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The six wolves looked at Du Lang with very ambiguous eyes, extremely ambiguous.


Their head’s "luck in women" was really awe-inspiring.


This Yao Ji seemed to love teasing Du Lang. Every time she saw Du Lang, she would play a trick or two. The Cave Wolves Mercenary Corps members had become accustomed to seeing such a strange sight. Even if Du Lang suddenly talked about marrying Yao Ji, they would not be shocked at all.


They also wanted to be abused by elder sister Yao Ji, ah!


The mercenaries who had not been exposed to the opposite sex for many years had long been enthralled by the beauty of the demons. Not to mention a demon, even if it were a member of the Devil Race, they would also accept.


We’re seeking to be teased! We’re seeking to be abused!


Yao Ji smiled and raised her hands. Her seemingly boneless arms circled naturally around Du Lang's neck. The soft ‘something’ in her body directly pressed against Du Lang's broad chest as she whispered, "Head."


The six wolves almost fell from their chairs. This voice was a sound of ecstasy!


Please forgive and sympathize with them, a group of hot-blooded men!


"Uh... is there... something going on?" Du Lang, who had always been domineering, was like a mouse that had met a cat as he looked at Yao Ji; his face was flushed with panic.


Yao Ji squinted her eyes, admiring the somewhat stiff Du Lang.


"The City Lord is asking you to go to the City Lord Residence."


"Oh... I'll go." Du Lang swallowed his saliva and carefully prepared to raise his hand to pull Yao Ji's arms away from his neck.


Yao Ji whispered in a soft voice, "This slave is very tired, walking all the way over here. I’ll trouble the head to carry me back."


"..." Du Lang had the urge to die.


The six wolves silently covered their bleeding noses and secretly gave a thumbs up to their Corps Head.


Formidable! Very formidable!


Even demons fall on their knees before their head. They could only worship.


Yao Ji was very stubborn; Du Lang could only bite the bullet and stiffly pick up a certain beautiful demon. With a dazed expression, he carried Yao Ji out of the Cave Wolves Mercenary Corps Headquarters.


The look of envy and admiration behind him almost made Du Lang want to strangle his brothers.


Du Lang did not know how he got to the City Lord Residence. He only knew that the crowd watching him and Yao Ji on the way had almost drowned them. Yao Ji, who was in his arms, laughed like cat that had stolen a fish.


Du Lang was extremely speechless. He was innocent!


When Du Lang, holding Yao Ji in his arms, appeared in the main hall of the City Lord Residence, all the male demons in the room were immediately shocked.


"I don't want to be right, but did Yao Ji actually... tsk tsk." Jia Lan whispered.


"Head Du is a real man! I admire him!" Jia He quietly praised Du Lang in his heart.


Although Yao Ji was a female demon, the degree of her valiantness almost made all the male demons fear her. There had been several higher demons who had coveted her before,  yet all of them ended up having their clothes hung up on the gates of The Rising City for the other demons to learn a lesson.


Everyone knew that Yao Ji was beautiful, but extremely cruel.


No one wanted to be pricked by a thorny rose.


Seeing Du Lang holding Yao Ji in his arms, all the demons could only admire him.


He even dared to take advantage of a tigress, absolutely a man!


Du Lang was having an unspeakable bitter suffering and could only look at the sky without a word.


Yao Ji was already satisfied, so she naturally left Du Lang's arms. She gracefully fixed her long hair and calmly sat back in her seat.


Du Lang’s spirit was still floating...


He deeply felt that he had just been tricked by a female demon.


"Hey, Big Brother Du?" Shen Yanxiao endured her laughter, looking at Du Lang’s sluggish eyes.

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