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The six wolves were doubtful, but they still told Shen Yanxiao the names of the potions that were needed.


Shen Yanxiao didn’t delay any longer and immediately rushed back to Holy Roland School to ask Ye Qing for help.


And before leaving, she gave Cave Wolves Mercenary Corps one hundred thousand gold coins as commision.


The six wolves were all surprised when Shen Yanxiao handed them the money. They couldn’t imagine how such a small guy could actually be this rich.


After Shen Yanxiao left Black City, she quickly went back to Holy Roland School and looked for Ye Qing.


And without any hesitation, Ye Qing directly complied with Shen Yanxiao’s request.


For Ye Qing, this disciple was very important, so it wasn’t anything to him when Shen Yanxiao requested a potion. Besides, because of his daily practice, he already had a few ready-made potions so he very generously gave four bottles of potion to Shen Yanxiao.


These four bottles of master-level potions could be casually bought in an auction house for a sky-high price of four or five million gold coins. Yet, Ye Qing didn’t even bat an eye when he gave them all to Shen Yanxiao, without even thinking or asking what it was for.  


It wasn't even half a day when Shen Yanxiao returned to the headquarters of the Cave Wolves Mercenary Corps and delivered the potion to them.


Looking at the master potion in Shen Yanxiao’s hands, the six wolves’ eyes almost fell out.


Where the hell did this kid got the master potion? Even if you had bought it, it wouldn’t be this fast!


When Shen Yanxiao saw the six wolves stunned in their position, she confusedly asked, “If this isn’t enough, then I still have more, you might as well let head Du Lang drink all these.” Shen Yanxiao said while putting the remaining three bottles of potion on the table.


The six wolves were thoroughly shocked as they looked at the four bottles of master-level potion on top of the table.


"I am not just imagining this, right." Mild wolf swallowed his saliva while looking at the bottles of potions on the table that were worth millions of gold coins.


This guy was not just some nouveau riche. Obtaining a master-level potion was truly hard, yet this kid was actually able to quickly take out four bottles of it, what in the end was his background?


However, the six wolves had yet to recover from their shock when Shen Yaxiao began to search for other healing potions inside her ring.


She usually practice concocting many kinds of potions, but most of them were just low-level and intermediate potions, and a lot of these potions were only used for defense and protection; so there were a lot of potions that could heal pain and injuries.


Before long, the table was filled with a wide variety of potions.


The six wolves were completely petrified. Even if they were to rob an auction house, they were afraid they still wouldn’t get these many potions.


Although the value of these low-level and intermediate potions were far less than the master-level potions, with their quantities, it could definitely reach an astonishing number.


At this moment, the six people’s gazes toward Shen Yanxiao produced a trace of changes.


After experiencing this heavy loss, their hearts more or less blamed Shen Yanxiao. After all, they had set out to find something for her for no rewards at all, yet the result of this journey was a terrible tragedy. Now, they had never thought that she would actually give them something in return.


When all was said and done, this was still a promised Du Lang made.


Shen Yanxiao’s approach made them very moved.


Only half a day had passed, yet Shen Yanxiao had already brought a lot of potions which worth around six to seven million gold coins.


Six or seven million gold coins, just what kind of idea was this?


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