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Three pairs of disbelieving eyes darted towards Shen Yanxiao, they actually did not pay any attention to the clothes that this guy was wearing at all.


They just thought that the color was dull and dirty, and from the start, they hadn’t paid any attention to it. It was actually the purple class uniform!


Shen Yanxiao was actually a student from the Pharmaceutical Branch purple class? Was this a joke?


"Branch head, what conditions do you have to enter the purple class?" Shen Yue’s mouth was twitching. He would not believe that that idiot could have that kind of power. This must have been arranged by Shen Feng by means of entering through the back door.


With such speculation, Shen Yue couldn’t help but try to “communicate” with the branch head to send his daughter to the purple class.


However, the branch head failed to understand his meaning.


"If you want to enter a better class, you can choose to challenge the upper class students, if you win, you can replace your class with theirs."


Shen Yue further said, "Challenge? Jiayi has just broken through the rank six, and also a young lady in our family, isn’t it kind of inappropriate? Jiayi has good talent. Moreover, the clan head of Vermillion Bird Clan, which is my father, has always liked this child. I do not know whether the branch head has more convenient way, the Shens will certainly thank you then!"


The branch head’s smiling expression promptly stretched into a taut face after Shen Yue ended his speech.


"The rules of Holy Roland School have always been indisputable. In here, abusing one’s position for personal gain is absolutely not permitted. Today’s words, you must not speak of it again. How far your daughter can reach is her own good fortune. Don’t try to use other ways to take shortcuts."


The branch head was so blunt that Shen Yue’s face turned ugly.


He couldn’t understand why that idiot Shen Yanxiao could be in the purple class while his daughter had to start mixing from the red class.


Was the Pharmaceutical Branch Head much easier to bribe?


In any case, the head of the Magician Branch had already spoken his words about the matter, and Shen Yue did not dare to say anything more.


Also because of Shen Yue’s entering through the back door remarks, the Magician Branch Head’s impression of him had directly worsen a lot.


"All right, here is the material for admission, take them with you. I will arrange for someone to take Shen Jiayi to her dormitory." The branch head was obviously somewhat impatient. He had never seen anyone daring to enter through the back door of Holy Roland School, and it was even a disciple from the Vermillion Bird Clan? Truly unbelievable!


Shen Yue didn’t look good, even so he could only comply.


Shen Yanxiao stood at one side secretly amused. Shen Yue sure enough was still that no-brain man as before. He actually tried to bribe a person of the Holy Roland School. It must be known that majority of Holy Roland School mentors were like a lump of stone with their rigid minds, what they advocate was the talent and strength and finding promising individuals was their lifelong pursuit. As for bribery, what is that? Can it be eaten?


Seeing Shen Yue deflated, Shen Yanxiao’s mood had risen.


Shen Jiayi was honestly standing aside. She did not dare act rashly before her future branch head. But her heart was just like her father’s, harboring suspicions about the fact that Shen Yanxiao was in the purple class.


At this moment, the door to the branch head’s room was knocked open again.


Qi Xia, clad in a purple robe, slowly came in. His peerlessly handsome face had a lazy and pleasant smile. He carried off a trace of noble laziness, just like a cat of noble lineage, as he came forward step by step.


The moment Shen Jiayi saw Qi Xia, her eyes almost fell out. The young lady eased the wild beating of her heart.


Where did this beautiful juvenile come from? His appearance was actually on equal footing with big brother Siyu’s!


If Shen Siyu was a gentle and flawless jade, then this immediate beautiful juvenile was a sapphire shining brilliantly.

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