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The voice of the demons landed on the ground and the next moment, there was a lot of turmoil in front of the city. Unsightly lower demons jumped out of the dark corners, and in the blink of an eye, Du Lang and the others were surrounded.


Looking around the surroundings, on the ground, on the rocks, and on the roof, there were as many as thousands of demons!


They were dragging their dark bodies forward as their sharp claws were spread out. The nauseous hissing overflowed from their mouths and their sharp teeth were exposed before Du Lang and others.


Among the thousands of lower demons, there were at least more than 100 middle demons mixed in them, add to that the two enigmatic higher demons. Du Lang and the rest felt despair.


“Guests who came from afar, please enjoy our welcome ceremony. You must know that these children have been hungry for hundreds of years now. Thank you for sending yourself to drive away their hunger for them.” The two higher demons stood in the same place. Their elegant voices and malicious tone teased the nerves of the poor humans.


Their manners were as elegant as those noblemen. However, every word that came from their mouths was really from a demon.


"Damn demons!" Vicious Wolf and others had already summoned their magical beasts out. This was truly the first time in their lives they were faced with so many demons.


The two higher demons smiled and ordered, "Eat!"


The crowd of demons immediately rushed toward the more than 100 people at the same time. However, each and every dark shadow which had formed a black wall was suddenly toppled over at a fast speed!


"Aiya, don't be so anxious." Shen Yanxiao's clear voice impressively sounded at such a crucial moment. Three giant flames came through the crowd and the demons that threw themselves in an instant all stepped back!


A large number of demons were burned in flames, wailing and falling to the ground, rolling non-stop. The scattered flames fell to the ground, illuminating the dim ground.


The two higher demons looked at this scene in surprise. They immediately turned to look at the source of the sound at the same time.


Shen Yanxiao came out from the crowd with a smile, followed by Vermillion Bird, male Phoenix, female Phoenix, Lan Fengli and Fu Tu.


"Little Xiao." Du Lang and Uncle Jiu saw Shen Yanxiao appear and felt relieved.


With Vermillion Bird, there were three Mythological Beasts standing behind Shen Yanxiao!


With three Mythological Beasts in their sides, even if they were facing thousands of demons, they were not without a fighting strength!


Shen Yanxiao showed a soothing smile to them and stepped forward to watch the demons who had been forced to retreat by the flames. In the sight of those demons who had been completely turned into ashes by the flames, her clear pair of eyes flashed a tinge of pain.


This are all the creatures I will be raising in the future. Kill one less!


[Raz-P: Hahahahaha!]


Her heart felt really painful as if it could not love again!


The two higher demons were amazed at the appearance of Shen Yanxiao. They were surprised at the fact that behind Shen Yanxiao, there was a very similar breath as them. But what surprised them the most was...


When this human saw the corpses of the demons, she actually showed a trace of sadness?


A human being, grieving for the death of the demons?


What a joke.


The demon on the left looked at Shen Yanxiao and the five people behind her. With the smell and perception of the demons, he could easily judge that the five guys behind Shen Yanxiao were not humans.


Three high leveled magical beasts, one higher demon, and one...




"This is amusing, at the side of a human being, there are actually three magical beasts, one higher demon, and one...ah, dragon, or elf?"

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