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Demon Wolf pondered for a moment before he said, "I don't know how to say it exactly, but it happened so suddenly that we were all caught by surprise. When the villagers rushed in, a lot of them were carrying hoes and sickles, and some of them are very strong. However, when they attacked us, they were all weird and they were disorderly. It seemed as if they are just rushing to tear us apart. At first, we had scruples and did not dare to lay heavy hands on them. We tried to see first if there is any misunderstanding, but no matter what we say, they are just turning a deaf ear, and solely wanted to kill us.”


That night was a nightmare to all of them. Demon Wolf closed his eyes and everything that happened on that particular moments were as if playing in front of him. He took a deep breath before continuing, "With the confrontation with them, we ate a lot of losses. Those people are not afraid of death, even if our magic and swords hit them, they don’t even have a half hesitation, as if they feel no pain at all.”


In the face of a group of madmen who were completely unafraid of death and pain, it was difficult for anyone to escape.


The successful escape of the Cave Wolves Mercenary Corps paid the price of blood.


Shen Yanxiao frowned tightly, everything that Demon Wolf said let her feel more and more strange.


The villagers whose behavior was opposite day and night, the strange riot and the crazy attacks, all made Shen Yanxiao feel very strange.


And Shen Yanxiao finally understood why the rest of the Seven Wolves looked at her strangely upon seeing her.


This time, they set out not because of the mission, but because of a favor.


They had experienced a disaster on their way to find the Skeleton Flower for her, and seeing her afterwards, who could be said to be the cause of all of this, they were bound to feel somewhat displeased.


"How’s the situation with the head?" Shen Yanxiao understood their feelings and didn’t mind their strange gazes. After all, they had suffered so much loss because of her own things. Their sentiments were reasonable and she couldn’t just deny them.


As soon as Du Lang was mentioned, the look on the six wolves’ faces became gloomy.


"We had already asked a doctor to see him, he said that the body was inflicted with severe damage, causing blood stasis, and a lot of medicines and potions are required for the cure." The rest of the Seven Wolves had a very sad look on their faces. Du Lang was the main backbone of the Cave Wolves Mercenary Corps. It was because of them that he was injured and unconscious now, making each of them feel bad in their hearts.


Losing Du Lang, the entire momentum of the Caves Wolves Mercenary Corpse had collapsed.


"What kind of potion is needed? I may have a solution." Shen Yanxiao did not know about medicine, but she could still help if it was about pharmaceutics.


Demon Wolf uttered several high-level potions. These potions, although the price was expensive, they were not impossible to buy.


But the problem was that Du Lang still needed a bottle of master-level potion.


And mentioning Black City, even the markets of Long Xuan Empire also didn’t have many bottles of master-level potions. Each bottle of master potion, once it appeared, it would immediately be seized by all forces. It would not be given a chance to stay in the market.


Although the status of Cave Wolves Mercenary Corps in Black City was very high, they didn’t have the power to hoard master potions.


A bottle of master-level potion could be casually sold at a sky-high price of millions.


It was a price that mercenaries like them couldn’t afford in their life.


High-level potions were the limits of mercenaries.

"What's the name of the master potion you need? I may be able to get it." Shen Yanxiao gritted her teeth, she wouldn’t let Du Lang to remain unconscious because of her request to find the Skeleton Flower for her.


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