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That pendant was given to him after his return to the Black Tortoise Clan.


But he clearly remembered that he had put it in his clothes, so how did Shen Yanxiao get it?


Tang Nazhi looked meaningfully at his own brother's solemn face and said, "Believe me, everything you see is real, this little girl is definitely a thief who is more vicious than the Silver Hands."


Shen Yanxiao raised an eyebrow and threw the crystal pendant to Li Xiaowei.


Li Xiaowei still felt that all of this was somewhat bizarre.


“Say, you're such in good mood today for inviting us to have a meal. There should be something you'd like to talk about, right?” Qi Xia lazily supported his chin, watching Shen Yanxiao who was happily eating.


Shen Yanxiao put down her chopsticks and said, "En."


"What's the matter?"












"What?" Li Xiaowei looked at the other people with some doubts.


Tang Nazhi wiped his face and glanced at his brother who had ruined the pattern[1].


[1] the repeat of “...”.


"Cough. Do you mean you want to buy something from us?" Yang Xi cleared his throat. He thought that the words coming from Shen Yanxiao's mouth were sometimes really difficult to comprehend.


A godly thief that could steal anything still needed to spend money to buy things?


"Are you kidding us?" This was the first reaction of Tang Nazhi.


Shen Yanxiao gave him a sidelong glance and slowly said, "I am going to the Barren Land and I am bringing a hundred people there. The border between the Barren Land and the Long Xuan Empire has a certain distance. I don’t wish to eat roasted sweet potatoes at that time. Not to mention I have to sit for three days in a carriage."


"Oh, do you want to eat roasted sweet potatoes right now, you should have said earlier! Waiter, please roast some sweet potatoes!" Tang Nazhi exclaimed.


"Can you get even more stupid?" Shen Yanxiao was speechless.


Tang Nazhi grinned.


"Joke, joke. What do you need?"


"Food! Things! Clothes!" Shen Yanxiao said very pragmatically.


The four animals looked at each other.


"Do you think we are running several shops?"


"Almost." Shen Yanxiao really nodded.


The few animals wiped out a cold sweat.


"I can provide weapons." Yang Xi said calmly.


"I can pack up medicines," Yan Yu continued.


“As long as the money is in place, I can help you with other things.” As someone who was born in a family running an unscrupulous business for generations, Qi Xia's heroic spirit rocketed.


On the other hand, Tang Nazhi was depressed.


The specialty of the Black Tortoise Clan was troops formation strategy, but this kind of thing could not be packaged and sold.


"Alright." Shen Yanxiao simply gave out three storage rings and then threw out three purple crystal cards before she said like a nouveau riche, "Draw how much money needed as long as you fill up the ring."


Tang Nazhi felt that he had been ignored. He was disregarded and he could not find his sense of existence because his family's thing could not be sold!


The three animals had received the ring and the card. The first thing they did was to open the ring to see its size.


The next second, the three animals' face turned all black.


She wanted them to fill up a one-hundred-square-meters storage ring!


Was this little lass really going to open up a city in the Barren Land or did she just want to squander money?!


Even wealthy people were not as wasteful of money as this!


Shen Yanxiao seemed to think of something again. She looked at the side of the depressed Tang Nazhi, "In fact, you can also help me to buy something."


"What thing?" Tang Nazhi felt his sense of presence had once again improved.


"Horses and carriages." If more than one hundred people sat on Vermillion Bird all the way to the Barren Land, she feared that Vermillion Bird would directly fume in anger.


"Oh, yes, how many?"


"One hundred horses, forty carriages."




It would be better if he did not ask anything!!!

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