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The night fell silently.


Shen Yanxiao sat in her room, waiting for the right time to come.


Vermilion Bird stood beside her in a well-behaved manner, waiting for his master’s actions.


All of a sudden, a sound of noise came from the window. Shen Yanxiao who was preparing to act was momentarily startled. She just wanted to move when the door was pushed open by Uncle Jiu.


No trace of expression could be seen on Uncle Jiu's face. He looked at the two little guys in the room and said in a heavy tone, "There's something out there. I'm going to take care of it. You two don't go out of the room. It's not safe at night."


Shen Yanxiao nodded honestly.


Uncle Jiu hastily left.


The moment Uncle Jiu turned away, a faint smell of blood drifted from him.


Shen Yanxiao narrowed her eyes. As soon as Uncle Jiu left, she immediately got up and opened the door.


"Vermilion Bird, did you smell it?" Shen Yanxiao asked.


Vermilion Bird sniffed at the surroundings.


"There’s a scent of medicine and a little bloody smell?" The Mythological Beasts' sense of smell was very sensitive, even in such a strong aroma of herbs, he still caught the smell of blood.


Shen Yanxiao wrinkled her brows into a frown. This village truly gave her a very strange feeling. She looked up to the window and peered outside. Under the shadow of the moon, she could see some black shadows running on the village road at a very fast speed.


Those shadows were very fast and she couldn’t clearly see what they were.


"Go, let's go and see." Shen Yanxiao always felt that Uncle Jiu was odd. Though she felt no malice on him, his interruption of Old Ba just a while ago, and the faint smell of blood made her feel strange.


While Uncle Jiu was gone, Shen Yanxiao followed the faint scent of blood and went deep into the house.


Finally, she found the source of the bloody smell in the corner of the kitchen.


The smell came from beneath the slate of the kitchen corner.


Vermilion Bird moved his fingers and the piece of stone directly turned up, a dark downward passage appeared in front of them.


"Wait here, and tell me when someone came."  At the moment the slate opened, the smell of blood became even more intense. Shen Yanxiao decided to go down in person to see what it was, perhaps she could find answers to the mystery of the village.


Vermilion Bird nodded.


Shen Yanxiao took out a light-congealing crystal from her ring and headed down the passage with its light.


A narrow staircase went straight to the bottom. The further Shen Yanxiao walked down, the clearer she could smell the bloody smell along with the fragrance of some herbs.


All the way down, a small stone room appeared in front of Shen Yanxiao. The stone room was less than twenty square meters, decorated with four wooden beds, and on each bed lay an unconscious man.


On both sides of the stone room were countless large and small medicine pots. Shen Yanxiao could tell from the smell that most of the medicinal herbs in these medicine pots were used to heal wounds.


She walked towards the four wooden beds, and through the glow of the light-congealing crystal, she saw the faces of the four people.


They were young men in their twenties. Their faces were basically covered with wounds, and looking at the wounds, they should have received them half a month ago. Moreover, according to the residue of the medical decoction on the wound, it could be guessed that these people should have been treated with a certain amount of medication.


Uncle Jiu's house suddenly popped out such a basement, and there were four lying unconscious men inside. This really made Shen Yanxiao feel very weird.


And what made her more surprised was that when she checked the four people, she found some badges belonging to the Caves Wolves Mercenary Corps!

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