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In the battle of Gods and Demons, the leader of the God Race had fallen, the final battle must have occurred in the main palace of the Sun Temple, turning the entire temple into a pile of ruins afterward.


The God Race regarded the temples as their final fortress, and the Demon Race should have claimed it as a symbol of victory.


The final battle must have happened there!


The final battle, the fall of Gods, the large number of Gods and Demons that had been sacrificed in the war, bones that had piled up into mountains, the river of blood...


Shen Yanxiao immediately stood up and jumped on the largest boulder. Standing atop, she started looking around, looking for maybe the existence of the Sun Temple’s main palace.


'The main palace of the Sun Temple was in the middle of this area.' Xiu seemed to have guessed Shen Yanxiao's idea, suddenly opening his mouth.


"You know?" Shen Yanxiao was slightly surprised for a moment. Xiu's words were unexpected to her.


Xiu, however, did not respond again.


Time was running out, so Shen Yanxiao did not intend to ask further at this time and just directly ran towards the center of the Sun Graveyard in accordance to Xiu's words.


But the moment she arrived at the center of the Sun Graveyard, she was stunned.


The middle of the Sun Graveyard was just a thousand square meters open space!


There was nothing to see there, not a Skeleton Flower, not even a single stone.


An open area in the midst of such a messy place was particularly unexpected.


"How could this be?" Shen Yanxiao did not really expect to see such a scene.


The empty piece of land in her sight was far beyond her imagination.


She unhurriedly walked into the open space, looking around confusedly.


"Xiu, are you sure it is here?"




"... ..." Shen Yanxiao turned silent. Was it possible that the Demon Race after killing the God of Sun had flown into a rage, directly flattening the main palace of the Sun Temple onto the ground?


This...... it was too illogical!!!


She clearly felt that the clue was almost in sight but then it suddenly got interrupted, this made Shen Yanxiao, who originally saw a glimmer of hope, vomit blood to the extreme.


Shen Yanxiao was depressed to no end. The first sunlight on the horizon already sprinkled to the ground, driving away the darkness of the night with the light to recreate the world.


Shen Yanxiao was at the center of the Sun Graveyard looking up at the sun, and under her feet was the unusual open space.


When the sunlight shone down upon the surface and brushed the soil beneath her feet, a golden light shone out from the edge of the open space and quickly formed a dazzling aperture along the edge of that open space.


Shen Yanxiao was slightly startled, and without waiting for her reaction, several golden lights interlaced on the soil within the aperture, and in the blink of an eye, the empty piece of ground beneath her feet burst out a golden radiance, which was like the hottest sun rays that people could not look straight at with open eyes.


This dazzling light covered everything but also disappeared in the twinkling of an eye.


However, if one were to see the picture on the soil at this very moment, they would probably be dumbfounded straight away. Because the instance the light faded, the golden lights on the soil of this piece of near-kilometers open space impressively formed a huge magic array!


And this piece of open space, once again became an empty area, not a single shadow could be found.


The golden lights that spread over the soil gradually faded away, and the ground suddenly restored its original color.


Vermillion Bird, who was on the other side of the Sun Graveyard, suddenly felt a sense of loss in his heart!


He immediately turned his head around, but he failed to see the shadow of Shen Yanxiao. Flying at a high altitude, he looked down at the entire Sun Graveyard but still did not find that familiar figure...

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