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Qi Xia had brought in as many as six or seven hundred talents in various fields this time. There were also numerous kinds of materials.


After Shen Yanxiao listened to the capabilities of these hundreds of people, she immediately arranged for them to work according to their skills. She also told them that the demons in the city would not attack humans, and so they should be friendly to them.


The idea of coexisting with the demons made the hundreds of people scared. Fortunately, the Cave Wolves Mercenary Corps, this group of pioneers, gave them some reassurance. It was estimated that it would take a long time for them to adapt to everything here.


"Little Xiao, you really mean the demons here won't attack people?" Tang Nazhi looked at Shen Yanxiao. He felt that everything he had heard was incredible.


When Shen Yanxiao was about to open her mouth, the graceful Yao Ji brought a plate of fruits and put it aside. She exposed a smile at the five talented youths who were in the prime of their life before she twisted her waist away.


Tang Nazhi's eyeballs almost jumped out of its socket.


Just what exactly the situation in their family's Little Xiao's city? There was actually such a great beauty in The Rising Sun City?


Shen Yanxiao looked calmly at Tang Nazhi and slowly said, “She is called Yao Ji, and she is one of the more than two hundred higher demons of The Rising Sun City.”


"..." Tang Nazhi felt that his newly budding admiration was shattered into slag in an instant.


“How did you do it?” Yang Xi had long felt that something was wrong since they entered the city. He saw a lot of demons in The Rising Sun City, but these demons had no malice against them. Instead, they stayed as far away as possible.


Shen Yanxiao shrugged, "I found a way to feed the demons."


"Feed... the way to feed the demons?" Tang Nazhi thought that Shen Yanxiao was really unbelievable, she did not stop to amaze the world with a single brilliant feat. Everything she had done was not something normal people could do.


First, she embarked on the Warlock path, and now she went to the Barren Land to study how to feed the demons. This little lass was deathly astonishing!


"Well, the demons themselves came from the Demon Race. And there are no humans in the Demon Race's land. They live with dark elements. I have found the things that produce dark elements, and these dark elements will make them full. They naturally no longer have interest in eating humans” Shen Yanxiao honestly said. By now, she has nothing to hide from them.


Qi Xia and others dared to give up everything to go to the Barren Land to assist her, therefore she decided not to hide this matter from them anymore.


"This idea is indeed very novel. It is really very surprising that you actually can do it." Qi Xia had little reaction to the demons, but he felt that this was rather interesting.


"By the way, when we first arrived here, it sounded that you were discussing something. You also looked really angry at that time, what happened?" Qi Xia recalled Shen Yanxiao's rage earlier and he could not help but ask.


As soon as it was brought up, the smile on Shen Yanxiao’s face immediately disappeared. She told the animals about the attack on Su He and the other people.


The five animals listened quietly. Only after Shen Yanxiao had finished saying everything did they speak.


"Du Lang's persuasion is not unreasonable. It is only that such forbearance does not conform to your style. Secondly, it will also encourage the arrogance of those people. It is not desirable." Yan Yu said calmly.


"The reason why you had some scruples is because you were the only one with great strength. Du Lang and the rest didn’t dare to let you take risks. But now, it is different. The few of us have now come. Are you still afraid to play those people to their death?" Qi Xia raised his eyebrows. They dared to touch their little girl. They should now start washing their necks and wait for their death!

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