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A little while later, Uncle Jiu and Little Ke came out and saw Old Ba. The three men talk for a while.


Uncle Jiu let Shen Yanxiao and Vermilion Bird temporarily stay in his home until tomorrow morning, and then think of ways to send them back home.


"Then we’ll trouble Uncle Jiu." Shen Yanxiao smiled and thanked him. The doubts in her heart were piling up.


“Even if you can't leave tomorrow, don't worry, the person who delivers food will be here in a few days and they can send you back," Little Ke opened his mouth with a chuckle.


"Ai, if it wasn’t because we cannot leave the village, I would have sent you back today." Old Ba sighed, he wanted to help both children find their loved ones as soon as possible.


"Cannot leave the village?" Shen Yanxiao was slightly surprised.


"Old Ba, it's getting late. You can do whatever you have to do. I'll take care of the two of them." When Old Ba tried to explain something, Uncle Jiu interrupted him at the right time.


"Oh well, then we’ll leave first." After saying goodbye to Uncle Jiu, Old Ba and Little Ke left.


Uncle Jiu brought Shen Yanxiao and Vermilion Bird into a small room, which was very small, there was only a simple bed inside.


"You can sleep here tonight. If it’s not important don’t go out at night, our village is shrouded with a thick negative air, you might come across something that may scare you both." Uncle Jiu kindly said.


"Yes." Shen Yanxiao and Vermilion Bird were very cooperative as they nodded their heads.


Uncle Jiu had something to do and said a few more sentences before he left.


In the room, there were only Shen Yanxiao and Vermillion Bird. The small Phoenix, who had been hiding in Vermillion Bird's hair, came out after Uncle Jiu had left. It shook its fluffy feathers and looked at the strange environment before it.


"The people in this village are weird." Vermilion Bird who stood with his two legs sat on the only bed in the room.


"You really intend to stay in this village? How are you going to the Sun Graveyard if they send you away?"


Shen Yanxiao looked around, there were only a few things inside the room.


She casually said, "I naturally won't stay, but I always feel that the people here are very strange. To reach the Sun Graveyard one must go through this village. There are people in the village during the day. If I go straight ahead, it might lead to some problems, so I'm going to slip out tonight. "


The people in the village looked very friendly, but the Cave Wolves Mercenary Corps' bitter experience was a lesson. If she wanted to walk to the Sun Graveyard through the village in broad daylight, it was hard to guarantee that she wouldn't encounter any trouble. Rather than exposing their purpose and become a target, it would be better to plot everything in the dark and avoid these people's eyes and ears.


If the people in this village wouldn't prevent others from entering the Sun Graveyard, then that would be the best, but if they did, at least she was prepared for their actions.


Nighttime was always the best protection for the thieves.


After deciding to take action that night, Shen Yanxiao also didn't spend a lot of time thinking too much. Take it easy, with Vermillion Bird at the side, even if they really met a danger at the night, couldn't she still run away?


Only, she really found it difficult to imagine that those good villagers would be evil people.


The night gradually shrouded the small village. After a busy day, the villagers picked up their own farm tools and returned to their homes.


Shen Yanxiao sat in front of the window, watching as the day left, and as the night came. There was a glimmer of silence in the bottom of her eyes.

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