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All that was left was for her to go to Dean's room tonight.




The moonlight covered the earth, and the dim of the night finally fell.


Holy Roland School restored its peacefulness from the noise of the daytime. In the huge school, only the light-congealing crystals on the roadside were glistening a little shine.


A petite figure quickly flashed from outside of the school building, and agilely reached out her hands like a smart kitten, without any trace of sound.


The Dean’s room of Holy Roland School was brightly lit.


Ouyang Huanyu sat before the table, looking at a pile of materials.


If others were to evaluate Ouyang Huanyu, aside from being strong, gentle, fair, and strict, they probably would only say he was hardworking.


In the eyes of the world, the Dean of Holy Roland School was the idol of all the Magicians. He was also the object of respect in the eyes of all people. He attended to every detail and was never hateful. His treatment towards the mentors and the students in the entire school was very kind and amiable.


Almost no one would dislike the Dean.

Apart from…


Shen Yanxiao.


Shen Yanxiao silently slipped into the Dean's room. With a moonlight necklace, she wasn’t worried that Ouyang Huanyu’s perception magic would discover her. And with her skills, she had absolute confidence that she could hide from anyone’s eyes and ears.


Under the light, Ouyang Huanyu’s expression was indifferent. He turned over a page of the medical treatment papers atop his table. Inside the whole room, only the sounds of flipping pages could be heard


Don’t tell her... this guy was going to stay here all night reading? Shen Yanxiao silently stared at the hardworking Ouyang Huanyu. The Buddha just sat still there and didn’t move or do other things. Finding out anything in this situation would not be easy.


If only Ouyang Huanyu would leave just for a little while, she would still have a way to find some useful information in the Dean's room. But he just sat there. Unless she turned invisible, she wouldn’t be able to make a move.


While Shen Yanxiao was silently praying for Ouyang Huanyu to eat a meal, go to the toilet, or anything, the door of the Dean’s room was suddenly pushed open.

Shen Yanxiao immediately shrunk her body into the dark.

A man in a black cloak quietly came in from the doorway. The moonlight sprinkled on the ground behind him, elongating his figure. His whole person was wrapped in a huge cloak, and the darkness covered his countenance, making people not see clearly.

Ouyang Huanyu did not seem surprised at the arrival of the man in black cloak. He just looked up and put aside the information on his hands without a word. His ten fingers were clasped in front of his chest, looking calmly and composedly at the person.

"After so many years, you still have that sanctimonious appearance," a young man's voice came from under the cloak of the man.

Ouyang Huanyu smiled.

"I’ve been wearing this mask for too long and have forgotten to take it out, so it has become a habit. And you, why did you run all the way here?”


The man in black cloak sat quietly on the chair. He stretched out his two slender legs from his black robe and leisurely overlapped them together.

"I came to take a look at how ridiculous your appearance had become. I also came to tell you that there are not enough people there. When are you going to send someone over?"

Ouyang Huanyu’s eyebrows wrinkled slightly.

"Wasn’t it just a few months ago when I last sent you a group of people? How come there are not enough already?”

The person in black cloak said, "There are some problems recently; a situation arose from our subordinates. Anyway, the Pharmacist you promised to send over, why hasn't he arrived yet?”


Shen Yanxiao who was hidden in the darkness was slightly startled for a moment. Who did Ouyang Huanyu send to that person in black cloak? Why did he have to send a Pharmacist? What was going on?



Ouyang Huanyu replied, "It was originally intended that Pu Lisi will go over, but his disciple suddenly encountered a problem. Now, he is on his way to Lan Yue Dynasty, you can let the people in Lan Yue Dynasty contact him. I have already spoke to him."


The person in black cloak thought for a moment before he said, "There’s that guy in Lan Yue Dynasty. There should be no problem with Pu Lisi. But this side, haven’t you persuade Ye Qing yet?”


Shen Yanxiao’s heart skipped a beat. They actually wanted Ye Qing!



Shen Yanxiao: It seems that you weren’t content with my Master Yun Qi and even dare to extend your claws on my other master!

Sky: Omo, if you say it that way, then it would have a different meaning~ fufufufu~

Sky: Yun Qi and Ouyang Huanyu, huh? What a great combination. Welp what you look at that I got some research I need to do, bye~

Shan Yanxiao: (╬ಠ益ಠ) You sick fujoshi that isn’t what I meant! Your condition is getting worse every second!

Sky: Well you know, Valentines is around the corner and there’ll be a fanart contest… I’m readying myself for a boyxboy ship! o(≧∇≦o)

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