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"Just what is wrong with him!?" Vermillion Bird glared at Uncle Jiu as he pointed his finger at the Killing God who was acting like a spoiled brat towards his own master.


Uncle Jiu did not also expect a situation like this. His expression was very complex.


"This... Little Feng's behavior, it seems like he has amnesia." Uncle Jiu's mood was very complicated. He thought that he would once again engage in a fight with the child he had personally raised as his own, but he did not expect that this Killing God would suddenly become adorably stupid.


"Amnesia?" Shen Yanxiao looked at the beautiful smile of the handsome youth and she felt her head aching. Although it was very fortunate that he was not that Killing God anymore, how should she deal with this adorably stupid creature?


"I don't know if this is temporary or what, but Little Feng's behavior now is his original temper. This child's nature is not bad, although he lacks a sense of security." Uncle Jiu gazed at the completely changed Little Feng and his heart was stirring with emotions.


Although the Killing God had completely turned into an adorably stupid being, the people in the Sun Graveyard would not easily let this village off. Uncle Jiu planned to take all the villagers away, hiding wherever they could. As long as those people in the Sun Graveyard could not find them then they could continue living.


Because Shen Yanxiao was the reason why the village was implicated, she felt very guilty. According to Uncle Jiu, the villagers in this village were kept in the laboratory by those people since they were young and then lived in the village after being experimented. They knew nothing about the outside world, and although Uncle Jiu knew a little about the Radiance Continent, he had not left the village for a long time.


Although they had luckily survived, they still had to face a future of total ignorance. Their future survival was a big problem.


Shen Yanxiao was not a devotee of Buddha[1], but she also had her own set of principles.


[1] Devotee of Buddha: someone who was an extremely good person


"Since you want to find a place to start over, why don't I offer you a place?" The people in the village were no longer considered ordinary human beings, if they live with normal people, their characteristics would arouse suspicions. Shen Yanxiao's heart had its own plan. Firstly, she would return to Holy Roland School, then she would participate in the school tournament, and if she successfully won the tournament, she could get a piece of territory in the barren land.


The area far away from human life could only coexist with the demons. This seemingly forbidden area was a good place to keep these villagers.


"But I'm not sure yet, so I'll give you a map. You can take them first to this place and find the head of the casino, then give this to him and he will arrange a place where you can temporarily stay. Wait until I'm sure, and then I'll pick you up, what do you say?" Shen Yanxiao said as she handed Uncle Jiu the crystal seal that was printed with the word "Phantom". This seal came from the hands of Yang Xi, one of the manpower of their small group Phantom. There were only five pieces of these in the world, and these five crystal seals represented the five people.


Just going away doing nothing after causing a disaster was not something Shen Yanxiao could do. In any case, Xiu also wanted her to take the barren land territory to capture demons, and these villagers were not ordinary humans, at most she would keep and manage them together.


Uncle Jiu was really shocked by Shen Yanxiao's proposal. Although he could feel that Shen Yanxiao was different from ordinary children, he really did not expect that she would actually put forward such an offer.


A 13-year-old child actually said she would give them shelter!


Hearing this was really incredible!

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