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"Dean, I heard that you named all the seven branches to participate in the school tournament this time?" The head of the Magician Branch heard such news, but standing in the room was only the heads and representative of the six branches. The seventh branch was obviously the Warlock Branch.


However, everyone knew that Warlock profession had been dying. Although Holy Roland School still retained its Warlock Branch, there had been no students for many years.


So it was really hard for people to understand why Ouyang Huanyu actually signed up the Warlock Branch for the tournament.


"Hn." Ouyang Huanyu nodded.


"However, the representative of the Warlock Branch has not come yet." There were many doubt in everyone's hearts, and there was still great prejudice and resistance in their hearts towards the Warlocks.


They really could not understand Ouyang Huanyu's approach.


"This is not a pressing matter. Besides, apart from us, other schools did not have any Warlock Branch to sign up. We can skip the preceding part of the tournament. As long as they arrived here before the finals, then there's no problem." Ouyang Huanyu smiled as he talked, but his eyes had a trace of uncertainty.


Before they come to Snow Blowing City, he had been probing Yun Qi's words. Yun Qi had always positively said that his disciple would participate in the school tournament. Yet, Ouyang Huanyu always failed to see the figure of the little guy.


Even he could not be so sure whether Yun Qi would let his disciple come to this tournament in the end.


It had to be said that part of the reason why Ouyang Huanyu was giving Yun Qi such a big preferential treatment was to dig out his little disciple.


Inheriting Yun Qi's powerful curses, that little guy could be said to be the most promising Warlock in the present Radiance Continent.


Ouyang Huanyu thought that it was for the purpose of protecting his disciple that was why Yun Qi decided to come late. What he did not know was that Yun Qi was even more anxious than him to look for his own disciple previously.


The crowd held a wait-and-see attitude toward the words of Ouyang Huanyu. Although they did not believe there really were Warlocks at Holy Roland School, the Dean's approach was not something they could question.


"Tomorrow is the start of preliminaries. Each of you should let the students take a good rest. Don't disgrace the reputation of our Holy Roland School." Ouyang Huanyu gave a few more words before waving at the crowd to leave.


Leaving Ouyang Huanyu's room, the three heads of the Magician Branch, Priest Branch, and Knight Branch left with a happy expression on their faces.


On the other hand, the other three people were left alone with a frown.


"Xie Yun, your branch has a Meng Yijun to participate, what's the matter with that bitter face?" Luo De looked at Xie Yun with a sullen expression.


Xie Yun smiled bitterly as he said, "Meng Yijun... sigh, in fact, this time I want another little guy to participate. Unfortunately, that kid had run away two months ago without leaving his shadow, otherwise, I would like him and Meng Yijun to compare notes in the tryouts and see who really is better than the other." Not knowing to what extent Shen Yanxiao had grown was always Xie Yun's regret.


Luo De was surprised for a second, then he patted Xie Yun's shoulder and said, "We really are fellow sufferers. I also don’t know where did our branch's Shen Jue go, so we were left without a really talented one to take the shot."


All right, missing students or whatnot, it was really so troublesome.


The head of the Swordsman Branch at one side glanced at the pair, and his expression was complex as he turned away.


"What’s going on with him? I thought the young overlord of their branch had returned, shouldn't he be as happy as the three old guys?" Luo De inexplicably looked at the lonely back of the Swordsman Branch Head, and he remained perplexed despite much thought.

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