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"What did you say?" Qu Rui was startled by Shen Yanxiao's words. This beautiful little lass was beautiful, but how could her words be so ear-piercing?


"I said..." Shen Yanxiao's mouth held a smile, her eyes slightly narrowed.


"You trashes of Lan Yue Dynasty, if you dare to step into my territory again from today onwards, I will all kill you."


"Your territory? Who are you?" Qu Rui asked after hearing something wrong.


Shen Yanxiao slightly raised her head and said, "I am Long Xuan Empire's Shen Yanxiao, from now on, the Barren Land territory of the Long Xuan Empire will be taken over by me, and none of you would ever want to touch the grasses and trees here again." Even the clay Bodhisattva still had some degree of anger. This group of people just bullied her. If she did not fight back, forget about building a city in the future, she feared that they would be bullied continuously by this group of people in the Barren Land.


She, Shen Yanxiao, would never show any weakness!


“You are the representative of the Long Xuan Empire?” Qu Rui was having a hard time associating this beautiful little girl to the representative of Long Xuan Empire. He looked at Shen Yanxiao from head to toe and chortled.


"You? I say, young beautiful lady, are the men of your Long Xuan Empire all dead? They actually sent such a delicate little lass like you to such a wilderness. Let me tell you, you should just obediently look for a man to marry, don't go running around here, be careful and don’t become demons’ food someday."


Qu Rui's words attracted the burst of laughter from his men. No one put the little girl Shen Yanxiao into their eyes.


The brutality of the Barren Land made it impossible for even grown men to tolerate it. What more for a girl whose waist was not as thick as their thighs.


This was simply a joke.


The unbridled laughter spread to the surroundings. Shen Yanxiao's mouth sneered.


Suddenly, an agile figure flashed past Shen Yanxiao's side. Everyone did not have enough time to react when the figure flashed behind Qu Rui who was laughing loudly.


The next second, Qu Rui only felt a sharp pain in his knees. Then his whole person knelt in a plop in front of Shen Yanxiao.


A slender hand clasped his throat.


“Are you worthy to speak to my sister?” Lan Fengli stood behind Qu Rui, amidst his eyes were killing intent, and a cold breath emanated from his body.


The laughter stopped at once!


“You...what do you want to do! I am the son of a Marquis, if you dare to touch me, my father will not let you off!” Qu Rui had never dreamt that a son of a Marquis such as himself, would actually be restrained by a little brat. The tightening hand around his neck gave him a little fear.


When the people of the Lan Yue Dynasty saw that Qu Rui was seized by the other side, they immediately wanted to come forward to rescue him.


"If you dare to take a step forward, I will twist his neck." Shen Yanxiao looked coldly at the group of people.


After her words, everyone dared not act rashly.


Obviously, it was such a young and charming girl, but when she had that kind of cold face, no one dared to question her words.


Shen Yanxiao took a step forward, looking down at the trembling Qu Rui. She raised her feet and stepped on Qu Rui's shoulder.


"I don't care whose son you are. In the eastern part of the Barren Land, I have the final say. If you still act recklessly, you can come and give it a try. I absolutely don't mind letting your white-haired old man send the black-haired one[1]." Shen Yanxiao slightly narrowed her eyes, a trace of killing intent was flowing from them.


[1] let the old person see the young one die first before him.


Qu Rui was kneeling on the ground panic-stricken. Looking at Shen Yanxiao against the light, that crazy and beautiful face seemed like a devil from hell at this particular moment.




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