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Looking at the small Phoenix's actions, the other people in the cave could not help but smile.


No one noticed that Shen Yanxiao's eyes flashed a strange smile. She touched the small Phoenix lying on Vermillion Bird's head and muttered in a voice only she could hear, "Loving you little guy is definitely not in vain."


In fact, from the very beginning, Shen Yanxiao planned to use this small Phoenix to make the two big Phoenixes aboard her ship!


Although the Barren Land was dangerous, it was very difficult for the small Phoenix to be in danger under the protection of Vermillion Bird.


The reason why she had to return the small Phoenix to the male Phoenix and female Phoenix at this time was to let them willingly go with her.


With the dependence of the small Phoenix on Vermillion Bird, it was absolutely impossible to separate the small Phoenix to them now. Moreover, from the very start, she had shown that it was necessary for her to go to the Barren Land. Whether it was for repaying a debt of gratitude or for the safety of their child, the two Phoenixes were bound to follow her!


It had to be said that Shen Yanxiao's scheme was resounding enough.


Steadily grasping the two Phoenixes' vulnerable spot, and let them unknowingly aboard her pirate ship.


And it was voluntarily even!


The two Phoenixes would never know until death that they had been sold out by Shen Yanxiao. And after they were sold, they still smiled and helped her count her money!


[TL Sky: Well rather, it’s their child that sold them out, SYX just made use of it.]


The small Phoenix was such a great swindling chip!


The addition of the two Phoenixes increased Shen Yanxiao's confidence. She now had three Mythological Beasts in her hands. Nevermind creating a city in the Barren Land, even if it was across the Radiance Continent, it would definitely be a cinch!


Shen Yanxiao told the two Phoenixes that she would set off after seven days and then let the two Phoenixes wait for her outside the gates of the Imperial Capital.


After experiencing a brief separation from Vermillion Bird, the small Phoenix was unwilling to leave Vermillion even for half a step.


Shen Yanxiao's mood was flying upward when she left the Lava Valley with the small Phoenix and others.


Vermillion Bird watched his master's satisfied smile at this moment and finally realized it.


"You've been trying to dupe the two Phoenixes to go with you to the Barren Land from the very start, right?"


Shen Yanxiao stretched out a finger and shook it.


"Dupe is not the right word for that, it is called a stratagem." While speaking, she wondered where did this little guy Vermillion Bird learn the word dupe?


Vermillion Bird snorted and looked at his master with contempt.


"Shameless, too shameless." Abducting other's child was not enough, she actually swindled other's parents as well. This kind of thing could only be done by his master whose shamelessness knew no bounds.


Shen Yanxiao shrugged her shoulders and directly took Vermillion Bird's contempt as a compliment.


Patting Vermillion Bird's shoulder, Shen Yanxiao said, "Don't talk any more nonsense, hurry and bring me back as I have a bunch of things to deal with."


There were many things Shen Yanxiao wanted to prepare for building a city in the Barren Land. There were demons on all sides of the Barren Land. She had to get everything ready.


Food, herbs, tools, clothes, medicines, would be the most precious things in the Barren Land.


Real gold coins were the most worthless thing there.


So Shen Yanxiao planned to go back to the Imperial Capital quickly and start preparing everything.


And these preparations ultimately needed... money!


Money, this kind of thing had never been a problem for Shen Yanxiao. Everything that could be solved with money was not a problem for her.


However, she did not think that these gold coins needed to buy things should come out of her own pocket. Since she had returned to the Imperial Capital, this rich land, then, of course, it was natural to draw on local resources.

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