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Shen Yanxiao and the gang left the crowd's attention. It was only until they walked out of the Pharmaceutical Branch’s gate did Yan Yu asked a bit puzzled:


"You just let them off?" He didn’t know why, but he felt that this little girl wasn’t that easy to talk to.


Shen Yanxiao slightly raised her eyebrows.


"Do you know what negative potion I have given them?"


"What is it?" Yan Yu was very curious. A potion that could render Ye Qing helpless was really unheard of.


Shen Yanxiao mysteriously smiled and whispered, "What I gave them to drink was really just the strengthened version of Slow-acting Potion."


"Slow-acting Potion? Then why were Pu Lisi and Ye Qing uncertain?" Yang Xi rested his hand on Yan Yu’s shoulder. His appearance was akin to that of a curious infant.


Shen Yanxiao said, "Because I added something in it."


"You added what?"


"Curse technique."


"..." The three men were completely speechless, and for the first time, they heard that curse techniques could be added in potions.


"I put in a single curse technique that can damage tendons. The curse technique will follow the Slow-acting Potion into the tendons in their bodies. Pu Lisi will never think that I’d use curse techniques, so even if he knows how to cure the Slow-acting Potion, it’s futile. Because as long as I don’t lift the curse, Shangguan Xiao and Luo Fan will never be able to recover." Shen Yanxiao's eyes were burning with flames. In her hands, a small bottle of potion could turn into a hidden sharp weapon.


"Aren’t you afraid to be found out by Ouyang Huanyu?" Qi Xia touched his chin. There had never been a situation before where people of other professions chose to become Pharmacist.  Every profession wanted to reach a certain point, and they must expend a great deal of effort to do so. If they wanted to possess the ability of dual-cultivation, just expending their energy alone was far from enough. Shen Yanxiao’s nonchalant attitude let Qi Xia very surprised. Shen Yanxiao was now considered to possess triple cultivation, and no matter which one had reached Intermediate level, this progress was still really difficult to accept.


And what was even more frightening was that she was actually able to integrate the abilities of Warlocks and Pharmacists. It was simply an aberration.


"I am not so stupid. I put in some medicinal herbs that can eliminate the Warlock’s magic into my potion. Even if it is Ouyang Huanyu, he absolutely cannot find traces of anomaly." She had already considered every step well. She had never fought an uncertain battle.


"Then what about your bottle of antidote?" Yan Yu went on to ask because they had just clearly seen that Shangguan Xiao and Luo Fan had a slight improvement after drinking the antidotes.


"I put the magic that could lift the curse over the antidote, so they will naturally become much better. But even if that magic is now in contact with the curse technique, it will not help the day and night damage, and their mental strength has also long been consumed. Actually, even if I do not lift the curse, they won’t get any worse than that. " With this, not only did she make Ouyang Huanyu a favor, she could also remove the subsequent troubles. What Shen Yanxiao did was killing two birds with one stone. But this seemingly easy variation in the potion had plunged Shangguan Xiao and Luo Fan into the bottom.


They could never again stand up from this failure, eternally.


After listening to some of Shen Yanxiao’s explanations, the other three people stared at this seemingly harmless little guy with a very strange expression.


A world-famous powerful person was not the most dreadful one. Because everyone knew his strength, so people would avoid enraging him, and they would not provoke him.


That kind that always hid in the dark and seemingly common guy was the most terrifying one. Because you don’t know at what time, and in what place you could possibly touch their inverse scales, drawing in total destruction to yourself.

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