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Why does this bow look so familiar? When Tang Nazhi remembered the first time he went to the Archer Branch to see a match, he thought that this bow in front of him was extremely similar to the bow used by that little girl. The only difference was that there was not a single magic nucleus or crystallic nucleus in the bow held by Shen Yanxiao.


But the bow in the hands of this little guy before him was inlaid with crystallic nucleus. Tang Nazhi subconsciously denied his speculation.


Shen Yanxiao dared to display the Purple Baron naturally because she already concluded that this single-celled organism Tang Nazhi would absolutely not connect herself to the Purple Baron added with crystallic nucleus.


The Archer and the Swordsman faced each other without moving a single muscle.


The people at the side also studied the Purple Baron in Shen Yanxiao’s hands.


They really could not see anything special on that bow, even more when it was inlaid with the extremely cheap crystallic nucleus.


Crystallic nucleus was generally only used in practice weapons; no one dared to use them in official weapons.


In addition, the color of the Purple Baron was dull. No one would find such a bow as a fine weapon. It was probably only this average poor youngster who would come in contact with such a weapon.


On the contrary, the sword in Tang Nazhi's hands had a sharp blade and the hilt was decorated with a huge, at least a rank eight, magic nucleus.


No matter from what point of view they looked at it, Shen Yanxiao was absolutely bound to be on the passive end.


A thin little homely brat with a broken bow against a handsome swordsman armed with an extraordinary tough sword, one would know that the former certainly had no chances of winning even if they used their toes to think.


Everyone could not help but feel somewhat bored, this one-on-one battle was too unsightly to watch!


"Since you are younger, I'll let you shoot first." Tang Nazhi was not a person who bully people.  Seeing that the opposite party was younger and was even equipped with just a so-so weapon, he naturally would take one step back.


It was not a noble sentimentality, but rather because he did not want to end this battle in an instant.


He would rather play Tai Chi with the wimpy kid before him than serve the eldest young lady Shen Jiayi any second longer.


Shen Yanxiao smiled, looking at the confident Tang Nazhi.


"Oh, then pardon me if I become impolite."


"No problem, please don't hesitate!" Tang Nazhi straightforwardly said.


Shen Yanxiao pulled out the arrow basket and hung it around her waist. She mounted an arrow on the Purple Baron with an abominable smile on the corners of her mouth.


A simple-minded idiot with well-developed limbs was a great target to bully!


None of the people present, including Tang Nazhi, would have believed that the broken bow and the little guy could do any harm to the Senior Swordsman Tang Nazhi.


Even that Magician at the peak of Intermediate level could not land a hit on this Swordsman, so how could such a small arrow injure him?


No one noticed that the moment Shen Yanxiao pulled the bowstring, an invisible trace of magic was gradually spreading over the entire arrow.


They only heard a noise, then the arrow originally on the Purple Baron flew away and shot towards Tang Nazhi just like a thunderbolt.


The arrow was extremely fast that no one could see its shadow. The only thing they could see was the reflection of the light, a silver light flashing past!


Tang Nazhi, who had his guard down, suddenly felt the momentum of the arrow from the broken bow and he immediately leaped to avoid the arrow. But just when everyone thought that the arrow was about to come to an end...


Another sound and another silver flash of light chase towards the first released arrow, and hit the tail of the first arrow with an astonishing degree of alignment. The first arrow, which was flying straight, after being subjected to the impact, immediately turned its aim and rushed towards the dodging figure of Tang Nazhi!

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