Qi Xia lazily looked at the map that was spread on the table.


Originally, Shen Yanxiao also had a map of the Barren Land, but she did not have one with such detailed information, especially on the eastern region of the Barren Land. Each of the cities, mines, and even every mountain were all drawn accurately. It was all carefully recorded by Su He and his brothers at that time when he was looking for other mineral resources veins.


When Su He handed the map to Shen Yanxiao, she was very surprised. She did not expect that Su He would provide her such a surprise that was beyond his duty. 


This was also all thanks to Shen Yanxiao’s kindness that managed to bear such good information.


The way the slaves thought was very simple. Give them food to be full and clothes to be warmed and they would be deeply grateful already. But Shen Yanxiao had not only done that, she had also given them money and even a wife to marry. For them, bending their backs to the task until their dying day was still not enough, they would naturally find more ways to help Shen Yanxiao in every opportunity they got.


Only when the king was in control of the hearts of the people that he truly held the power; this was the way of a benevolent king. 


There were four cities that were close to The Rising Sun City. But these four cities were not that big. The names of these cities had long been forgotten by people in the long river of history. In fact, besides the five major cities, the other cities had no name. Even the names for The Blizzard City and Magical Fantasy City were all given by their respective city lords. 


These cities might be small but they were located just north, south, east and west of The Rising Sun City. 


If Shen Yanxiao wanted to open up a new city, she would definitely start first from the four nearest cities and gradually spread out.


Shen Yanxiao looked at the map and with her little finger, she pointed to the city located at the east of The Rising Sun City. 


"Start here." 

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