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 Extra Chapter for this week!


 "You... what do you want?!" A chill emerged from Vermillion Bird's back, his hands were on his chest and he had a scared expression.


Shen Yanxiao's mouth twitched. Although she was not a good master, this fellow did not have to act like a girl being pushed by a rogue!


"Cough, I remember that you have motion sickness, right?" Shen Yanxiao waved away the complaint in her mind and got back to the main point.


Vermillion Bird glanced at her with a look saying, "You're talking nonsense."


"You see, as your master, of course, I have to understand that you can't adapt to the carriage, but it's a long way back. How about you directly turned into a beast and then we fly our way back, what do you say?" Shen Yanxiao blinked her eyes and enticed with a coaxing tone.


Vermillion Bird was speechless...


Understand his ass!!! She clearly knew before that he had motion sickness, but this bastard master was so cruel to shove him in the carriage to bring him along!!!


"You just want to rush back and make me a transportation tool... right!!!" Vermillion Bird angrily protested.


Shen Yanxiao gently coaxed his anger.


"Don't say that. I care about you, or do you want us to go find a carriage and ride our way back?"


Vermillion Bird's face immediately turned green at the mention of riding a carriage.


Of all the things in this life, he hated carriage the most!




"Good, as long as you hurried back in two days, I'll buy you a candy."






"I, your father, is a Mythological Beast! I am not a little brat!" Vermillion Bird was furious.


Shen Yanxiao's eyes squinted, then she stood up with a swoosh. With her height advantage, she pushed Vermillion Bird who hadn't reacted yet to the corner, her hands plastered on the wall, trapping Vermillion Bird in between herself and the wall.


Against the light, Shen Yanxiao was dangerously narrowing her eyes.


"You'll fly or not fly?!"


Vermillion Bird looked at this vicious bully incarnation of his unscrupulous master, and he resembled a quivering quail in an instant.


"If you say not fly..." Shen Yanxiao's end tone lengthened infinitely, a malicious smile bloomed in her mouth.


"I'll kiss you."


“..." Vermillion Bird at that moment became petrified, then the next second he cried out loudly, "I’ll fly! I’ll fly! Fly!!!"


The handsome youth who had just woken up happened to pass by.  Looking at the strange pose of Vermillion Bird and Shen Yanxiao, the killing God who looked adorably stupid muttered confusedly, "Silly bird has no wings, how will it fly."


After he spoke, the adorably stupid killing God walked over behind Shen Yanxiao, reach out his hands and hugged Shen Yanxiao's waistline.


"Sister, I'm hungry..." he said with a pitiful tone.


Shen Yanxiao froze thereupon, how could she forgot about this fellow!


After having an amnesia, this killing God became adorably stupid and apparently treated her as his sister. No matter how Uncle Jiu coaxed him, he did not want to leave Shen Yanxiao even half a step. He was just like a small tail behind her.


When Shen Yanxiao was removing the curse of the villagers, this adorably stupid fellow had been crouching in the corner three steps away from Shen Yanxiao, silently staring at the busy Shen Yanxiao without a word, not even eating or drinking.


Until he could not resist his drowsiness and fell asleep, Uncle Jiu carried him to the haystack to rest.


And now, he had just woken up and this kid had stuck with her again.


"You... that’s enough!!! Quickly let go! Who are you to hold my master? You little devil, let go!!!" Vermillion Bird seemed to have completely forgotten that he had just been threatened by his unscrupulous master. Seeing the wimpy kid flirting with his own master, he was immediately furious.


"Chirp~ chirp~" The small Phoenix who had been squatting on Vermillion Bird's head spread its two small wings and as if imitating Vermillion Bird, it also issued an unknown sound to protest.

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