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Shen Yanxiao's eyes were filled with doubts and Yun Qi had to divert the topic.


The bustling preliminaries ended after six long days. A large number of players were eliminated, and only the top 30 participants from the six professions had advanced to the semi-finals.


The semi-finals was the real climax of the school tournament.


People from various influential families were beginning to go in and out of the venue frequently and win over their fancied potential assets.


The four animals of Phantom were of course not an exception; all of them successfully entered the semi-finals.


Except for the Pharmaceutical Branch of Holy Roland School and the unlucky Pharmacist who were just there to fill the number, all other five professions had advanced to the semi-finals. Meng Yijun also grabbed a spot in the Archer area.


After six days of continuous fighting, a large number of talents were excavated, of which the four animals were the most dazzling ones.


Whether it was Qi Xia who second killed his opponents from afar, or Yang Xi who indifferently beat up his opponents with a blast, or the Priest Yan Yu who was playing similarly to a Magician, or even the seemingly always absent-minded but still able to defeat his opponents Tang Nazhi, they all had become the focus of attention in this school tournament.


Almost everyone was sure that these four individuals would firmly occupy the only place in their respective profession after the semi-finals.


The strength of these four individuals had gone far beyond their peers.


Their talents that go against heavens will let the surrounding audiences gaped in awe.


These four animals had the backing of the most powerful clans of the Long Xuan Empire, no one would question their strength, and even more the power of the five great clans. If there would be no accident, the winner of this tournament would surely be one of these four individuals.


Shen Yanxiao was sitting on the sidelines of the venue for the seventh time, watching the final round of the semi-finals.


Under the countless cheers, the four animals lived up to expectations, winning the only spot in their respective profession and successfully reaching the finals. It was Meng Yijun, the top student in the Archer Branch of Holy Roland School, who had been defeated unexpectedly by an Archer student of a lower institute, which was far beyond everyone's expectations.


"The day after tomorrow will be the finals. The opponents you will have to face are not simple." Yun Qi was deeply worried these past few days of watching the tournament. The six young people standing in the center of the venue, no matter which one was extremely strong. If there would be one who was slightly weaker, then there was that unknown Archer.


Of course, the Pharmacist was once again neglected.


"Sure enough, the children of the five great clans are really different. This is such a coincidence. Once you appear in the finals, the five great clans will all be present."


"That is true." Shen Yanxiao nodded.


"Do you have the certainty of winning?" Yun Qi asked.


"Probably," Shen Yanxiao answered with ambiguity.


She really could not tell for sure as she had never fought with those few animals before. Even at that time when she had beaten Tang Nazhi, it was only due to underhanded means; it really could not be considered a head-on confrontation.


For this school tournament, Shen Yanxiao had her own plans.


Yun Qi hoped that she could regain the glory of the Warlocks. But Shen Yanxiao was very clear; although the curse techniques used by the Warlocks were ferocious, it would be difficult to convince people using them. If she used the curse technique she had previously cast on Tang Nazhi to win this tournament, she was afraid that with the thinking of the people of the Radiance Continent, it would not prove of the great strength of the Warlocks, but would instead give the same idea as before that Warlock was a despicable profession.


She was going to win this tournament— win it fair and square.


She would face the opponents head-on with her real strength to tell the world, Warlock was an extremely powerful profession.


She would use her own methods, and make the Warlock profession return to the light once again!

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