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When Shen Yanxiao appeared, Du Lang and the others immediately moved aside to make way for her.


Su He and others lay on stretchers. Almost everyone had a lot of arrows in their bodies. At a glance, they knew that they had been attacked by Archers. More than ten people were lined up on the ground. Their clothes were soaked in blood and the arrows nailed to their bodies were not yet unplugged.


Su He took more than 40 people on this trip, but just more than ten people came back. In this team, there were more than 200 demons, of which two were higher demons.


The two higher demons saw Shen Yanxiao and immediately knelt on one knee before saying, “City Lord, this time is our mistake. We failed to protect our brothers of the Human Race. Please punish us City Lord!”


Shen Yanxiao's face was already ashen. She gazed at the unconscious Su He and the other people. She forcefully restrained her inner anger and asked, "What happened?!"


The two higher demons looked guilty as they said, "We were heading to a new mining area, but we were suddenly attacked halfway. We did not know where the other party with hundreds of Archers came from, they suddenly launched an attack on our brothers of the Human Race. The target of their attacks is clearly our human brothers, they did not attack any demons."


Shen Yanxiao gritted her teeth. The demon's perception was very strong. The perception of the two higher demons could cover a distance of several hundred meters, but they did not even find the other side's whereabouts, it was clear that those group of people who attack them must have something that could avoid the demon’s perception.


Shen Yanxiao thought of Huoyao instantly. Only this kind of thing could completely avoid the perception of demons.


"Let people treat them first. You come with me!"


Looking at the pale faces of the Su He and others, Shen Yanxiao’s heart burst ablaze with anger.


Although these people were technically her slaves, she treated them as ordinary people. There was not the slightest contempt. The attack this time had taken the lives of more than 20 people. If Shen Yanxiao were able to endure this, she would no longer be herself.


After sending Su He and others for treatment, Shen Yanxiao immediately summoned the men of the Cave Wolves Mercenary Corps and all the higher demons of The Rising Sun City.


"This time, it’s very likely the work of the other three forces. However, according to these two demon brothers, when those Archers appeared, they intentionally hid their origins, then they suddenly launched attacks at a long distance. That attack successfully forced our side to immediately evacuate and so there were simply no clues about their identity.” Du Lang knit his brows. The blow this time was too big for them.


There were still some mining teams that had yet to return and nobody knew if they were safe.


Shen Yanxiao's complexion was extremely unsightly. She had always been a person who was protective of her people. As long as they were people of The Rising Sun City, she would not allow others to touch them unless she were dead.


"Identity? I don't care who did it! These three forces should not be thinking they can run away!" Shen Yanxiao's tone was filled with killing intent.


“They've seen that we're able to rebuild the city too fast so they want to disrupt us. However, the Four Nations Agreement is in effect here, we really cannot act rashly. If they obtain information that can be used against us, they can directly use that to accuse us of violating the Four Nations Agreement.” Du Lang could see that Shen Yanxiao was already on the verge of rage because of the incident this time, but the situation in the Barren Land was very complicated.


Although they were attacked, and could guess exactly what their enemy was doing, however, they did not have evidence. Even if Shen Yanxiao wanted to take revenge, he was afraid she would be bitten by the other three forces instead.


If that happened, he was afraid that the Emperor of Long Xuan Empire could not protect Shen Yanxiao, and the other three countries would certainly use this reason to launch an attack against The Rising Sun City!

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