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Even more now that his view of Shen Yanxiao had totally changed. So he was naturally very unhappy with Shen Yue’s rudeness and arrogance.


"Humph." Shen Yue folded his arms on his chest and disdainfully looked at Shen Yanxiao.


"Jiayi has just broken through the rank six, so I just came here today to take her into the Magician Branch of Holy Roland School to report." Shen Yue said while showing a proud expression.


"Jiayi has broken through the rank six?" Shen Ling looked a little surprised at the complacent face of Shen Yue. Just a few months ago, Shen Jiayi’s strength in magic was only in the rank five, how could she have a breakthrough just after a few months? This speed was too fast!


Looking at Shen Ling’s surprised expression, Shen Yue felt the light on his face and became more satisfied.


"Of course. So don’t waste your time here with anything she has to say, you might just as well accompany me to the Magician Branch and sent Jiayi." His daughter had broken through the rank six so quickly, Shen Yue's mood was immediately elated. He looked at his own daughter, then glanced at the waste, there was nothing comparable at all.


What could a Pharmacist that was only halfway through her apprenticeship do?


"Big brother Siyu, you go with me." Shen Jiayi completely ignored Shen Yanxiao in the room and just shyly walked over before Shen Siyu in a charming and cute appearance.


But she secretly threw a glimpse towards Shen Yanxiao in the corner of her eyes, and she was inwardly proud.


"That’s right, little Xiao, you are more familiar with Holy Roland School. You should come together." Shen Siyu didn't care a bit about Shen Jiayi's appearance of a maiden yearning for love and just gently asked Shen Yanxiao to come.


Shen Yanxiao touched her nose. She didn’t think that Shen Yue and his pair of children would be happy if she followed along.


However, what would make them unhappy was what making her happy!


"Alright," Shen Yanxiao clearly complied.


Shen Jiayi cursed Shen Yanxiao thousand of times with her small mouth, but due to Shen Siyu's presence, she could only pretend to be generous.


A group of six people then left the Pharmaceutical Branch. Shen Yanxiao took them to the Magician Branch.


Along the way, Shen Jiayi was like a tweeting bird wrapped around Shen Siyu’s side being so pesky.


"Big brother Siyu, I have now broken through the rank six, do you think I am now a Magician?"


"Big brother Siyu, what are you learning? Are you also a Magician?"


Shen Jiayi opened her mouth incessantly but Shen Siyu was indifferent to answer back. He was obviously not interested.


Shen Jiayi saw that Shen Siyu was indifferent to her, making her mad. She was only 14 years old but had already broken through the rank six of magic. This talent was only a bit short of Shen Yifeng’s, and as far as the girls were concerned, it was quite remarkable. She thought Shen Siyu would praise her with a word or two, but he didn’t seem to have a thought about it at all.


Not receiving any response, Shen Jiayi was forced to let her anger off on Shen Yanxiao.


"I say Shen Yanxiao, you’ve been in Holy Roland School for several months now. How are you even doing in the Pharmaceutical Branch?" Shen Jiayi proudly spoke. Pharmacists didn’t have prerequisites like any other professions. Anyone could try it out, and in her mind, the Pharmacist was simply a waiting-to-die profession.


Shen Yanxiao just glanced at her and did not respond.


"Sister, don’t be hard on others. It's only been a few months, she's probably still an Apprentice Pharmacist. What can we do about it? It is possible that she will stay this way even after several years. She's unlike elder sister who is so talented that became a Primary Magician in less than a year." Shen Jiawei echoed in harmony.

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