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Although the dark element was demon’s favorite, Shen Yanxiao must still have the power to suppress the demons, because only then could she let the demons in the Barren Land surrender. An innocent person could get into trouble on account of a treasured item, if they did not have the ability to protect their treasures, then they could not blame others if they plan to kill them.


"I naturally know about that." Shen Yanxiao put her things back to her storage ring.


Fu Tu’s purple eyes began to show sorrow.


"Later I'll let your fill." Shen Yanxiao said after struggling to find the suitable word.


"Okay." Fu Tu nodded. He was still a very decent demon.


Her last task was to find Fu Tu. Nothing was more helpful than having a living demon beside her.


And this demon was very powerful and intelligent one even.


Shen Yanxiao believed that Fu Tu would help her eliminate a lot of troubles in the future of rebuilding the city in the Barren Land.


However, before taking Fu Tu along, Shen Yanxiao had a problem.


Looking at the seducing outfit of Fu Tu, Shen Yanxiao was rather speechless. The demon's aesthetic was very strange. If such a person with this kind of appearance appeared before the citizens of Long Xuan Empire, she feared that just after a minute, it would cause a great sensation.  


"Don’t you have any other clothes?" Shen Yanxiao asked.


Fu Tu raised his eyebrow.




Shen Yanxiao put her hand on her forehead as she searched in her storage ring for a set of clothes before handing them to Fu Tu.


"You’ll attract a lot of attention if you go out like that, change with this first."


Fu Tu just shrugged and casually said, "You, humans are troublesome beings."  As he said this, he began to undress.


In front of Shen Yanxiao...


"Change your clothes over there!” Shen Yanxiao's speechlessly kicked this demon who had no moral integrity towards the tree. She did not want to see what she was still not supposed to see.


Fu Tu rubbed his butt, holding the clothes in his hands, he changed without saying another word.


A moment later, Fu Tu looked like a son of a noble with his cyan cheongsam. It was just that there was a trace of smirk in his mouth that could make a person’s blood run cold.


Under the instruction of Shen Yanxiao, Fu Tu turned his demon’s purple eyes into normal brown ones.


Along with this demon, Shen Yanxiao returned to Black City.


Regarding Fu Tu’s existence, Shen Yanxiao just made up a simple introduction to others. Naturally, she did not tell them that Fu Tu was a demon nor that he was a higher demon.


The mercenaries of the Cave Wolves Mercenary Corps were very enthusiastic in entertaining and showing their hospitality to Fu Tu, and accidentally this group of mercenaries and Fu Tu became united.


Shen Yanxiao watched as this group of mercenaries put their arms at each other’s shoulders as they drink wine with Fu Tu. She felt that this world was truly weird.


Calculating with her fingers, in her team, except for the members of the Cave Wolves Mercenary Corps who were all normal, everyone else was not human!


Uncle Jiu along with his people had a mixed blood of other races, the two Phoenixes and Vermillion Bird were magical beasts, Lan Fengli was a mix of the seven major races, and now there was the only demon in the team, Fu Tu…


Shen Yanxiao wiped the sweat from her face. She felt that the team she assembled was very amazing.


But, amazing was amazing.


Five days later, the team consisting of 120 people set out from the Black City and headed towards the border of Long Xuan Empire.


This time, Vermillion Bird was caught in a motion sickness and returned instantly inside Shen Yanxiao's body. As a result, the small Phoenix screamed and shouted, making the two Phoenixes couple very distressed.


Apart from that, everything went smoothly.


After more than twenty days, this caravan finally came to the border of Long Xuan Empire.


In the place where the borders were, Shen Yanxiao picked up the carriages and horses sent by Tang Nazhi.


And so, all the 120 people changed their transportation.

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