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The Birthday Celebration did not end until evening. The next day everything returned to normal.


But The Rising Sun City had an unexpected guest.


Shen Yanxiao narrowed her eyes. Listening to Vicious Wolf’s report, her eyes were filled with surprised.


“Who are you talking about?”


Vicious Wolf replied, “Oh, that person said he was Ouyang Huanyu, the dean of the Holy Roland School.”


Shen Yanxiao stood up from her chair.


In Holy Roland School, Ouyang Huanyu was the most troubling thing for her. This famous and dignified Dean was actually a big hypocrite. Shen Yanxiao couldn't figure out why Ouyang Huanyu suddenly came to the Barren Land.


The Barren Land was a forbidden area; the territories here were divided among each of the four countries that were connected to this place. All the countries have their own garrisons guarding their borders to the Barren Land. Before successfully reclaiming a country’s city in the Barren Land, all people entering the Barren Land must have a special permit issued by the Emperor. Before she entered the Barren Land, Shen Yanxiao had also presented one to the garrison. If it was the Lan Yue Dynasty and the other two countries, one didn’t have to undergo such a hassle.


This was because the Barren Land was an extremely dangerous place.Once an ordinary person entered the place, he might no longer be able to go back again. Even the most fearless mercenary was afraid to step into this area.


Until the country had successfully reclaimed a city in the Barren Land, it was forbidden for anyone to travel here. Long Xuan Empire had still not opened up a road in the Barren Land. That meant that for Ouyang Huanyu to go to The Rising Sun City, he must have obtained a special permit from the Emperor.


However, why would he come here?


If possible, Shen Yanxiao did not want to see this hypocrite person. Now that she managed to leave the Holy Roland School, she no longer had to see this mysterious old guy again, yet he unexpectedly came here.


"City Lord?" Vicious Wolf saw Shen Yanxiao frowning and felt that something was odd. This Ouyang Huanyu didn’t have a high reputation in the Long Xuan Empire just because he was the Dean of the Holy Roland School, it was also because of his achievements in the Magician profession. Ouyang Huanyu’s reputation was always good, whether with the nobles living in the Imperial Capital or the commoners. He also had met Ouyang Huanyu previously and felt that such a legendary Dean was indeed extraordinary. His temper also looked good and he was very talented and polite.


But why was it that when their City Lord heard Ouyang Huanyu's name, she frowned?


Shen Yanxiao glanced at Vicious Wolf, her mood was extremely complex. She was clearer than anyone else about Ouyang Huanyu’s true personality. On the surface everything might seem like nothing, but in fact there were a lot of hidden things beneath it; just like deliberately delaying Yun Qi’s treatment, secretly collaborating with mysterious people, and Shen Yanxiao still hadn’t forgotten the conversation Ouyang Huanyu had with the mysterious person in his room that night.


She clearly remembered that the mysterious person and Ouyang Huanyu were trying to pull them into their organization.


Although she did not know what they were doing, Shen Yanxiao had a hunch, and it was definitely not to her advantage.


The five animals came in and inquired about it.


The Warlock of Holy Roland School was a heated topic. Ouyang Huanyu had almost caught Shen Yanxiao several times, and if it weren’t for the Moonlight Necklace that Yun Qi had given her, Shen Yanxiao’s Warlock identity would have already been discovered even before the School Tournament.


“Do you know the reason why Dean Ouyang has come?” Qi Xia’s face wasn’t too good. As smart as he was, it was really difficult to find out the true nature of Ouyang Huanyu.


"Not clear." Shen Yanxiao shook her head.


"Then, will you go see him?"


"The person has come, I think it’s hard to avoid seeing him." Shen Yanxiao replied.

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