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The entire venue was quiet, and everyone was looking at the feet of Qi Xia and Shen Yanxiao.


The extremely fierce battle was actually concluded by a small piece of stone. This made them feel uncomfortable as if a piece of bone had stuck in their chest.


Qi Xia broke out from his trance and the madness faded from the bottom of his eyes. He was now back to his old lazy self and could not help but laugh. Covering his face with both hands, he issued a low laughter.


"..." Shen Yanxiao blinked her eyes and looked at the slightly strange animal that was now grabbing his head. Could it be that this fellow had become stupid by her wretched way of winning?


In fact, as early as when Shen Yanxiao knew that she would fight against Qi Xia, she had already thought of all the possible countermeasures, including this small stone under her foot.


It was almost impossible for her to win a battle against Qi Xia. Therefore, she could only take risks.


When she used Engraved, she gambled that Qi Xia had not yet become a Great Magister, or else all of her plans would end in naught.


Luckily she was right.


The fine hard stone used in the ring was tough and could withstand enormous impacts. However, Qi Xia was an aberrant being. He could perform magic without chanting. He was like a machine-gun which firing speed was multiplied by two. Nevermind this fine hard stone, even if it was fine diamond, it could still be bombarded into slag.


Rather than saying Shen Yanxiao's plan was well thought out, it would be better to say that Qi Xia’s strength was too strong. If not because his magical attack was capable of smashing the entire ring, Shen Yanxiao would not be able to win with a small piece of stone from the ring.


At the same time, the referee on the side had long been frightened silly by everything before him. He still had not recovered from this horrible battle.


He stared blankly at the faintly smiling Qi Xia and at the silent Shen Yanxiao. He simply had not reacted to what had happened.


"Hey, can you announce the result of the match now?" Shen Yanxiao was struggling to step on the tiny rock, urging the referee to hurry up and announce the result because she felt that the tiny stone under her foot would not last long.


After Shen Yanxiao said that, the referee then regained his thoughts. He looked at Qi Xia and Shen Yanxiao with a distorted expression. He swallowed his saliva and said, “The final winner of this school tournament is... Shen Yanxiao of the Holy Roland School Warlock Branch!" God knows how much courage he had used to declare the victory of a Warlock!


The results of the tournament were publicized and the entire venue was in an awkward silence.


Of course, the match just now had shown an incredible degree of intensity, but such results had exceeded all expectations.


The Warlock, who had vanished in the Radiance Continent for a hundred years, once again appeared in the sight of the people.


And won the championship of the Long Xuan Empire's greatest competition!


People's moods were very complicated but they could not deny this fact.


Shen Yanxiao had played in all of her three matches above board, without using any sinister tricks. Each battle was a head-on confrontation with the enemy. In the face of a strong opponent, she achieved victory with her real strength.


People would even remember Qi Xia and Shen Yanxiao's battle for a very long time. The magnificent magical attacks and the fantastic life and death duel caused everyone to pinch cold sweat for both of them.


They had finally realized that the Warlock who always hid in the dark also had such a strong side.


The exquisite play of various enhancing and other curse techniques was beyond compare. It could be said that the perfect combination of those curses was too much for the eyes to take in.


And the Engraved of the last battle was even more amazing!


The Warlock could really be this powerful, and most importantly, they could also be open and aboveboard!

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