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Snow Blowing City, located not far from the Imperial Capital, the area was extremely broad, and although it was called Snow Blowing City, the city did not seem to have such culture. This place was the most prestigious battle place of Long Xuan Empire, where all the big and small ring competitions were countless.


For those who wanted to fight, they would be here.


Every school tournament of Long Xuan Empire was also held here.


One day before the start of the school tournament, teams from various schools and academies all over the country had successively entered the monumental battle city.


School teams from all over the country had their corresponding accommodation environment.


For these future pillars of the country, Long Xuan Empire Emperor was still very willing to spend money. Almost the entire Snow Blowing City's top restaurants had been wrapped down to receive these students.


Holy Roland School's position in the Long Xuan Empire had been very high. In the previous school tournament, Holy Roland School had a very outstanding performance, and most of the championship had been won by the school. This time, Holy Roland School was also in the spotlight.


As the Dean of Holy Roland School, Ouyang Huanyu had also traveled to Snow Blowing City this time and gathered the heads of all branches together when the tournament was about to begin.


"Do you have some confidence in this year's school tournament?" Ouyang Huanyu sat on a chair and looked at the five branch heads who stood before him.


The heads of the Magician Branch, Priest Branch, Knight Branch and Swordsman Branch were very confident for this competition.


"Qi Xia's condition is good. I believe in this tournament, Magicians from other schools will not be his opponent." The head of the Magician Branch had a confident smile on his face. For this student Qi Xia, he had not figure out what level he had actually reached so far. He only knew that when it comes to magic, there was never been a problem with this genius.


"Well, Qi Xia's talent in magic is very good, but unfortunately he is from Qilin Clan. Otherwise, after he graduated, he can continue to stay in Holy Roland School as a mentor." Ouyang Huanyu nodded in agreement, he had indeed heard about Qi Xia's talent.


The head of the Priest Branch was unwilling to be outdone as he said, "Yan Yu's strength is also good. Before the tryouts, the top two student is not his opponent. I believe that he will be able to bring glory to Holy Roland School's Priest Branch on this school tournament."


Ouyang Huanyu smiled and approved of the Priest Branch Head's praise. But he was very clear that the Priests, as a supporting profession, the aggressiveness was very limited. In this school tournament with a one-on-one system, the possibility of Priests winning was not high.


The head of the Swordsman Branch looked at the other two people but did not say anything. His expression was slightly more complicated.


As the Archer Branch Head, Xie Yun's expression was also not very good looking. Shen Yanxiao, whom he was initially optimistic about, had been missing. So this tournament would be played by Meng Yijun on behalf of the Archer Branch. Although Meng Yijun's strength was very good, he had always been more in favor of that amazing little guy.






Among all, Luo De, the representative mentor of the Pharmaceutical Branch had the most unsightly expression.


The Archer Branch, at any rate, there was a Meng Yijun. On the other hand, the Pharmaceutical Branch had nothing. The representative elected this time basically only had a so-so talent, it was difficult to take the shot. Even him going here in Snow Blowing City was also pushing him to do things way beyond his ability. Pu Lisi should be the one originally standing here, but now it had become him.

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