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Though Tang Nazhi’s talent in Pharmaceutics wasn’t high, it wasn’t beyond hopeless. Previously, every time Tang Nazhi would do his homework, though Shen Yanxiao was indeed at the side guiding him, each bottle he made was personally concocted by Tang Nazhi himself. 


As long as Tang Nazhi is given a period of time to study and someone would guide him at the side, then he can prepare and concoct a potion.


But Tang Nazhi wasn’t like Shen Yanxiao. He couldn’t prepare and concoct an unknown potion just by looking at another’s demonstration. 


Pu Lisi’s test method had obviously been deliberately made difficult for Tang Nazhi. Don’t even mention about Tang Nazhi, in the entire first year purple class, besides Shen Yanxiao, who could even complete his test!


"Nazhi didn’t do it. It was Pu Lisi who said that Nazhi’s previous homework was replaced by your own concoction.  And so according to the rules of the Pharmaceutical Branch, Nazhi was removed from the Pharmaceutical Branch because of cheating.”  Qi Xia was aware of what Tang Nazhi couldn’t say, and so he helped him spill it. 


Shen Yanxiao took a deep breath. Her eyes narrowed dangerously, and her heart seemed like burning in flames.


How would she not know the reason why Tang Nazhi had fallen to such extent? 


Shangguan Xiao had long treated Tang Nazhi unpleasing to the eye and coupled with that time when Tang Nazhi won the wager, he naturally couldn’t wait for Tang Nazhi to leave his sight forever. Meanwhile, Pu Lisi unhesitatingly took the position of the head of the Pharmaceutical Branch just to take the opportunity to sort her out and just took his anger at Tang Nazhi. 


If she hadn’t left the school this time, she’s afraid that these sinister tricks would have been used on her.


In other words, Tang Nazhi had completely taken the fall! 


What Yeats Academy’s Pharmacist? What friendly match? It was only for Shangguan Xiao and that student to make her come out!  


What they did was just for her to come out and put Tang Nazhi in a difficult situation so that they wouldn’t have any place in the Pharmaceutical Branch anymore!


"They are bullying intolerably!" Shen Yanxiao squeezed out those four words from her teeth, her fists clenched tightly.


She didn’t want to get involved with Shangguan Xiao anymore, nor had she been thinking of  provoking Pu Lisi. But she never would have thought that that narrow-minded pair of master and disciple was unwilling to give up.


They can’t harm her comrade!


"If I, Shen Yanxiao, can’t take revenge for my companion, then I will never touch potions again!” Shen Yanxiao stood up and was about to leave when the stunned Tang Nazhi quickly pulled her back. 


"Little Xiao, this matter is also because of my own incompetence. Being unable to become a pharmacist isn’t the worst, and my clan over there wouldn’t care about it. At most, my grandfather will beat me, but he’ll absolutely not embarrass me with this matter. Don’t worry, even if I go back home, it’ll be nothing.” Tang Nazhi was scared by Shen Yanxiao's expression that was brimming with coldness and anger which almost all people wouldn’t dare to look straight at. 


He didn’t know what Shen Yanxiao wanted to do, but his intuition told him that he couldnt’ let her go at this moment. 


"Let go of me!" Shen Yanxiao coldly shouted. 


"Little Xiao..." Tang Nazhi wasn’t willing to let go of her no matter what. He felt like if he loosened his grip for even just a bit, Shen Yanxiao would rush out and assassinate that pair of master and disciple.


"I'll return home tomorrow. Don’t you want to accompany me for today?” Tang Nazhi tried his best to persuade Shen Yanxiao while giving an eye signal to Qi Xia to help him appease Shen Yanxiao’s mood.


But who knew that Qi Xia would just continue to lazily sit on his chair as if he was unrelated to the situation. 


[Raz-P: Of course, the ****, Qi Xia is definitely angry in his heart too. If this happened in the Magician Branch, Shangguan Xiao and Pu Lisi can kiss their little lives goodbye!]

[Sky: Manners!]


Tang Nazhi simply wanted to cry.


He said that this matter couldn’t be said to Shen Yanxiao or else this little white rabbit would really jump up and bite people! 

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