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Under the darkness and amidst the ruins in the Sun Graveyard, it was very easy to get lost. Everything there was made up of piles of stones, and there were a large number of broken boulders across the desolate land. After having experienced wind and rain for thousands of years, these broken stones had already lost their original color, every stone was covered in dark ashes and was speckled as though the blood that the ancient warriors of the two races had shed from that battle saturated these hard boulders.


After the ancient battle, there was nothing else that could be seen here aside from the piles of stones. Even the bones that had once piled up into mountains had reduced into dust, drifting along with the wind in every corner of the continent.


Shen Yanxiao's action was very agile while Vermillion was directly floating in the air, the scattered and disorderly stones which people would find difficult to step over were in no way hindrance to them.


It was just that looking for the Skeleton Flower which was only the size of a palm in such a mess of stones was somewhat really challenging.


The night was the world of thieves. But although Shen Yanxiao could see everything in front of her in this darkness, there was no way to quickly find the Skeleton Flower in such an environment.


In her desperation, she could only act separately from Vermillion Bird, each searching in different directions.


At first, Shen Yanxiao was still worried that there would be some danger in the Sun Graveyard. However, she observed cautiously for a long time but did not even find a shadow of a ghost.


It might also be assumed that as an ancient battlefield, the forces of elements here in the Sun Graveyard were extremely powerful, ordinary people did not dare to stay here for too long.


The original Sun Temple was where light elements were the most abundant in the whole continent, but during the war of Demons and Gods, countless Demons had brought dark elements with their own blood and soul above the land. The powers of these two absolutely incompatible elements caused a very terrible shock in this piece of land, and now, the light elements and dark elements in the Sun Graveyard were intertwined, and the power of these chaotic elements could easily tear the body of an ordinary man.


Before Shen Yanxiao entered this land, she formed a protective layer outside her body with her own magic and dou qi so that she could walk normally inside.


The Sun Graveyard was extraordinarily quiet under the night. There was no wind. Shen Yanxiao could even slightly hear her own breathing as if she was the only person there.


Vermillion Bird's figure disappeared in the midst of these chaotic stones along with the small Phoenix's cheerful tweeting from not far away.


In every direction, the stillness was dreadful.


Obviously, they were still not too far to get together, but Shen Yanxiao had already lost the figures of the two little ones. The two elements hovering in the air caused confusion in this land, greatly weakening one’s sight and hearing.


The ancient battlefield was never a fun place, otherwise, it would not be deemed as a forbidden area for human survival.


Shen Yanxiao made up her mind to find the Skeleton Flower in the shortest possible time, leaving this disturbing place afterward.


Turning over the huge pieces of stones, Shen Yanxiao's eyes quickly swept through every inch of the land.


"Xiu, can you feel the presence of the Skeleton Flower?" Shen Yanxiao asked.


'If you get near it, I will notice it.' A slightly deserted voice echoed in Shen Yanxiao's mind.


Relying on the human eye to find the Skeleton Flower was no different from finding a needle in the haystack, if Xiu could sense the presence of the Skeleton Flower, then everything was much simpler.

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