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It looked as if someone had erased the key parts.


Shen Yanxiao remained calm and collected as she asked, "There are potions in the world that master can’t concoct?”


Ye Qing chuckled then helplessly shook his head.


"I'm just but a Master Pharmacist. Above the Master Pharmacist, there is the Honorable Master Pharmacist. The potions I can deploy are just master level, and in any event, I am not able to accomplish the grandmaster level potion."


Ye Qing was not proud, but unusually humble. He frowned at the formula and murmured, "In fact, the most that gives me headache about this formula is not the other things but the missing part of it. When Dean Ouyang gave me this incomplete potion formula, I did not care that much, but when I started the concoction process, I realized how critical the missing parts are. For so many years, our group of old bones have been trying hard to study the missing parts. Unfortunately, until now we have only figured out three parts, there are still another three that we still failed to understand.”


Shen Yanxiao secretly frowned. She could be sure that the formula that Yun Qi handed to Ouyang Hunayu was absolutely complete. But this piece on Ye Qing’s hands was obviously incomplete. It was clear that someone had deliberately wiped the missing key parts away.


And that someone must be Ouyang Huanyu!


Ouyang Huanyu seemed sincere about helping Yun Qi concoct the Blood Feast Potion, but privately, he was doing some tricks behind his back.


He obviously didn’t intend to treat Yun Qi at all!


Shen Yanxiao tightly clenched her fists that were hidden in her sleeves. She had always disliked Ouyang Huanyu. This seemingly gentle and distinguished Dean had always given her a very dangerous feeling.


Ouyang Huanyu did not give the real formula to Ye Qing, so that Ye Qing couldn’t complete the concoction of Blood Feast Potion for Yun Qi’s treatment. If Yun Qi couldn’t get the Blood Feast Potion, then he had to stay in Holy Roland School...


Did Ouyang Huanyu intend to keep Yun Qi in Holy Roland School?


Shen Yanxiao pursed her lips. Yun Qi’s current strength wasn’t as good as before. For Ouyang Huanyu to painstakingly keep him, what exactly was the reason?


It was definitely not as simple as it looked!


Shen Yanxiao just stood still, pretending to have found nothing. She was honestly standing aside watching Ye Qing’s repeated attempts using that incomplete potion formula.


Ye Qing’s every step was very careful. Shen Yanxiao was almost certain that if Ye Qing had the complete formula on his hands, Ye Qing most likely would have already concocted a Blood Feast Potion. And the moment he concocted the Blood Feast Potion, he would also be directly promoted from being a Master Pharmacist into an Honorable Master Pharmacist.


What could be Ouyang Huanyu’s reason that he would rather give up the chance to cultivate an Honorable Master Pharmacist, and keep Yun Qi around?


A group of question marks circled around Shen Yanxiao’s mind. Every spearhead was pointing toward Ouyang Huanyu.


Shen Yanxiao immediately decided that tonight, she must slip into Ouyang Huanyu’s room and take a look at what secrets were this seemingly honest and gentle Dean hiding in the end!


She absolutely wouldn’t allow anyone to do something hurtful to her master!


Meanwhile, Shen Yanxiao did not rashly give the complete formula of Blood Feast Potion to Ye Qing. Although with Ye Qing's nature, he would not betray her, but if the Blood Feast Potion was really completed, it certainly wouldn’t escape Ouyang Huanyu’s eyes. She did not want to complicate matters until she was clear about Ouyang Huanyu's plans.

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